Looking for performance upgrades for your car? Whether you’re looking for engine modifications or anything else, we can help.

Need injectors, gauges, nitrous, transmissions, or crankshafts? You’ll find them all here. Everything from new spark plugs for your engine to new exhaust resonators and catalytic converters is under our hood.

First, we’ll help you to figure out what you need. You’ll see a problem presented and a bunch of alternatives explained, along with a detailed explanation of the nature of the problem. Once you understand the issue you’re having comprehensively, we’ll explain the pros and cons of the solutions.

Our website is thick with deep reviews and how-to guides which will explain step by step the process of preparing your car, removing the old parts, installing the new parts, testing the new parts, testing them in your car as it runs, and finally, evaluating whether it has solved your car’s issues.