Is a Fuel Injection Cleaning Service Necessary?

Is a Fuel Injection Cleaning Service Necessary?
Chances are, you have seen the advertisements in magazines, on television, and even in the automotive section at the local store that features the best fuel injector cleaners. Usually, the ads make promises of better fuel economy and performance gains. They typically have a convincing picture of fuel injections before and after they are cleaned.

While these ads do their job well, you may wonder – how much of this is hype and how much is true? When it comes to fuel injector cleaning, figuring out if it is necessary is a plight that every car owner faces at some point. Find the answer to this question – once and for all – here.

The Role of Your Vehicle’s Fuel Injector

All vehicles require fuel injectors to run. Also, the fuel injector can get dirty – this is a fact. This small component is responsible for pumping fuel to your engine with a set pressure. Issues arise if there is a blockage or another problem with the injectors.

When you clean your fuel injectors, it can help improve your vehicle’s performance. By removing debris and dust (if any is present) from the injector aperture, it is possible to increase efficiency.

Fuel Injector Cleaning Is Not Part of Recommended Auto Service for Most Vehicles

While cleaning your fuel injectors will not hurt your vehicle, most manufacturers do not recommend this service. Modern vehicle fuel systems are designed to remain closed. This means they should not be opened regularly. However, they should also be robust. Some vehicles come with fuel filters designed to last as long as the vehicle does.

Vehicle manufacturers do not list replacing the fuel filter as a recommended service today. There are none that recommend cleaning services – either with a fuel injector additive or by a professional. This is something to keep in mind when it comes to your fuel injectors.

The Impact of Gasoline Detergents

It is also worth noting that in 1996 the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) made it a requirement that all gasoline sold in the U.S. have a certain detergent level present to clean the system. This means your fuel system is cleaned with each drop of gas moving through the engine. The top tier diesel fuel and gasoline go a step further.

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With these, beyond the minimum levels of detergent mandated by the EPA are added. Also, there are no metallic additives that may harm your vehicle’s fuel components and emission system. This is one of the reasons that premium gasoline costs more.

Signs Your Vehicle May Benefit from Fuel Injector Cleaning

While fuel injector cleaning is not a standard service and is not one that most manufacturers recommend, it may be beneficial, especially for older model vehicles. Some signs will let you know when this service could be helpful.

Poor Vehicle Performance

If there are blockages in your fuel injectors, they may eventually impact the performance of your vehicle. Regular fuel injector cleaning is a smart option to increase your vehicle’s performance, increase mileage for each tank of gas, and to help keep your vehicle running longer.

Weird Sounds When Starting the Engine

If you notice strange sounds when you start your vehicle, clogs in the fuel injectors may be to blame. Irritating sounds and hard starting are all indications fuel injector cleaning may be necessary.

Lower Mileage Than Usual

When considering vehicle performance, gas mileage matters. The fuel injectors in your vehicle may need to be cleaned if your mileage suddenly drops. While newer vehicles are designed, so issues do not arise with mileage because of the injectors, the problem is still present with traditional vehicles that feature the old fuel pressure system.

Fuel Injector Cleaning: Yes or No Go?

When it comes to fuel injector cleaning, you have to think about the make and model of your vehicle and the type of fuel system it uses. For newer vehicles, this is a service that is probably not needed. However, for older vehicles, it may be beneficial and provide a boost in performance and efficiency. You can also talk to your mechanic or read the manufacturer’s recommendations to learn more about your specific vehicle.

Keep in mind, though, that just taking care of your vehicle and seeking regular maintenance will probably be enough to keep it running effectively and for as long as possible. Being informed and knowing what to do and expect are the best ways to minimize issues and enjoy a properly running vehicle now and for the foreseeable future.

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