In-Depth Review: 3D Grand Blast Engine Degreaser

In-Depth Review: 3D Grand Blast Engine Degreaser

It’s always good to reduce expenses, but what options are there for vehicle maintenance?

You say, “Going to the dealership or local shop is fine, but surely I can save money doing some things myself.” Yes, you can! Vehicle maintenance is made much easier with products like 3D Grand Blast Engine Degreaser.

Grease and dirt can build up in the engine, hampering performance and gas mileage. Products like this degreaser can be used by the vehicle owner to clean the engine without having to incur the expense of hiring someone to clean it.

Although it is called an engine degreaser, it has multiple uses. You can use it to remove brake dust, and even getting a minor oil stain off of the driveway or garage floor. You can use it for general household uses such as cleaning your stovetop grill or outdoor barbeque unit.

Who Needs to Buy It?

Anyone who wants to do some basic tasks at home instead of adding the expense of having someone else do them should purchase this product.

  • It is relatively simple to use – apply, let sit a few seconds, blow air on the surface, and see the results.
  • Use it to get rid of the most hardened grease in your engine.
  • It removes dirt and grime from other parts of the vehicle.
  • You can remove simple stains from your garage floor or driveway.
  • It can be used as a household cleaner when diluted further from engine use.
  • The bottle contains a gallon of fluid by volume, which weighs 9.55 pounds – so it’s not too heavy.

What You Should Know

Clean everything from the dirtiest engine to light household items.

  • Dilute the cleaner 4:1 to handle tough engine grime.
  • You can also use it to clean door jambs, undercarriages, suspension components, rocker panels, and wheel wells. The instructions show how much to dilute the solution for the various uses.
  • Dilute it to 15:1 for light household cleaning.
  • 3D products have been around for 25 years. This level of experience gives them an edge in being an industry leader and developing innovative solutions at competitive prices.
  • There are some simple instructions and pictures on this page of the 3D Products website.

When You First Use It

It’s easier than you think.

A lot of people might cringe when you say, “do vehicle maintenance yourself.” If you’re inexperienced, it’s easy to look at the engine, see all the intricate parts, and conclude this is something only a few highly-trained people are supposed to handle. It doesn’t seem very safe and much easier to take the vehicle to a shop or dealership to make sure it’s done right.

When it comes to repairs, that’s not a wrong mindset to have. But with routine maintenance, such as keeping the engine clean, it’s easier than you might think. And with products like this one, you can take care of some routine maintenance quickly and easily.

All you need is the cleaner, a blast of air, and a little waterless car wash:

  • Spray the area to be cleaned with the degreaser.
  • Use a microfiber towel or brush to loosen hardened grease spots.
  • Wait 1-2 minutes (but no more than that).
  • Use a blaster, compressed air, or a leaf blower to remove the cleaner.
  • Add the waterless car wash.

From the 3D products website, here are some pictures showing what the engine looks like before and after using the degreaser:

In-Depth Review: 3D Grand Blast Engine Degreaser

In-Depth Review: 3D Grand Blast Engine Degreaser

Using It

This product makes vehicle engine care much less mysterious and intimidating.

There are excellent instructions on how to dilute the degreaser depending on what you are cleaning correctly.

Use proper safety practices – wear goggles and latex gloves.

As you can imagine, a clean engine means better performance. Using it to clean other parts of the vehicle saves money and leaves you driving a cleaner, better-performing vehicle. All of those things put you in a better frame of mind.

The product states it can be used for cleaning stains on the driveway or garage floor. It is most effective when those are minor stains. It may not be as effective on large or older stains.
Being able to use the cleaner for other cleaning needs is a bonus you might not expect from an engine cleaner.

If you love it, 3D has a whole catalog of products that you can use to make your family and friends think you changed careers and are now a professional vehicle detailer.


The degreaser is very useful.

The instructions make it reasonably simple to use. There are plenty of customer Q&As, videos, and reviews online to make sure you are using the product appropriately.

It’s made in the USA. Whenever possible, 3D uses organic, green, or natural ingredients in its products.

Final Thoughts

It is worth it.

Purchasing this one product will pay for itself several times over. Using it to clean the engine and multiple other components of the vehicle, in addition to other household use, makes taking the car to a mechanic much less necessary. In essence, you can keep those trips down to just when something needs to be repaired.

It is very cost-effective.

There aren’t many services you can get with a professional detailer or mechanic for under $30.00 – and that’s a single product or service. The gallon bottle of 3D will yield dozens of uses in the garage and around the house.

There is some satisfaction in do-it-yourself work. The next time a friend or family member complains about having to drop some money to have a mechanic clean the engine or a detailer to clean the wheels or other parts of the vehicle, you can point them to the savings of using 3D Grand Blast Engine Degreaser.

RATING: 5 out of 5 stars

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