In-Depth Review: Hot Shot’s Secret Diesel Extreme

In-Depth Review: Hot Shot’s Secret PO4O464Z Diesel Extreme

Keeping all my diesel running machines going strong is essential. I noticed that the product I was using just wasn’t working. So, I purchased Hot Shot’s Secret Diesel Extreme after talking with some local mechanics who work with diesel vehicles. They told me I would see an improvement quickly and save money in the long term.

Let me share with you what I have learned after testing Hot Shot’s Secret Diesel Extreme for myself.

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Who Should Use This Product?

If you own a machine with a diesel engine, this is a product to invest your money in. Hot Shot’s Secret Diesel Extreme is intended to keep diesel engines running better and longer. It does this by performing various functions.

This product will clean injectors, fuel lines, and the tank. It also has a cetane booster that will give you a higher level of combustion and compression for ignition. The main benefit is better fuel mileage and lubricity.

What Do You Need to Know?

There are many features to this awesome product.

  • Free your fuel lines of any moisture.
  • Restore your throttle response.
  • Increase your fuel mileage.
  • Cetane booster
  • Lubricate the fuel tank and pump
  • Inhibit rust and corrosion in your fuel tank.

Using this product will give your diesel engine the power it needs to drive its best. You may notice a smoother start and idling component as well. It also can reduce or eliminate smoking that happens in a lot of agricultural equipment.

These benefits are going to allow your machine to run better and last longer. To learn more about the features of this product, check out this website.

What Were My First Impressions?

First impressions of Hot Shot’s Secret Diesel Extreme was that it was a little pricey. Of course, it is much more expensive to replace parts than purchase a product such as this one.

According to the company labels, this product looked to be just what my machines needed. I was excited to make the investment.

Using this for the first time was exciting. I had high hopes and noticed some improvement after the first use. My vehicles were running better and had more power. The level of smoke from the exhaust was significantly reduced.

I also noticed a smoother idle and better driveability of my diesel engine.

After A Few Uses

It’s always good to try a product more than just once. My tractor and other diesel machines are older models, so I felt it necessary to have more than one trial run. Since my purchase was a one-quart bottle, I could treat 80 gallons of fuel. That equates to eight runs in my 10-gallon tractor fuel tanks.

The first thing I noticed was that cold engine starting was improved. Cold mornings on the farm were always hard. After two uses of Hot Shot’s Secret Diesel Extreme, this problem was greatly improved. One turn of the key and they would crank immediately.

I use tractors for moving hay around the farm, cleaning out the barns, building fences, and anything else I need. Since adding this product to my fuel tanks, I have taken note of less chugging. It feels like they have more power.

They are running smoother and with less smoke. I am using the tractors more to get work done instead of spending time working on them.

The equipment is definitely running better, and now I am noticing the savings on my wallet. Fuel efficiency has considerably improved. Overall, this product has lived up to its reputation.

Tips I Learned For Using Diesel Extreme?

While using this product, I learned a few tips I want to share with you.

First, you can add the Hot Shot Secret Stiction Eliminator in your fuel tank with their Diesel Extreme. This combination gave my farm equipment a complete cleaning. While the Diesel Extreme took care of my fuel system, the stiction eliminator cared for the oil side of things.

Secondly, this product is designed to be used semi-annually. This means you do not have to add it to your fuel tank at every fill up. Twice a year is plenty to solve the problem of fuel efficiency.

Lastly, this could go without saying, but add this to your fuel tank when you are filling up. The directions on the bottle are clear and easy to follow. Pour in the additive, fill-up your tank, and get driving.

Did Hot Shot’s Secret Diesel Extreme Solve The Problem?

I am very happy with this product. It has improved how my equipment is running and driving. There are noticeable improvements in the diesel fuel efficiency.

Because of my line of work, I have made huge investments in the proper equipment. It would only seem right to invest in the proper maintenance of that equipment.

There is no need to wait until a problem arises. Hot Shot’s Secret Diesel Extreme will help you maintain your equipment, therefore, avoiding a problem.

Replacing a fuel system is not cheap, and with Hot Shot’s Secret Diesel Extreme, I feel good about how I am taking care of my machines.

The Final Thoughts

This product has shown itself to be worthwhile. After many weeks of testing Diesel Extreme, I can safely say that I made the right decision with this purchase. It is a tool that should be in any farmer’s toolbox as well as anyone who owns a diesel machine.

Now that I have seen improvements in my truck and tractor, I will begin using this in all my diesel engine machines, including chainsaws and skid steers.

I would recommend this product to anyone utilizing equipment with diesel engines. You will see a marked difference in the way your equipment runs and how efficient they are. For these reasons, I would give Hot Shot’s Secret Diesel Extreme 5 stars.

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