What Is 2022’s Best Electric Exhaust Cutout? (Reviews)

Best Electric Exhaust Cutout

Although you might love the powerful, dynamic sound that comes from your car’s exhaust system, others in your neighborhood probably aren’t as enthusiastic about it. Many areas even have laws that govern how loud your car’s noise can be.

That’s where an electric exhaust cutout comes into play. Adding one to your car’s exhaust modifies it to keep it quieter when you need it to be by switching to a closed valve.

This guide includes our top seven picks for the best electric exhaust cutout, offers helpful information for buying one, and answers common questions about how they work.

Compare Our Top 3 Picks For The Best Electric Exhaust Cutouts of 2022

Our #1 Pick
Quick Time Performance QTEC30 3.00 Inch QTP Electric Exhaust Cutout Valve
Runner Up
Granatelli Motorsports 302530 3.0" (76 mm) Electronic Exhaust Cutout System - Stainless Steel - Slip...
Also Consider
Patriot Exhaust PEC300K-1-304 SS Single Electronic Exhaust Cut-Out Kit With Remote Electronic...
Quick Time Performance QTEC30 3.00 Inch QTP Electric Exhaust Cutout Valve
Granatelli Motorsports 302530 3.0" (76 mm) Electronic Exhaust Cutout System - Stainless Steel - Slip...
Patriot Exhaust PEC300K-1-304 SS Single Electronic Exhaust Cut-Out Kit With Remote Electronic...
Our #1 Pick
Quick Time Performance QTEC30 3.00 Inch QTP Electric Exhaust Cutout Valve
Quick Time Performance QTEC30 3.00 Inch QTP Electric Exhaust Cutout Valve
Runner Up
Granatelli Motorsports 302530 3.0" (76 mm) Electronic Exhaust Cutout System - Stainless Steel - Slip...
Granatelli Motorsports 302530 3.0" (76 mm) Electronic Exhaust Cutout System - Stainless Steel - Slip...
Also Consider
Patriot Exhaust PEC300K-1-304 SS Single Electronic Exhaust Cut-Out Kit With Remote Electronic...
Patriot Exhaust PEC300K-1-304 SS Single Electronic Exhaust Cut-Out Kit With Remote Electronic...

Electric Exhaust Cutout Reviews

Number 1

1. Quick Time Performance QTEC30

This Quick Time Performance electric exhaust cutout is a leader in its category, offering one of the most durable, reliable, and efficient exhaust openers-and-closers on the market.

Quick Time Performance is a big name in exhaust cutouts, mostly because of its variations in size that make its cutouts work on almost any vehicle’s exhaust system. It’s also known for its durable exhaust cutouts with butterfly valves that form a tight seal when you need to cut the noise from your system.

Its QTEC30 electric exhaust cutout comes in as one of the brand’s most popular parts of its kind. This one fits 3-inch exhaust diameters, has both aircraft aluminum and stainless steel parts, and comes with mini weathertight connectors to keep everything sealed as tightly as possible.


  • Quick opening and closing
  • Excellent seal
  • Replacement parts are available
  • Doesn’t overheat like some cutouts
  • Aircraft aluminum body


  • Some customers report bending of the butterfly valve from their vehicles
  • May require a professional install
  • Does not include a remote control for opening and closing

Number 2

2. Granatelli Motorsports 302530 Electronic Exhaust Cutout Kit

The Granatelli Motorsports 302530 has polished stainless steel parts to keep the kit’s components rust-free and eye-catching for years to come.

The 302530 electronic exhaust cutout kit from Granatelli Motorsports utilizes the prized butterfly valve design that’s popular for its leak-proof seal and durability in most vehicles.

High-temperature resistant motor plates make this kit stand out even further from the pack, allowing it to remain strong and steady under pressure from the exhaust.

To open or close the valve, you can trigger the simple one-touch switch that connects to the kit’s wiring with a setup that’s almost as simple as plug-and-play electronics. All internal and external components, including the wiring, are sealed to protect them from damage by the elements.


  • Hardware, gaskets, and wiring harnesses are included
  • Durable butterfly valve
  • Easy-to-install wiring
  • V-band clamp allows for superior adjustability
  • Replacement parts are available


  • The kit itself may require a professional installation
  • No remote included

Number 3

3. Patriot Exhaust PEC300K

The Patriot Exhaust PEC300K electronic exhaust cutout kit offers an adaptable, DIY design that does not require welding to mount to your vehicle.

Patriot Exhaust is known for its uncompromising commitment to quality and passion for making high-quality auto parts. The PEC300K electric exhaust cutout kit gives you a compact and leak-free design. Additionally, the system is remote-controlled and only requires a simple two-wire hookup to the battery.

The cutout is made of stainless steel and will resist rust and corrosion while maintaining superior strength. The compact size and versatile mounting options make it adaptable for almost any vehicle, including lower clearance. No matter what vehicle you install the kit on, the result is a quiet ride when activated, made possible by a seamless and easy installation.


  • Available in 2.5 or 3-inch diameters in dual and single exhaust configurations
  • Turnouts are on a spin ring, which provides superior adjustability
  • Controlled by a wireless remote control requiring minimal electronic hookup
  • Installation is “bolt-on,” meaning no welding is required
  • No experience is necessary to complete the installation


  • On the expensive side
  • The system is not manual control or incremental control friendly

Number 4

4. Doug’s Headers DEC300AK Electric Exhaust Cut-Out

The unique rotating gate design on the Doug’s Headers DEC300AK electric exhaust cutout allows a leak-proof seal in compatible exhaust systems.

Doug’s Headers is another well-known name in the industry, utilizing a rotating gate system that provides an incredible seal to close up the exhaust when needed and prevent leaks. The self-cleaning seal also prevents gunk from clogging the system in a way that could lead to leaks and abnormal wear and tear.

Because of this cutout design, some customers report that you may even get reduced noise when you close the valve and a slight boost of horsepower, thanks to efficient exhaust flow.


  • Pre-wired harness
  • Leak-proof rotating gate seal
  • Very quiet when the valve is closed
  • May improve overall exhaust flow


  • Some pieces are not stainless steel
  • The open-close switch isn’t 100% reliable

Number 5

5. EVIL ENERGY 3 Inch Boost Activated Exhaust Cutout

EVIL ENERGY’s boost activated exhaust cutout kit can be an affordable solution to other similar kits from name-brand companies.

This 2.5-inch electric exhaust cutout system from EVIL ENERGY is built to last, yet the brand’s choice of aluminum components rather than stainless steel keeps it at a lower price range. Still, the pipes look sleep and can withstand normal, regular use when operating according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

With that said, you won’t want to try to switch your exhaust valve open or closed in extreme temperatures or heavy rain, as the motor isn’t waterproof, and your valve could end up stuck in its position. Under normal circumstances, you can use the included remote control to switch the valve from open to close, and vice versa.


  • High-polished aluminum
  • Affordable kit includes everything for installation
  • Includes remote control unit
  • Three-month warranty for motor, control box, and remote control


  • Professional installation may be necessary
  • Welds may not be as clean as other brands offer
  • Sizing can be a bit off on some vehicles

Number 6

6. SPELAB Electric Exhaust Cutout

SPELAB’s electric exhaust cutout systems are designed to make it possible for your vehicle to get a boost of up to 20 horsepower.

The SPELAB dual electric exhaust cutout is for vehicles with a dual exhaust system and drivers who have experience installing a cutout into their exhaust system. The pipes are ready for you to weld onto the existing exhaust, and the included wiring harnesses are simple to hook up and get working.

This kit includes a one-year warranty in effect from the date of purchase to cover you if anything should go wrong due to a manufacturer defect. However, with the use of 204 stainless steel piping and components, this kit seems to be long-lasting, durable, and reliable for most customers.


  • Universal fit for vehicles with 2.5-inch pipes
  • Wireless remote included
  • Can work in extreme temperatures
  • 304 stainless steel y-pipe


  • The motor isn’t waterproof
  • No installation instructions included
  • Remote batteries aren’t included

Electric Exhaust Cutout Buying Guide

When it comes to buying an electric exhaust cutout for your vehicle, there are many points to consider. Will it fit your car correctly? Is it going to be easy to install? Does the cutout have an issue with leaks over time?

Here’s what you need to know before purchasing the best electric exhaust cutout for your needs:


Electric exhaust cutouts are often made from stainless steel known for its durability and rust proof characteristics that can keep it functioning reliably for a long time. But not all cutout kits are stainless steel.

Some are also made with aluminum, which can be beneficial for vehicle owners who don’t want to add a lot of extra weight to their car. Not all aluminum is equal, though. Some aluminum is much higher quality to withstand corrosion, while cheaper aluminum may warp and rust in varying temperatures and weather.


You can choose between a range of sizes for your electric exhaust cutout. Each manufacturer typically offers cutout kits in several different standard sizes to meet the needs of most vehicles. The size should be the number one feature to focus on when considering a cutout kit to buy.

Generally, an electric exhaust cutout can range from 2.25″ to 5″. The size refers to the diameter of your exhaust. You’ll also need to choose between a single or dual cutout kit, depending on whether your exhaust is a single or dual system.

Leak Protection

Exhaust leaks are a concern for vehicle owners with electric exhaust cutouts installed. Fortunately, higher-end cutouts don’t usually pose a problem in this area because their manufacturers design them to form a tight seal to avoid leaks.

Electric exhaust cutouts with butterfly plate designs tend to be the most reliable in preventing leaks. Their shape allows for a tightly sealed valve when you close the exhaust.

Ease of Installation and Use

Electric exhaust cutouts can be easy to install if you’re familiar with your vehicle’s exhaust system, but not all kits are created equal in this area. Some are much simpler than others to install and use.

The best way to decide how simple or complex a cutout is is to read reviews from customers who have used it. Most modern cutouts are extremely easy to use, allowing you to open and close the valve with the flip of a switch.

Electric Exhaust Cutout FAQs

Many drivers are new to the idea of using an electric exhaust cutout and have some questions about what they do and how to use them. The following are some frequently asked questions and their answers that may help you decide if an electric exhaust cutout is right for you:

What do electric exhaust cutouts do?

An electric exhaust cutout is a mechanical part that installs into your vehicle’s exhaust system to allow the exhaust to open and close when needed. The driver can control the cutout electronically, usually by flipping a switch that controls the unit.

When you activate the electric exhaust cutout, you’ll close the valve within the exhaust to control noise. When it’s open, you’ll hear the full noise from the exhaust. An electric exhaust cutout helps you reduce your vehicle’s noise when necessary, such as traveling through a quiet neighborhood.

Are electric exhaust cutouts easy to install?

If you’re familiar with your vehicle’s exhaust system and have worked with it before, an electric exhaust cutout probably won’t be too confusing for you to install. However, these cutouts aren’t as simple to install as their non-electric counterparts because they have the addition of electric components.

It’s best to have a knowledgeable mechanic install your electric exhaust cutout if you’re not used to working with your vehicle. Each type of cutout will install a bit differently on your exhaust system, and a mechanic who works with them regularly will understand their differences and how to work with them.

Is it legal to use an electric exhaust cutout?

States and cities can make their own rulings about your vehicle’s exhaust system and what it must have in place. In many areas, most modifications to a vehicle’s exhaust system are illegal, including using an electric exhaust cutout.

With that said, electric exhaust cutouts can make your exhaust system quieter. If you’re diligent about remembering to use it in areas where you’re likely to bother others with vehicle noise, you may not ever run into a problem.

Do electric exhaust cutouts increase horsepower?

The best answer for this is “Maybe.” Whether you get an increase in horsepower from your electric exhaust cutout really depends on your vehicle, its motor, and your exhaust system.

While some drivers see an increase in horsepower after installing their electric exhaust cutouts, others see a slight decrease.


We hope that our reviews help you choose the best electric exhaust cutout for your vehicle. Our top pick is the Quick Time Performance QTEC30 because of the brand’s dedication to long-term durability and reliability and its leak-proof components that keep your exhaust functioning as it should.

Remember, though, that Quick Time Performance and other manufacturers that make electric exhaust cutouts have multiple sizes of cutouts to match your vehicle’s exhaust system. Finding the right size for your car is crucial to keeping your exhaust system running smoothly.

Check with a trusted mechanic for sizing advice before purchasing an electric exhaust cutout to ensure that it will work correctly with your vehicle.

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