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What Are The Best 5-Channel Amps? – 2021 Edition

The easiest way to think of a 5-channel amp is 2 amplifiers rolled into a single unit. Effectively, the 4-channel unit has an extra channel bolted on making it possible to power 4 speakers along with a subwoofer. This kind of amplification set-up is not for everyone but it’s a versatile solution that’s ideal for […]

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What Are The Best 4×6 Speakers? (2021 Edition)

4×6 car speakers are known to be notoriously difficult when it comes to producing quality audio at all volume ranges – if you’re looking for a 4×6 speaker, it can be tough finding car speakers that are up to scuff. We’re taking the stress out of extensive research and testing by providing this thorough guide […]

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What Are The Best 2-Channel Amps? – 2021 Edition

While monoblock amps are all well and good for many purposes, often you’ll want a bit more versatility from your amplifier. All amps are designed so they output power into different channels. This helps with pairing the amp and the application. Put simply, the number of channels you need depends on the number of speakers […]

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What Is 2021’s Best Car Audio Capacitor?

Many people have complained about how bright high beams are at night. But when you’re driving, you need that light to see. And if you listen to music while driving, you might notice that your headlights get slightly dimmer. While bright headlights are an issue, so are dim ones. But that doesn’t mean you should […]

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