Understanding Component Speakers for your Ride

Understanding Component Speakers for your Car

If you love music and are passionate about listening to your favorite artists in the best way possible, you may have considered investigating your car’s speakers.

However, there are many types of car speakers and audio outlets for your car. To the average person, the vast majority of ways to enjoy music in your car may be overwhelming.

Additionally, car speakers are complicated. There are many factors and speaker parts that come into play when installing and understanding audio products. Component speakers are a bit more complicated than typical audio providers since they offer such a clean sound.

If you are a car audio enthusiast, you have already heard of component speakers. Why? Because car audio enthusiasts exist as a subculture and know about the best speakers for sound quality.

Whether you are new to the car enthusiast scene or just wish to listen to music in the best way possible, keep reading. We provide a comprehensive guide to component speakers and what makes them the best speakers for audio sound quality.

Component Speaker Basics

In the simplest terms, component speakers are a type of car audio whose build utilizes optimal sound technology. Component speakers consist of tweeters, mid-bass drivers, and crossovers.

The tweeters and mid-bass drivers match with a crossover. This limits the frequency range each speaker produces. Component speaker drivers are separated, causing the tweeter to face the owner. The large mid-bass driver can go anywhere in the car. However, the lower front of the car doors is the most commonplace for mid-bass drivers.

If you’re not into sound technology, the lingo probably seems complicated to you. The technicality of the language goes to show how truly engineered component speakers are. We will get into detail about each part.


Tweeters deliver the high frequency found in component speakers. The high-frequency inducing tweeters make vocals, percussion, and any noise-free of lower tones sound crystal clear.

Mid-Bass Drivers

Mid-bass drivers usually live mounted in the car maker’s designated location. Most cars have mid-bass drivers in the doors. Mid-bass drivers focus on lower tones like the bass. Component speakers allow mid-bass drivers to operate without any pushback from tweeters. This way, the lower tones do not interfere with higher tones.


Crossovers send out information from a car’s infotainment system, more commonly known as a car radio, to the rest of the speaker. The crossover guides frequencies to either the tweeter or mid-bass driver, depending on whether the frequency is low or high. Typically, the crossover stays in the car’s doors or dashboard.

Component Speakers VS Standard Speakers

Coaxial speakers are standard speakers. They’re the most popular car audio upgrade because they are typically cheap and easy to find. Most cars and home stereos use coaxial speakers.

Component speakers consist of 3 parts while standard speakers consist of 2 parts. Another difference between the two is the quality of the crossover. Usually, coaxial speakers are prone to distortion.

Component speakers have mounted speakers that utilize an advanced system that provides a much better sound and frequency control than standard speakers.

What Do Component Speakers Offer?

Component speakers provide improved sound, imaging, sound stage, and satisfaction.

Crisp Sound

The crossover to the other parts of the speaker makes the whole system perform better and produce an incredibly crisp sound. The clear sound provides a better definition for all frequency lengths involved. Individual instruments and vocals sound much clearer than usual.

Improved Imaging

A component speaker’s placement of the tweets makes the sound clearer because frequencies are arranged in a way that offers precise imaging. Basically, a component speaker will be able to stimulate your mood and emotions as your favorite artists intended.

Improved Sound Stage

The sound quality provided by component speakers will be noticeable, especially when you switch from your car’s factory speakers. The speakers sound like they are right next to the listener. The sound quality of a standard speaker and a component speaker is astronomically different.

Satisfaction and Pride in Your Car Set-Up

Some people are passionate about upgrading their speakers, and rightfully so because the task at hand can be quite the process. Be proud of the time and energy you put into your car system, and enjoy the incredible sound.

Anything that people dedicate time to should increase their confidence. Enjoying music in a uniquely clear way is also great for anybody.

Pros and Cons of Component Speakers

Like all car and audio enhancers, some advantages and disadvantages come with component speakers. Check out the major pros and cons of component speakers below.


  • Low distortion
  • Better frequency and overall sound
  • Ability to utilize a low-end bass because of the cross over
  • Higher volume options are available
  • More flexibility for your car audio system set-up
  • Can adjust your imaging


  • Must have room to place crossover
  • Complicated installation process
  • If your original speakers do not have tweeters, you must drill a hole in your car door to install tweeters
  • Expensive

Advantages and disadvantages will also depend on the person who installs component speakers into their car. Some individuals are passionate about clean-sounding audio and have no problem putting time and money into car audio enhancers.

If you are not that passionate about component speakers but still want to improve your current car audio speakers, consider investing in standard speakers.

Most Popular Component Speaker Suppliers

Most people argue that the best car speakers are made by JL Audio since the brand has a great reputation. Why? Because JL Audio has been around since 1975 and has been a leading seller in the car audio industry since the company’s inception. The company has launched series after series of speakers that received global attention.

However, there are plenty of other manufacturers that offer quality component speakers. Check out these 5 other component speaker suppliers.


Alpine is a Japanese Consumer Electronics provider that specializes in-car audio and navigation systems. The company started in 1967 in Tokyo, Japan. Alpine’s engineering headquarters are located in Japan. However, the company also has facilities in Brazil, China, Hungary, and Thailand.

Alpine’s speakers have received numerous awards including the 1986 Buick Grand National, the Alpine Car Audio Nationals II Pro Unlimited, and the IASCA’s Pro unlimited title for three consecutive years.


Focal is a French company that specializes in high-fidelity audio systems. The company started in 1979 in Saint-Etienne, France. Focal creates speakers for cars, homes, headphones, and monitors.

Focal’s industrial strategy concentrates on control over the entire production process. From the design, product creation, and finalizing the final speaker, Focal supervises production. The intricate production process provides quality component speakers.

Focal’s component speakers are designed and developed in France, and most speaker production takes place at the original factory in Saint-Étienne. Additionally, Focal has partnered with big-name companies such as Tournaire and Ubisoft.


JBL is an American company that specializes in all things audio. The company provides services in studios, home audio, car audio, headphones, and music production. James Bullough Lansing founded the company in 1946 in Los Angeles, California.

Throughout JBL’s history, the company has provided audio services for big-name automotive companies such as Ford, Chrysler, and Infinity. JBL’s early creations made room for the company to make its way into high-end automobile markets.


Pioneer is a Japanese multinational company that specializes in digital entertainment services. Nozomu Matsumoto founded the company in Tokyo, Japan in 1938 as a radio speaker and repair shop. Eventually, the company blossomed into a leading business in the audio industry.

Pioneer’s Premium Audio line installed sound systems for most GM vehicles. This includes the Chevy Cobalt, Cruze, Malibu, and Equinox. Additionally, the Pioneer Premium Audio line takes root in the GMC Terrain, Pontiac G5, Ford Ranger, Honda Ridgeline, Mazda B Series, and compact pickup trucks.

Hertz Audio

Hertz Audio is a high-brand speaker company based in Switzerland. The company specializes in loudspeakers, amplifiers, and audio processing software.

Mark Leviniiso founded Hertz Audio in 2007. The company provides consulting services to big American and global countries such as LG Electronics in Korea and Intersil in the United States.

Final Thoughts

If you are dedicated to sound quality, component speakers may be ideal for your car over all other speakers. The sound delivery is unmatched by any other type of car audio, ensuring satisfaction while you listen to music and go on drives.

Do your research and make sure you prepare for the installation process required for adding component speakers to your car. Additionally, consider the price and investigate which component speaker companies suit your situation and need best.

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