In-Depth Review: Uniden BC355N 800MHz Base/Mobile Scanner

In-Depth Review: Uniden BC355N 800MHz Base Mobile Scanner Review

Lately, I’ve been excited about the world of police scanners. I was drawn to Uniden’s name recognition and experience and decided to try out their BC355N 800 MHz Scanner.

While it is an entry-level scanner, the BC355N has access to over 300 channels and plenty of lockout and programming features to keep anyone in the know about what is going on around them.

Who Should Use This Product?

Uniden’s BC335N Mobile Scanner is ideal for those who want to stay up to the minute with local news, happenings, and weather. With this reliable entry-level scanner, you can find the radio chatter from both your local police and fire hall, as well as amateur radio and weather reports.

This scanner, while still a relatively simple design, can perform plenty of the searching and fine-tuning of channels itself. So, it’s excellent for those of us who are just getting into radio scanning. I consider this scanner a solid choice if you’re a novice and are interested in getting into the world of radio scanners.

Originally, I purchased this scanner to listen to air traffic and local fire and ambulance chatter. In pursuit of a pilot’s license, this scanner performs incredibly well when picking up the local air traffic for me to listen in on. If you find you need more range, you can upgrade to a telescoping external antenna, but the scanner works well without.

Before you purchase a scanner to listen to police, ambulance, or other communications in your community, it’s best to check out your local laws and regulations. Many places now have encrypted frequencies for their local police force.

If you like to keep an eye on weather and there are some amateur radio stations nearby that monitor the weather, the Uniden BC355N scanner to quickly hone in on those frequencies without being an expert in radios or scanners. Overall, anyone hoping to ignite a passion for communications and scanning but isn’t sure where to start will enjoy this scanner.

Features of the Uniden BC355N Base/Mobile Scanner

While the Uniden scanner is great for users with little to no scanner experience, the Uniden BC355N Base/Mobile Scanner doesn’t lack on features:

  • Scanning Speed: Max speed of 100 channels per second
  • An Abundance of Channels: Users can save up to 300 channels for quick access
  • Close Call RF Capture Technology: scanner automatically tunes to get the best signal from nearby transmitters
  • Lockout Features: Users can block out frequencies that they are uninterested in hearing
  • Backlit Display: Offers easy to read the screen in low lighting
  • Plenty of Power Options: This scanner comes with AC, DC, and Automotive power cable adapters to keep it going wherever you are.
  • Preprogrammed Service Search: For beginners, the already set search will help you find exciting frequencies quickly

It is important to note that the Uniden BC355N 800MHz does not support trunking or digital radio system monitoring. If you need a scanner that can do that, look to one of Uniden’s “D” Models.

My First Impressions

When I took the Uniden BC355N out of the box, I was a little concerned that due to the small size, the scanner wouldn’t perform as I had hoped. Relatively quickly, I had the scanner up and running. With a simple and straightforward programming regimen, I was able to put a few local channels into the scanning bank.

With a few channels already programmed, the radio scanner was cycling through their chatter. Hearing a world of radio I had never experienced before was exciting, and it all happened within a few minutes of having it out of the box.

Using the Uniden BC355N Mobile Scanner

The owner’s manual for the BC355N is essential when setting up the scanner, especially if you have limited knowledge about scanners. Since most of the programming involves pressing keys in a particular order, it is important to have your manual in hand when you begin the set up.

After understanding the basics, I quickly began learning how to pick up police, fire, and ambulance radio frequencies. The scanner comes with 1,769 police frequencies programmed in and fire and EMG channels. Over the next few weeks of owning my scanner, I was able to learn so much about the activity around my community.

Uniden’s BC355N 800 MHz Base/Mobile Scanner performs well when used both in your home for daily listening or in your car for keeping tabs on your surroundings while on the go.

Why I Chose the BC355N Scanner

The Uniden BC355N scanner gets more use than I thought it would when I purchased it. Learning the chatter of the airplanes above is giving me confidence in their jargon and communication, which is useful for an aspiring pilot.

I also like that my scanner is able to pick up local amateur radio stations, so I have the best up-to-date weather reports nearby rather than needing to rely on weather stations that are farther away.

Lastly, my scanner helps keep me better informed about my community knowing when and where local emergency responders are going. Keeping tabs on the local fires and house calls helps me be a better neighbor and community member.

Final Thoughts on Uniden’s Entry-Level Scanner

An excellent and easy to use scanner, the BC355N is worth every penny. My only regret is that I wish I had bought it sooner since it’s a budget-friendly option priced under $100.

I give this radio 4.5 out of 5 stars. I docked it only half a point for the simple reason of not being completely obvious how to use it right out of the box. With a quick read of the instructions or looking at their helpful how-to videos, anyone can get the scanner up and running in no time.

If you’re ready to get more involved in your local happenings and know more about the world around you, buy Uniden’s BC355N mobile scanner now.

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