In-Depth Review: Rockford RFK4X 4 AWG Complete Amplifier Install Kit

In Depth Review: Rockford RFK4X

Whether you’ve just purchased a brand new car and aren’t happy with the manufacturer’s sound system or you’re ready to upgrade your current car with some added sound, the AWG Amplifier Kit from Rockford is a great choice.

This product features a full American Wire Gauge or AWG. It’s a fuse type MAXI battery-powered GND Gauge with a Speaker Wire Gauge of 16 AWG and a fuse size at 100 Amp.

The Rockford RFK4X AWG Complete Amplifier Install Kit uses all brass parts and is manufactured with the highest quality standards. They’re 100% Oxygen-free copper, and every system comes equipped with the appropriate wire termination hardware. The kit also comes with RCA patch cables that allow low-level signals to be transferred from the source to the Amp.

Who’s it For?

The Rockford RFK4X AWG is great for those wanting a “beefy,” high-quality sound and it has enough to wire a bigger sized truck. If you like a strong sound blasting from your speakers, the Rockford RFK4X AWG Complete Amplifier Install Kit is a great choice.

This kit is ideal for those with trucks like an F150 or Silverado. The wire is typically long enough to fit these models while maintaining a crisp sound. You’ll be cruising the road with tunes blasting the same day you receive your product since the kit is easy to install.

What Are The Pros and Cons?


This kit has top-notch wire quality and juice to power a heavy-duty sound system. After you try this, you’ll most likely say “this is the best quality 4 gauge kit you can buy for the price” as I have. It comes with good insulation and true copper inside and out. Other brands use aluminum, which is lower quality and won’t last while Rockford gives you only the best.

With this product, you’ll find a pretty straight forward installation process and a high-quality power wire. With the heavy-duty Amp, your speakers will whistle and pop right from the start.

The Rockford RFK4X is basically a plug and play kit that still brings high-quality sound to your vehicle that’s built to last. It has a thick pliable wire, a generous amount of shielding, and it’s high stranded for a high surface area and its signal transmission.

The soft jacket makes it very easy to work with. The gauge is accurate, and the 100amp MAXI-fuse allows for a ton of connectivity. The 17-foot power wire works for most sizes of vehicles.


When installing the kit, I did notice that the ground wire can come up a little short and the packaging is a little frustrating to open. The fuse holder might come loose, providing a shaky sound. Sometimes the ground wire may be too short depending on the size of your car. The gauge might be too much for some users.

Some users have said the cables they received were not pure copper or extremely low in copper content. There is also some skepticism that it’s equipped with a 16awg conductor. Others have said, the speaker came out low gauge with a thick jacket.


How much speaker wire is there?

You get 17 feet of 8 AWG power wire. Plus, 30 feet of 16 AWG speaker wire and 8 feet of AWG ground wire. You also get a 16 foot twisted pair RCA with a 20-foot remote wire and 40 Amp fuse.

Is there enough wire for an F150 Supercab?

Most of the time, yes, it depends on where you mount the Amp.

What holds the fuse in?

A 6-8 inch gray plastic container.

What type of fuse does it use?

100 Amp

How long is the red power cable?

9 feet

What is the thin blue wire used for?

It runs from the head unit wiring harness to the amplifiers and turns them on when the electronic system starts.

Is the fuse holder already in line with the wiring?

No, you have to cut it; however, it’s easy to insert and tighten down.

How long is the RCA cable?

16 to 16.5 inches.

Does the fuse holder use AGU or ANL fuses?



This install kit is quite user-friendly and mostly delivers as promised. Once the installation is complete, your car or truck can be transformed into a sound machine while it won’t break the bank.

The quality of the accessories in the kit is high grade. The connectivity is boundless, and you should get a lot of good years out of this system. You’ll get a true 4gauge that’s easy to run in the car. The Rockford Install Kit is durable and can stand up to strong weather conditions

Final Thoughts

I rate the Rockford RFK4X at 4 stars out of 5. For the most part, you’ll find a great kit and be happy with your purchase. At this price point, I’d say it’s a great bargain for your dollar, and you won’t lose quality with the Rockford RFK4X.

There’s enough length to run the wire through just about any sized car. You’ll have a crisp sound with power that should last a long time. You’ll find the durability to be high and won’t have to worry about any rough driving habits.

Most of us want the best for our cars, and choosing the best car amplifier wiring kit can bring up some tough questions. You don’t want to spend your hard-earned money on a piece of junk, and you definitely don’t want to waste precious time fooling around with a quirky system.

Perusing websites and reviews can be quite tedious also so simply click on here, and you’ll find an answer to all your car audio needs in one place.

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