In-Depth Review: KICKER Hideaway Powered 8″ Subwoofer (11HS8)

In-Depth Review: KICKER 11HS8 8" 150W Hideaway Car Audio Powered Subwoofer

I was looking for a subwoofer to improve the sound quality and bass delivery in my Jeep Wrangler. After doing a good deal of research, I finally decided on this hideaway subwoofer from Kicker. It was described as ultra-compact and suitable for small spaces while still delivering 150 Watts of amplification, which sounded perfect for me.

Who Should Use This Product?

This product boosts your in-car sound system by kicking up the bass level without sacrificing sound clarity. If you’re looking to amplify overall sound and achieve thumping bass without having to get a custom system put in, the hideaway is the perfect option.

It’s easy to install and comes with everything you need to do so. It’s also easy to stash under a seat or a similar hidden spot in your vehicle, so you don’t have to lose valuable car space just for better sound quality.

I bought this hideaway subwoofer because I wanted to improve the overall output from my car’s built-in system while also getting some really heavy bass. I think this subwoofer is perfect for someone like me, who may not consider themselves a total audiophile but who still really cares about sound clarity and strong bass.

What You Should Know

The hideaway subwoofer is nice and compact, coming in at about 3 inches high and 14 inches wide. It has a 150-watt amplifier and an 8-inch subwoofer, so it really does provide an incredible increase in sound output. It comes with a remote control for bass levels, and both high- and low-level inputs so that it can be used in basically any car.

Here’s what you’ll get when you order this product:

  • The subwoofer itself
  • Remote bass control knob
  • 20 inch-long remote cable
  • Mounting brackets and mounting screws
  • Wiring harness
  • Owner’s manual for easy installation and tips

If you want to know more about the specifications or what comes along with the subwoofer, you can get more information by clicking below.

My First Impressions

The subwoofer itself is nice and heavy. It looked sturdy and well-built. Even though I had read the specs online, I was still a bit surprised by how small it was. I was definitely curious to see if it would deliver on sound quality at this point.

Installation was quick and easy. I decided to place mine under the seat and ran wiring under the carpet of my Jeep Wrangler. I’m certainly no expert as I’ve never installed an amplifier or subwoofer before, so I was nervous about this step.

But installing this subwoofer was such a breeze. The directions were simple to understand, and the subwoofer kit came with everything I needed, so there was no need to buy an additional kit.

Now it was the moment I had been waiting for: time to test out the sound and see if I could get some real thumping bass.

Using My Hideaway Subwoofer

The first time I used this subwoofer, it completely blew me away. I used the remote control knob to adjust the bass to just my liking. I found out pretty much immediately that, for most occasions, I couldn’t go much higher than halfway to the maximum sound output on this subwoofer, it’s that strong.

I’ve now had this hideaway subwoofer from Kicker for about a month, and it still delivers incredible sound quality and delightfully heavy bass. Even when I’ve got the volume and bass turned way up, I don’t go past about three-quarters of the subwoofer’s maximum output capability.

Since I’ve had this subwoofer for a while, I’ve actually moved it to the back of my Wrangler. It now sits in the rear tray because I have other tools I like to stash under my front seat for easy access. What I like about the hideaway subwoofer is that it’s super easy to move around.

Last week I uninstalled it from my Wrangler so we could use it in my friend’s car, and it was just as easy to install in his truck. And of course, everyone was impressed by how much better everything sounded in the truck with the subwoofer installed.
While this subwoofer can be turned off and you can just use your car’s sound system even with it installed, I’ve never found myself making that move. It’s a nice perk if you’ve got passengers who don’t like heavy bass, but I’ve found myself using it every single time I’m in the car. Even after a month, the clarity of sound and deep bass still sounds like it did on the first day I had this subwoofer.

Final Thoughts

This subwoofer definitely improved my Wrangler’s subpar sound system. Before getting this subwoofer, I had to crank the volume to full blast, and even then, the music sounded tinny and didn’t have heavy enough bass.

Now, nothing sounds tinny or too low on bass. It was such a quick and easy install to massively improve my Wrangler’s sound output. It sounds like I got a whole new system!

Now that I’ve been using this subwoofer for about a month, here’s a rundown of how I feel about this product:


  • Very easy to install, even if you’ve never installed a subwoofer or amplifier before.
  • Comes with everything you need to install, so no need to buy additional gear.
  • Has a remote control bass knob so you can easily adjust bass levels depending on music genre, passenger preference, etc.
  • Really delivers on sound! I practically never put this system to maximum output, which is a clear sign of a good product, in my opinion.
  • Very portable so you can change its location in the car or even switch what vehicle it’s in.


  • Be careful with your ears! I first tested this system on nearly full volume, which was a real shock to the system, to say the least.

It’s no surprise then that I’d give Kicker’s hideaway subwoofer a 10/10 rating. Really, I can’t recommend this subwoofer system enough

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