In-Depth Review: Drive Auto Products Car Organizer

In-Depth Review: Drive Auto Products Car Organizer

After struggling to organize all of the gear that rides around in my car and getting a little tired of hearing things thump around in the trunk, I found this car organizer from Drive Auto Products. It checked all of the boxes, including a great price. It is the only organizer at this price that I found that had straps to secure it inside the car.

Anyone looking for an aftermarket organizer to corral the clutter in the car should give this product a look. This organizer has several great features, but my absolute favorite is the flexibility in use. This organizer can be used in the trunk or cargo space of any car at its full capacity or collapsed down to a smaller size to fit in a passenger seat.

The Drive Auto Products Car Organizer is a versatile and sturdy accessory that has a leg up on the competition thanks to sturdier-than-average foam core inserts, which help it maintain its shape.

Although some criticize the quality, this organizer from Drive Auto Products has a lot to offer at a modest price point. If you are looking for a simple solution to keep your groceries from sliding around in the cargo area every time you take a turn, for less than $25 – this is it.

Who is Best Suited for this Product

For starters, anyone with a car could make good use out of this organizer. But it is particularly useful for family cars where there is legitimately a lot of stuff to keep track of. If you are the household errand runner or resident grocery shopper then grab one of the best trunk organizers for your car to give the groceries a snug place to ride home in.

Also, anyone who works on the go would love this organizer as a passenger seat companion. It is perfect for holding work documents and files on the road. With customizable storage spaces, you can set up a whole travel office right in the passenger seat with this organizer.

A Little Bit About the Good (and the Bad)

Every product on the market has its strengths and weaknesses, and the Drive Auto Products Organizer is no exception. There are a number of features that we love, but also a little room for improvement.

What I Loved About this Organizer

  • Versatility: Can be used full-size or partially collapsed for a smaller size.
  • Sturdiness: foam core panels on sides provide extra durability.
  • Pockets Galore: There are several smaller pockets for odds and ends.
  • Cargo Straps: Super sturdy cargo straps are included to secure this organizer inside the vehicle.

Where I Think There is a Little Room for Improvement

  • The Removable Dividers could benefit from hook and loop fasteners to give more versatility in configurations.
  • The handles are possibly a weak point in the design. They definitely could be sturdier.


Cargo straps to secure the organizer inside the car. A fan-favorite, the cargo straps are sturdy and work well to secure the organizer inside the vehicle. We are wondering why more brands don’t come with straps. It seems so obvious now!

The removable divider allows customization but could do more. Don’t get us wrong; they are great. But they could be even better if they used hook and loop fasteners to allow users to move them wherever they need them to be and not just in the 1 of 2 positions the manufacturer chose.

Foam core panels provide extra durability. If you have ever filled a trunk organizer full of groceries only to see the sides collapse and your goods scatter across the trunk, then you know why this is a huge deal. This organizer from Drive Auto Products has unique foam core panels in the sides to keep your stuff where it belongs – inside the organizer.

Handles for carrying cargo loads like groceries from the car. With as much attention that was given to durability with the foam core inserts and heavy-duty stitching, we expected better out of the handles. Be aware that they may not hold up when fully loaded with groceries. It may be better to leave the organizer in the car and carry your bags a few at a time.

Extra pockets for everything from work folders and cell phones to dog leashes. There are two large front pockets and 8 individual mesh side pockets that provide a little storage for odds and ends like tools or pet supplies.

Compare with the Competition

There are a number of options on the market, but here is what I found when I compared them to the Drive Auto Products organizer:

MIU Foldable Trunk Organizer: Light-weight, low-cost, and collapsible for easy storage. But, compared to the Drive Auto Products organizer, it lacked the ability to customize the size, straps to secure the organizer, and handles to carry it.

Tuff-Viking Organizer: has Heavy-duty, with similar adjustable compartments, tie-down straps, and handles. But, compared to the Drive Auto Products organizer, it is more than double the ticket price and lacks the versatility to be used in a passenger seat.

Trunkcratepro Organizer: A durable, multi-compartment organizer at the same price point. But, compared to the Drive Auto Products organizer, it lacked the removable inserts to allow for more customized storage and the ability to adjust to a smaller size to fit in a passenger seat.

My Rating

At the end of the day, I would recommend the Drive Auto Products Organizer to anyone looking for a decently sturdy, yet modestly priced organizer and I give it a 4.5 out of 5 rating. It is really hard to find good quality at the lower price points. This organizer is one of those diamonds in the rough. Made with durable fabrics, reinforced stitching, and foam core panel inserts, it is one of the sturdiest organizers you will find at this price point.

Stop fighting the clutter in your car and grab a Drive Auto Products Car Organizer to keep things where you need them when you need them. This organizer has more features than most of the competition at this price point.

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