In-Depth Review: Bosynoy Car Phone Holder

In-Depth Review: Bosynoy Car Phone Holder Review

With hands-free laws becoming more common, I wanted to have a secure way to hold and see my phone while driving. After browsing Amazon, I decided to try the Bosynoy Car Phone Holder.

The problem with a lot of the best car cell phone holders is how they hold the phone. More often than not, the holder only holds a phone vertically and makes it more likely to slip out when you hit a bump on the road. The Bosynoy car phone holder grips your phone horizontally and uses rubberized clamps, which makes it easier to make sure the phone stays put while you drive.

Who Should Use the Bosynoy Phone Holder?

The Bosynoy phone holder is the perfect hands-free solution to trying to find somewhere to set your phone as you’re driving. Though you should never be looking through your phone for texts or notifications as you drive, if you use maps a lot, it’s perfect for you.

It also works if you simply need somewhere to put your phone while you drive where you know it won’t get lost. We’ve all been there: your phone manages to get lodged between your seats, or it drops to the floor car and gets dirty. Putting it in your purse isn’t always the best option, either, since it can quickly get just as lost or dirty in there.

I love using this phone holder even if I’m not using maps. It makes it a lot easier to find, and the hold is tight, so you can rest with the assurance that it won’t bust out and go flying. As someone who drops their phone like it’s a job, it’s nice not to have to worry about that while you drive.

Overall, anyone with a car should look into the Bosynoy product; it works for everybody and fits on every dashboard. The hold is more reliable than a lot of those cheap ones you can find at the store, and it fits most major smartphones.

What are the Features?

Here are some features of the Bosynoy Car Phone Holder that standout:

  • It doesn’t just fit smartphones. The holder may look like it just fits your smartphone, but that isn’t the case. It also fits many other GPS navigation devices, so if you don’t feel the need to stick your phone in it, you can just get a regular GPS instead.
  • It doesn’t slide around. At first, I was a little skeptical that the pad on the bottom would leave residue and slip around. It’s a silica gel base pad, and it sits flush on your dashboard, gripping slightly. The firm yet gentle grip of the pad makes it easy to remove without residue, but it’s not gentle enough to slip around willy-nilly.
  • The base pad is washable. That saved me. After some incorrect installation on my part, the device fell off of my dash onto the floor. It got decently gross on the floor of my car, but I was able to simply pick it up and wash it. Washing does not affect the adhesiveness at all.
  • It holds your phone in landscape. As a vertical girl, I was worried about that. However, when I needed to use maps, I found that it actually worked better as I was able to more clearly see where I needed to go. Being in landscape mode will give you less of the map at once, which makes it less overwhelming.
  • There are color options. Admittedly, that’s not the most important feature, but it’s always a plus when you can personalize products at least a little.

Why Did I Go For Bosynoy?

I chose Bosynoy because it had most of what I wanted. I’ve tried it all; pop sockets, vertical holders, no holders at all. However, when I heard about this one, I knew it was the one for me. The hold it keeps on your phone is strong, but it’s not strong enough to cause a hassle.

Releasing the phone from the Bosynoy holder is actually really easy: you tap a button on the holding device, and it releases your phone. The button is easily accessible, but not so much so that it comes undone in the middle of the ride.

I wanted something that was going to grip my phone, but not damage it. This product was the saving grace. It has rubberized clamps, which make sure that it holds your phone securely, but they don’t damage the phone. Unfortunately, sometimes, with other phone holders, the plastic prongs squeezing in on the phone can crack or scratch up the screen.

Is it Really Worth it?

Though the product might not be the cheapest option, it was not the most expensive, either. You pay a little bit more for those extra goodies: the base pad, the rubberized clamps, and the convenience.

Buying into a cheaper, lesser quality option leads to distracted driving, which can be fatal. When you drop your phone, you’re likely going to want to pick it up straight away, and you might not always have time to pull over.

The Bosynoy Car Phone Holder was honestly worth it for the peace of mind alone. I’ve only had it for a short period of time as it stands, but I can say that it has already paid for itself for me.

My Final Thoughts

Even though I had been looking for a car phone holder, this one was somewhat of an impulse buy. I didn’t really know to expect and my expectations weren’t all that high. After some use, I have decided that it’s my favorite car phone holder that I’ve ever tried. As long as you adjust it correctly for you, it’s perfect.

Admittedly, I haven’t had the product for very long, but the reviews say that the adhesive on the base pad does indeed hold up with time. If having to literally wash the adhesive didn’t wreck it, then it can definitely withstand some wear and tear.

The product is definitely worth a try if you find yourself longing for a place to put your phone while you drive. Not only will it keep it safe from harm and dirt, but it will keep you safe from having to be distracted while you drive because your phone got lost or fell out of the holder.

The convenience and durability of the product was worth every penny for me, and if I had to rate it, it would be a solid 4.5/5 stars. The only thing I didn’t really love was the bulky design of the holder and it took a few tries to get the adjustments right. Fortunately, those were details I could quickly get past.

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