What Are The Best Tesla Accessories? (2021 Edition)

Best Tesla Accessories - Review Guide

When you’re cruising around in sustainable style with your Tesla model, you’ll need the best Tesla accessories on the market to ensure that you get the most out of your investment. But Tesla’s aren’t like other cars, and their accessory ecosystem is different too.

So, it can be difficult to find the perfect accessory for your Tesla model. In this article, we’ll walk you through the top Tesla accessories so that you’ll know which accessories put the cherry on top and which will leave you wishing you’d bought something else.

2021 Tesla Accessory Reviews

Our #1 Pick
BMZX Charging Cable Organizer, for Tesla Motors Wall Mount Connector Cable Organizer Bracket Charger...
Car Door Led logo Lights Projector Welcome Lamp Ghost Shadow light for TESLA Compatible X S Series...
Honorable Mention
TOUGHPRO Floor Mats Accessories Compatible with Tesla Model 3 All Weather Heavy Duty (Made in USA)...
BMZX Charging Cable Organizer, for Tesla Motors Wall Mount Connector Cable Organizer Bracket Charger...
Car Door Led logo Lights Projector Welcome Lamp Ghost Shadow light for TESLA Compatible X S Series...
TOUGHPRO Floor Mats Accessories Compatible with Tesla Model 3 All Weather Heavy Duty (Made in USA)...
Our #1 Pick
BMZX Charging Cable Organizer, for Tesla Motors Wall Mount Connector Cable Organizer Bracket Charger...
BMZX Charging Cable Organizer, for Tesla Motors Wall Mount Connector Cable Organizer Bracket Charger...
Car Door Led logo Lights Projector Welcome Lamp Ghost Shadow light for TESLA Compatible X S Series...
Car Door Led logo Lights Projector Welcome Lamp Ghost Shadow light for TESLA Compatible X S Series...
Honorable Mention
TOUGHPRO Floor Mats Accessories Compatible with Tesla Model 3 All Weather Heavy Duty (Made in USA)...
TOUGHPRO Floor Mats Accessories Compatible with Tesla Model 3 All Weather Heavy Duty (Made in USA)...

Our #1 Pick – BMZX Charging Cable Organizer, for Tesla Motors Wall Mount Connector for Tesla Model S

This charging cable organizer will help you keep your Tesla charging gear from flopping all over the floor of your garage and it will also help to keep things looking tidy at your charging station too.


  • Mounts on a wall easily
  • Sleek design
  • Compatible with Teslas produced for the USA


  • Very plain aesthetic

Thanks to the size of this cable organizer, you can easily wrap cables up to ten meters in length without any trouble.

The only downsides of this bracket are that it’s hard to remove on a whim thanks to the sticky glue that is on the other side. But you won’t have any trouble removing it if you apply some isopropyl alcohol, which isn’t included.

So, this is a good mounting system for your Tesla charger, but it requires a bit of extra effort if you plan on moving around a lot.

Our #2 Pick – Car Door Led logo Lights Projector Welcome Lamp Ghost Shadow light for TESLA

When you want everyone to know that you care about your vehicle looking cool, this Tesla LED projecting light will make it so that whenever you open your door people get a little show.


  • Cool light design
  • Adds a unique flair to your vehicle
  • Sure to impress guests


  • Not compatible with the 3 series
  • May be a bit flashy for some people

LED projecting door lamps are uncommon enough that it’s an eye-catcher when you attach this unit to your Tesla model. While technically this unit is only compatible with the X and S series Teslas, you may find that with a little bit of jerry rigging, you can get it to work with nearly any vehicle.

The installation is as easy as attaching popping out the basic light units and inserting these new lamps. The lamps snap into position without any screws or hassle, but if the body of the vehicle isn’t right, you may need to apply more manual force.

Our #3 Pick – ToughPRO Heavy Duty Black Rubber Weather Mats

When you purchase a brand-new Tesla model, you’ll need to protect your investment from the damage that you could potentially be doing to it by tracking in mud and slush from inclement weather.


  • Compatible with the Tesla model 3
  • Protects against sand, mud, slush, and other contaminants
  • Easy to wash with a hose


  • Limited color selection

These mats have all of the features that you would want from internal weatherproofing. They’re durable, easy to clean, aesthetically muted, and fit to protect your vehicle from anything which might get tracked in on your shoes.

As a result, you won’t need to worry about the floorboards of your new Tesla getting rotted through by salt or sand on the roads. However, you may find that the mats are a bit heavy. This means that you might have a hard time cleaning them if you are weaker than the average person.

Our #4 Pick – topfit Portable Silicone Center Console / Cup Holder

If you’re unhappy with your Tesla’s cup holder and dash set, you can replace it using this topfit Portable Silicone Center console.


  • Fits standard-diameter cups
  • Includes sunglasses slot
  • Great for storing change


  • Larger cups will not fit

As good as the Tesla’s basic cupholder set is, you may want something that is more customized for your needs, and that’s where this center console fits in. You’ll have two cup slots, a change slot, and two miscellaneous holders.

The unit is easy to drop into the center console of your Tesla. The main issue is that the cup holders are not necessarily the same diameter as your travel mugs. If you have a wide-bottom travel mug or cup rather than a standard diameter cup, it will be difficult for you to fit it in properly.

Our #5 Pick – ChargePoint Home WiFi Enabled Electric Vehicle (EV) Charger

It’s impossible to use your Tesla if you don’t have a charging point for your home, and that’s where this ChargePoint charger comes into play — you’ll be able to charge your Tesla and monitor charging progress from the comfort of your living room via your smartphone.


  • Wi-fi enabled charging
  • Intuitive user interface
  • A must-have for all Tesla owners


  • Difficult to mount without experience as an electrician

As an accessory, this charging port is tough to beat thanks to its mobile application, which will let you know when your Tesla is finished charging. You can see your charging stats and track them over time, which is a nice bonus.

You may need a hand when you install this charging port, however. The mounting process itself is easy, but connecting it to an appropriately high-power electrical line isn’t something that you should trifle with on your own, especially if you aren’t experienced with electrical work.

Our #6 Pick – Car Center Console Fit Tesla Cubby Drawer Storage Box

If you want to add a bit more storage to your Tesla’s glove box area, this Cubby Drawer Storage Box is an expedient solution.


  • Easy way to improve storage capacity of center console
  • Sleek leather design
  • Lightweight


  • May remove legroom for taller people

RIt’s much easier to keep a tidy car when all your miscellaneous belongings can be dropped in one convenient spot. You don’t need to worry about scuffing your sunglasses or losing your registration when you use this box.

If you regularly ride with people who have long legs in the passenger seat, you may want to think twice before purchasing this box, however.

The verticality of the storage box makes it so people with tall shins might bump their knees and feel claustrophobic, but shorter people won’t have any issues.

Our #7 Pick – EEIEER Tesla Model 3 Car Center Console Wireless Phone Charger Pad

When you want to charge your phone without the additional burden of plugging it in, this EEIEER center console wireless charging pad may be in your lane.


  • Two wireless charging stations
  • Great for playing music and helping to navigate
  • Fits in Tesla model 3s center console


  • Slow charging compared to wired

Sometimes reaching for the cable can be hard if if it falls into one of your Tesla’s crevices. But, when you use this charging pad, your charging experience will be seamless and easy.

You should be ready for a long charging duration when you use these wireless charging pads. The added feature of being wireless means that it won’t charge as quickly as when you use a wire, so the convenience has a price.


Which features should I look for in a Tesla accessory?

The features to look for will change substantially depending on what type of accessory you’re looking for. But, in general, you should look for features that:

  • Make up for a shortcoming in your vehicle’s basic features
  • Make your vehicle more comfortable
  • Make your vehicle easier to use
  • Make your vehicle more aesthetically appealing
  • Protect your vehicle from damage

Making up for a shortcoming in your vehicle’s basic features is something that most Tesla model drivers don’t want to admit, but accessories are the perfect way of saving face. Basic model Teslas don’t always have the storage space and quality of life features that other cars have.

So, you can fix it up by adding the right accessory. With accessories, you can add storage space, convenient handholds, charging ports for your phones, and mounting points for other equipment that might want to use.

You can also add in new opportunities to charge your vehicle or your electronic devices if you pick your accessories carefully.

Making your vehicle more comfortable is also a critical functionality of accessories. You can add cushions, handholds, and other features which make your rides go without a hitch.

There is a limit to what you can accomplish as far as improving your vehicle’s level of comfort goes when it comes to accessories, however. The basic geometry of the Tesla’s seats can’t be altered with accessories, nor can its leg space or pedal texture.

You can, however, modify the gear shift, steering wheel, and practically every other feature which could stand for a comfort upgrade. These little extras can make your Tesla experience feel exceptionally smooth.

Making your vehicle easier to use is one of the main purposes of accessories. Accessories can make it so you don’t need to reach as far to grasp important objects and thus can help your ride to be smoother than ever before.

Here is where nearly everyone will want to purchase a handful of accessories. The easiest choices to make are for things like cell phone mounting points and charging stations.

Making your vehicle more aesthetically appealing is also a major purpose of accessories. Accessories can add an accent to your interior or a bit of flair to your exterior, depending on how serious of a change you want to make.

Protecting your vehicle from damage is easy with accessories, assuming that you’re mostly trying to protect it from damage that you might otherwise cause with tracked-in slush and mud. Keep your expectations in check, however.

There isn’t any single Tesla model accessory which can protect your vehicle from physical trauma, like in an accident. You’ll still need to drive carefully and take care of your vehicle. Furthermore, accessories need some upkeep themselves.

What should I avoid in Tesla model accessories?

There are a few things you may want to avoid when you’re shopping for Tesla accessories, including:

  • Knockoff brands
  • Incompatible accessories
  • Overly flashy additions
  • Items with difficult installation

Knockoff brands are unfortunately very common with Tesla accessories. It isn’t always easy to tell a knockoff from a legitimate product. There are a few signs to look for, however.

Legitimate accessories will carry the Tesla brand or have a well-known brand name which you will see sold at your local Tesla dealership. Furthermore, knockoff brands will not have a reliable internet presence like legitimate brands will.

Compatibility is a major concern because many accessories are compatible with newer Teslas and not older Teslas. Most accessories are very clear about which models they are compatible with, so be sure to check before making a purchase.

Extremely flashy accessories may be something that you should avoid. Flashy accessories often do not contribute anything to the cool factor of a vehicle, but instead contribute to gaudiness and obnoxiousness.

Of course, if your personal aesthetic sense requires big and attention-grabbing features, you can go nuts on the flashy accessories. But, you’ll need to do so knowing that people will find your choices a bit over the top.

It’s hard to know which accessory looks good and which will look too aggressive, so you should probably err on the side of subtlety.

Accessories with difficult installation procedures are probably not worth your time in most cases. Accessories should be easy to pop in and out of your vehicle. Easy installation guarantees that your vehicle retains its resale value, unlike with many accessories.

Are there any brands which are better than others when it comes to accessories for my Tesla model?

Aside from brands which are disreputable, Tesla-branded accessories are typically the best choice for your vehicle.

Most American-made accessories will be great, but you may want to think twice about using a foreign manufacturer because there is a higher chance of them being a knockoff of subpar product.

You may also find that you can purchase accessories that are not built with Tesla model vehicles in mind. These accessories can be as good or better than the Tesla-specific accessories because they have a wider base of users which can help manufacturers to iron out problems.

So, you may find that your best results come from purchasing the mass-market car accessories rather than the ones made by Tesla or for Tesla, but it isn’t a guarantee either way.

You’ll still need to be wary of knockoff products and take care that there is space in your vehicle for the accessory.

Does the type of Tesla model I have change which accessories I should look for?

Yes. Most of the current generation of Teslas have a different set of accessories which are not compatible with older models, and the reverse is also true.

The loadout that you picked for your Tesla model when you purchased it from the dealership is also relevant. Many add-ons for your vehicle are redundant with accessories that you might purchase, so the more you spend up-front the fewer accessories you’ll need.

On the other hand, you can save a lot of money by purchasing accessories a la carte after you’ve driven the Tesla out of the parking lot. Dealerships nearly always overcharge for car add-ons, but vendors of accessories typically charge much less.

Purchasing from a vendor rather than a dealership comes with the risk of compatibility with your vehicle, however.

Your dealership will always ensure that your accessories are compatible with your car, unlike with vendors who don’t have your particular needs in mind when they sell to you.

Which Tesla accessories are a must-have?

There isn’t any single must-have Tesla accessory, but there are a few which are worth your purchase if you don’t have something else filling the need already.

These include charging mounts for your smartphone, a charging station for your home, and weatherproofing for your floorboards. While these three accessories aren’t the only ones you should be considering for your ride, they will make your life much easier.

Furthermore, each of these three accessories are highly durable, and you shouldn’t need to worry about switching them from a Tesla to another type of vehicle when it’s time to hand off your keys.

Are Tesla accessories easy to install?

Some Tesla accessories are easy to install, but not all accessories are equally easy. In general, accessories which use glue-style pad mounting are easier to install than accessories which require you to remove a component of your vehicle to mount them properly.

This means that mounting brackets for various loose items will be easier to install than more serious aesthetic improvements like running lights or other new internal lights. You can probably add a lot of functionality to your vehicle without too much hassle.

On the other hand, making seemingly minor aesthetic improvements can require a lot more work. Popping out running lights and other pieces of your car will involve getting your hands dirty. You could potentially invalidate your vehicle’s warranty if your fumble your installation.

As a caveat, many Tesla accessories are very light on the instruction set.This means that you’ll need to use your wits to install the accessories properly.

Removing Tesla accessories is often more difficult than installing them. Especially for aesthetic accessories which you install into the body of your vehicle, popping them out can require specialized tools.

Removing glue-mounted Tesla accessories is easier, provided that you’re willing to use a solvent like alcohol to dissolve the mounting glue. It’s up to you to wipe things down after you’re done to get the smell to clear.

Are Tesla accessories durable?

The answer is that it depends on the accessory. Over all, Tesla accessories are slightly less durable than the tried and tested accessories which are designed for older vehicles.

Tesla model vehicles don’t have a very long history of use, so you shouldn’t expect the accessories that are designed for the vehicles to meet the same standard as for older manufacturers and models.

You don’t necessarily need to worry about the durability of your Tesla model accessories, however. Most of the accessories which you will want to purchase for your Tesla model are not going to be put through extreme abuse, so their lifetime will be long enough for your needs.

Driving Off Into The Sunset

Now that you’re familiar with the top Tesla model accessories, it’s time to make your selections. With the right set of accessories, your Tesla model will be comfortable and even easier to use than before. Don’t fall for knockoffs, and you’ll be all set for a long and fun drive.

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