What Are The Best Spare Tire Covers For Your Car in 2018?

Best Spare Tire CoversWhen it comes to your spare tires, keeping them protected and safe from harm is of the utmost importance. Your tires are subject not only to weathering, which can slowly deteriorate your investments, but to vandalism as well.

Without protecting these tires with a well-placed cover, they are subject to less than optimal performance. Nothing can be worse than needing a spare tire only to find out that it wasn’t kept stored correctly. In this short review, you are going to learn about the best spare tire cover on the market to ensure that your tires are always well-protected from harm and deterioration.

1. Tsofu Universal RV Jeep Camper Trailer RAV4

The Honda Universal RV Jeep camper tire cover is a multi-functional, waterproof vinyl cover with a non-scratch soft backing. These covers are UV and mildew resistant, which is important to ensure that your tires remain fresh and safe against natural forms of weathering.

These covers are created with high-quality materials that contain PVC leather, which is one of the thickest leathers available on the market. These covers come with a non-scratch soft backing that is elasticized and breathable to ensure that the tires maintain their shape under any and all temperatures. The sizes are flexible and can fit many tire models.


  • Easy to Install – The Honda Universal RV Jeep camper trailer cover is easy to install and remove, without any tools required. The product is elasticized with a back hem and offers quick-connect clips for a fast and adjustable fit.
  • Hassle-Free Warranty – if you have any issues with your order, you can contact the company directly, and it will offer you a money back guarantee or a spare tire cover to replace any problem that you may be having.


  • Sizing – Some customers have complained that the covers come in a size too large to fit what they were looking for, so make sure to measure correctly and purchase the size that you need. Keep your receipt so you can call customer service regarding the warranty.
  • Storage Quality – Some customers have complained that the product was cracked, indicating that the cover may have been kept in storage for an extended period of time.

During summer or springtime, nothing is more joyous than going on a vacation. Traveling with your family or a bunch of friends in a spacious RV is an experience that is truly life-changing. Everyone needs a break from the day-to-day grind. However, before embarking on this adventure, you must ensure that your investment is protected.

One of the best ways to ensure that your RV remains secure is with tire covers. The Honda Universal RV Jeep camper trailer cover is an amazing product made of outstanding vinyl and leather materials so the quality is solid. These tire covers have the ability to protect your tires from harmful rain, snow, and bird droppings. The design of the cover has an additional aesthetic appeal with the presence of the American flag.

In term of a price tag, these covers are affordable, so you won’t want to wait to purchase them.

With the Tosofu spare tire cover, you will have the confidence you need to take long trips without ever having to worry about your spare tire suffering from the natural effects of erosion. With these covers, you will have the protection you need to ensure that your investment is always sound and secure. The addition of the American flag is a great additional benefit that will allow you to show your patriotism while on the road.

2. Roccs 1PC 15 Inch Spare Tire Cover

Tire covers are an essential commodity for any and all RV drivers who are looking to maximize the value of their investment. Without a tire cover on your spare tires, you will find that they are subject to a wide variety of weathering effects that can negatively affect performance.

These weathering effects include rain, snow, UV rays from the sun, insects, mold, mildew, and more. The cheapest and most effective way to ensure that your tires remain safe and secure is to purchase a quality spare tire cover. In this review, you will understand the ins and outs of your tire cover and why taking action is one of your best bets in ensuring the durability of your spare tires.

These spare tire covers are custom made to fit the 1986 OEM Jeep Rubicon and Wrangler spare tires, which range from 27 to 33 inches. These tires are waterproof, which is very important to deter the negative effects of weathering and mildew.

The tires can easily be wiped clean if they become corroded with mud or other substances. The product is designed with a soft, non-scratch vinyl that also works great to deflect UV radiation that can easily wear down your tires over time.


  • Custom Printed – These tire covers offer the ability for customization to match your RV or motor home. This includes lasting outdoor ink on standard upholstery-weight vinyl. The tire cover is held on by shock cord for mounting.
  • Variety of Fits – The cover comes in sizes that are flexible for a wide variety of tires. The product comes with a wide application. Tt fits the whole diameter of the tire, 80 to 83 cm. It doesn’t matter what car model it is, you will be certain to find a match.
  • Great Warranty Policy – These tire covers come with a hassle-free warranty. If you have any issues with your order, you can contact the company to receive either your money back or a spare tire cover to replace the one you’ve purchased.
  • Superior Quality – The cover installs easily without zippers and comes with an elasticized back hem with quick-connect clips for a fast and adjustable fit. The product comes with a heavy black denim marine-grade vinyl exterior and a heavy fleece lining that protects your tire and prevents raised lettering from distorting material in the sun.
  • Great Value – For the price, the cover is an absolute no-brainer when you factor in the cost of purchasing a new tire that is worn out from weathering.


  • Size – Some customers have complained that the size that they ordered was too big. Be sure to keep your receipt handy in case you need to call customer service regarding the company’s money back guarantee. Other customers have complained that their cover was too small, so make sure to take the time to measure correctly before placing your order to avoid these complications.

These are tire covers that were built to last. Get ready to enjoy your RV trip with a cover that was designed to maximize the value of your investment.

If you pay attention and order the right size for your tire, the cover will look great and work like a charm. If you purchase the correct fit, it will be snug and secure, preventing a wide variety of negative elements from getting to the spare.

Without a proper tire cover, your spares will be subject to natural erosion. When you think about it, the purpose of a spare is to deliver you aid in case of an emergency. The last thing you need when installing a spare is to find out the tire is already worn out. You need a tire cover to ensure that the rubber remains at factory quality throughout the life of the tire.

The cover is made of a heavy black denim marine-grade vinyl exterior. Heavy fleece lining protects the tire and prevents raised lettering from distorting material in the sun. The tire cover is held on by shock cord for mounting. The cover just slips on with no real effort and no zippers.

The cover, when placed on a spare, will give your truck or RV a completely new look and feel. The visually pleasing design has made some customers very happy with the end result. When purchasing your truck or RV, you want to make sure that you are prepared for any and all circumstances. In order to ensure that you are prepared for an emergency, you want to have protection for your spare tires. Without a well-placed tire cover, your tires will not be functioning at their very best, which will prevent you from moving forward. The Roccs 1PC spare wheel tire cover is a great purchase at an affordable rate, you’ll be able to master the roads with this tire cover.

3. Classic Accessories OverDrive Car Cover


  • Available for comprehensive spread of wheel sizes
  • UV-resistant for longer life
  • 3-year limited warranty so buy in total confidence


  • Make sure cover is fitted tightly to avoid it blowing off

If you drive an RV, van or truck with a spare tire riding on the rear, this is a wonderful method of protecting your precious wheel from the elements without spending a fortune.

This cover is carwash-safe so there’s no tiresome messing around every time you want to soak your car down.

The snap-on fit makes installation a breeze although some disgruntled users have found the cover is prone to blowing off unless it’s very firmly fixed on. Pay close attention to this when covering up your tire.

Coming in a size to suit most vehicles, the Classic Accessories cover comes in a muted off-white color to mesh with most color schemes. The slip-on fit is super-simple but make certain it’s firmly attached to prevent any slippage on the move. Built to ward off the wind, rain, and sun, this cover should give you plenty of service and it’s covered by a solid warranty for your peace of mind.

With a class-leading 3-year guarantee, the manufacturer has your back in the unlikely event of anything going amiss.

4. Leader Accessories Spare Tire Cover


  • Very easy to slip on without any ceremony
  • Soft backing to eliminate any damage to your vehicle
  • Wide range of sizing for maximum flexibility


  • Elastic could be tighter so make sure it’s properly secured

Leader Accessories produce top-notch gear at ultra-low prices so step up for a real bargain with this black vinyl tire cover.

As with most of these covers, installation is limited to simply slipping it over the tire. A few customers have reported that the elastic is a little loose so make sure it’s snugly in place to avoid the cover from blowing off when you’re on the road.

The vinyl is fully waterproof so you can safeguard you tire against corrosion and keep it at its best.

Priced very reasonably, there’s no excuse not to give your truck a facelift with this simple but effective add-on.

If you want a slick black cover finished in soft vinyl at a very keen price point, Leader Accessories has you covered. You can make certain your spare tire is adequately protected from the ravages of the environment while also ensuring the trunk of your car is protected by the super-soft backing. Surprisingly, given the quality and attention to detail, this cover comes in at less than the price of a round of drinks so invest in one at your earliest convenience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does it just slip over or are there ties to secure it?

There are no ties, but it has elastic on the backside.

How can you figure your size? My tire size is 205/75R15.

Your true diameter is 68.85 cm, so a 14-inch cover would be a good choice.

Why do I need a tire cover?

You want to have a tire cover for your spare tires to ensure that they are protected in case of an emergency. It is important to keep tires stored correctly at all times. We recommend checking the tire pressure before even replacing an old tire with a spare to ensure that your suspension remains in proper alignment. Because you should have spare tires in case of a flat, you should have tire covers to protect the spares.

It is impossible to know exactly when a flat tire will occur, so it is best to do everything we can to prevent the circumstance from occurring in the first place. When storing your spare tires for too long, however, they are subject to damage, so it’s best to use covers to prevent the tires from sun, dirt, and corrosion.

By law, must all vehicles have a spare wheel or equivalent?

No, the only vehicles that are required to carry a spare tire are small public service vehicles, e.g., taxis. However, if you do carry a spare tire, it should be maintained in the same manner as the tires fitted to the vehicle.

Does the spare tire have to be the same size as the other tires on all vehicles?

No, but at the roadworthiness test, a vehicle will fail if the two tires on the one axle are not the same size or type. For best performance, the same type of tire should be fitted in all four wheel positions.


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