What Are The Best ATV Tires? – 2018 Edition

Best ATV Tires - Featured ImageNeed to upgrade your performance on the roughest terrains imaginable? If so, then look no further than your tires—which make all the difference between extreme slippage and epic traction.

When you’re driving an all-terrain vehicle, the way you move forward deals entirely with the tires your vehicle has.

1. AR Dongfang ATV Tires

With AR Dongfang ATV tires, you will find yourself amazed at how effectively you are able to maneuver your vehicle through rough terrain. We don’t recommend these tires for highway travel because they are built for tough, rugged conditions.

These tires are some of the best in the business when it comes to delivering high-quality performance. With a longer tread life than most and added value, you will be left amazed at your ability to make tight turns and maneuvers with your all-terrain vehicle. These tires are designed to deliver added safety at world-class speeds.

The product comes in a size of 21X7-10 with an acceptable rim of 10×5, a speed rating of J, a load index of 25, and a maximum load of 205 LBS at 5 psi. The Dongfang come with a 4-ply rating for a tubeless tire. We recommend not to over inflate these tires; rather, you should enjoy the speeds and comfort they offer under normal pressure conditions. We recommend not inflating beyond 140 KPA 20 psi. The all-in-one Dongfang ATV tires are a great fit for trails, mud, dirt, gravel, rocks, and hard-packed terrains.

Whether you are a seasoned all-terrain vehicle driver or just a beginner, you know the value of high-quality tires and how they can make or break a high-performance drive. Make the smart decision and purchase the AR Dongfang ATV tires, and you’ll be glad you did.


  • Tread design – The patented tread design of these tires is absolutely amazing. You’ll feel like Spiderman when it comes to all-terrain vehicles. You’ll never have to worry about slipping or falling off course again. With these tires, you’ll have the confidence to steadily move forward knowing that your tread is well-designed and built to last through any condition.
  • Durability – These tires truly are built to last. Whether you find yourself driving over potholes or any other type of obstruction, the Dongfang tires are built to handle anything that you throw at them and more. You’ll be amazed at how long-lasting these tires are and how you will be able to steadily drive through any condition with ease.
  • Low Friction – These tires have incredible grip, but you won’t burn out or generate too much heat when driving with these bad boys. They have a way of staying evenly distributed on the ground and not spinning out, so you’ll never have to worry about burning out again.
  • High Value – For the price, you’ll be stunned at how efficient and effective they drive. These tires will absolutely amaze you with their ability to grip the surface while also delivering you high-quality performance. You’ll feel like you’re driving with the quality of a professional tire but paying the price of an amateur one. The value of these tires is unmatched.


  • Measurements – We’ve had some customers complain that the product doesn’t measure out as promised. Some have stated that the tires measure out to be 18.5 inches tall and not the advertised 22 inches—which can be a huge disappointment if you are looking for a specific size. We recommend buying a size a little bit bigger than you need to avoid this complication.

The Dongfang company prides itself on fast order processing and shipment upon receipt of payment. In-stock items will ship on or before the next business day. And good thing because you won’t be able to wait to receive these tires. They work great in the snow, and you won’t even need tire chains. These tires are great for recreational rides but also for plowing or other forms of high-performance work.

You won’t have a problem with any heavy-duty task that you need to complete, even if you are looking to make precise turns on steep hills. If you are used to drifting around turns with your old tires, consider that a thing of the past. These tires will grip the surface like Velcro. These are great tires serve all your needs for an extremely reasonable price. The great tread design does very well in all forms of weather conditions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can these be used on an RTV Kubota?

Yes, these are very good tires that can handle a wide variety of all-terrain vehicles. They are good for pretty much anything—in rain or shine, sleet or hail, these Dongfang tires have you covered, guaranteed.

Can I put these on golf carts with 18 x 8.5 tires?

These tires are compatible with a wide variety of all-terrain vehicles. You just need to ensure that they are the same size that was on the vehicle before.

If you want to be able to ride like the pros, you need to have a product that matches in quality, durability, and performance. With the Dongfang tires, you’ll have all of that covered and more. Get rid of the idea that you are stuck with your old worn-out tires. Take your all-terrain vehicle to the next level with these AR Dongfang tires.

2. SunF ATV Mud Trail Tires

Need some tires that will really connect you to the surface? Want to focus on moving forward instead of that annoying drift? Get rid of the idea that your all-terrain vehicle ride was meant to be unpredictable. Find confidence in SunF ATV mud trail tires.

When looking to maximize the value of your all-terrain vehicle, it all begins with the tires. Leverage the very best tires on the market with the SunF ATV Mud trail tires. They will deliver the efficiency your vehicle needs to get the job done. You will be amazed at how your product performs in any weather condition.

These tires will offer the quality performance that your all-terrain vehicle deserves. The product comes with a 6-ply rating construction for durability and extra load capability. These tires come with extended-wear rubber compound for even longer life and better value. You will benefit from the unique center tread contact area as well, which provides a smooth ride from start to finish. The product comes with 1-1/5 deep aggressive tread patterns that work perfectly on a trail or in extreme conditions.


  • Six-Month Financing – For a limited time the company will allow you to purchase $149 or more and pay no interest if paid in full within six months. The financing options provide you with the flexibility to purchase the product now so that you can start enjoying the benefits.
  • Incredible Traction – These tires will amaze you with their ability to deliver high-quality performance on any and all terrains. You won’t feel scared to make those complex turns and twists anymore. The SunF is a product that provides you with the ability to stay on course regardless of the circumstance.
  • Durability – The product makers at SunF have manufactured a truly durable product that is designed to last for long periods of time. You shouldn’t have to worry about maintenance or repairs. These tires are built to last and will provide you with the confidence that you need to go many miles.
  • Reasonable Price – The price of these tires of comparable to that of other tires on the market, and you their quality makes them frontrunners.


  • Thickness – If you prefer thick wheels, you may not like these tires. The tires are built with dense materials that effectively get the job done.

The tires are made of 6-ply high-quality rubber that enables them to carry heavy loads. The rubber is also designed to increase the life of the tread. The nondirectional tread provides good traction to the road as well as enables floatation during sharp curves. Riders will enjoy the excellence of these tires while riding through the country mountain or desert. The SunF ATV tires will ensure the safety of not only drivers but also passengers who want to have an adventurous ride. The deep tread pattern of the wheels will ensure the grip of the road in both mud and snow.

Frequently Asked Questions

Any idea what the tread depth is?

They are about 7/8 to one inch. These tires work great on almost any terrain and the quality is very good.

Are these tires radial or bias?


Do the tires come with rims?

No, rims are sold separately.

The SunF ATV tires are one of the best on the market when it comes to offering enhanced sidewall protection. The front tires measure 25 x 8 inches, and the back tires measure 25 x 10 inches. Featuring special extra lug protection on the outer rims, these ATV tires offer enhanced sidewall protection that will be certain to keep you product safe under any and all conditions. These tires are textured to provide excellent traction in inclement weather conditions. The radial pattern provides extra grip when braking as well.

Ultimately, the SunF ATV tire is an excellent model available at a low price. This tire offers strong build and durability that you won’t find in the more expensive ATV mud tires currently available. These ATV tires have added lugs on the shoulder area in order to provide a smooth ride and protect the sidewall of the tire as well as the rim of your vehicle.

The SunF ATV tire has a non-directional tread pattern, meaning that they will work on your front wheels just as great as they will on the back wheels of your ATV. The use of 6-ply rated materials ensures great strength and makes these ATV tires highly resistant to punctures. Most ATV tires rely on 2- and 4-ply materials, thus limiting their ability to handle different terrains. These tires, on the other hand, will cover any and all of your needs. If you are looking to finally upgrade your all-terrain vehicle, start with the tires. You can’t go wrong with the SunF ATV models.

3. Wanda ATV Tires

If you use your ATV on a broad spread of terrains and don’t want to be constantly changing tires, this multipurpose set of 4 gives you all the traction you need even in challenging conditions. Highly resistant to punctures, you’ll get plenty of life from these boots. While not especially cheap, if you act quickly you can get a set at a very worthwhile discount.

If you’re looking to kit your ATV out with some new boots, durability should be uppermost in your concerns. The 6-ply Wandas will keep going on even demanding terrain without letting you down.

Whether you take your quad bike on the sand or dirt, rocks or regular roads, these tires respond well to most surfaces. Handling is a dream due to the thick tread.

Front tires are 6.5” wide with a pressure of 370 pounds PSI. The rim of the rear tires is 8” wide with a pressure of 420 pounds.

Note that these tires do not come individually so you’ll need to commit to a full set but that will be a very wise investment and will help you get the very most out of your ATV.


  • Work well on all surfaces
  • Perfect for use in the desert
  • Highly damage-resistant


  • No warranty is provided
  • Installation is not straightforward

4. Kenda Executioner Tire

If you don’t need a full set of replacement shoes for your ATV, Kenda supplies the mighty Executioner individually. Tailor-made for use on smooth surfaces and coming to the fore when the going gets muddy, you’ll get ample traction and excellent handling when your ATV is riding on Executioners. While these tires are pretty pricey, the quality you get in return makes that money very well spent.

Kenda is a household name in the tire space and the hard-hitting Executioner are made with smoother surfaces in mind. That said, these tires work particularly well when it’s muddy so you’re not limited to use on roads.

Tread design ensures you get excellent traction even in awkward situations and where they are dimpled you’ll stick nicely to the track.

The superb casing staves off punctures while enhancing your handling and ride experience.

If you’re looking for a less heavy-duty tire and you want to make sure you stay planted firmly to the track, these Kenda are well worth popping on your shortlist.


  • Lighter-duty tire designed expressly for use on smooth, even terrain
  • Copes well in the mud
  • Highly puncture-resistant


  • Some issues with grip in tricky situations so drive with care

5. ITP Mud Lite ATV Tires

If you spend a lot of time out in the snow and mud with your ATV, you’ll need some aggressive tires to match the environment. ITP produce these nimble 6-ply mud tires that also come into their own if you’re hacking along the trail. You can buy these tires individually at a fairly keen price so think seriously about upgrading your boots and enjoying a smoother, more stable ride.

ITC manufacture no-nonsense tires at a budget-friendly price and these ATV shoes are perfect whether you go out in the snow, mud or on smoother trails.

Designed to last the distance, you can even plug punctures so you can extract still more life from a set of tires. When it’s time to replace one, you can do this without needing to dig deep for a set of 4.

The 11” rim diameter means these tires will slot neatly onto most late model ATVs given you maximum flexibility.

Although a few users have been disappointed receiving the wrong size, the general opinion regarding these tires is overwhelmingly positive.


  • Easy to plug punctures extending already excellent lifespan
  • Holds up to even rigorous conditions like plowing and moving around in the snow
  • 6-ply mud tire that also works well on the trail


  • Some issues with wrong sizes of tire being sent out so check carefully
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