What Are The Best Rock Lights? (2022 Reviews)

Rock Lights Reviews

Any driver that has driven off-road at night is well aware of the dangers it can pose. We often don’t realize how much light comes from buildings and street lights, and when you hit a darkened trail, it can be surprising how dark it can be.

Your car’s headlights only have one job- to illuminate ahead of you in a single direction. They don’t always light the surrounding area that you’re in, and you can get surprised by bumps and rocks that seem to come out of nowhere. There needs to be another solution to keep you safe when driving through these areas.

Rock lights can be a game-changer for keeping you safe during severe driving conditions. Rock lights are an attachment that sits underneath the body of your car. They are designed to illuminate the ground so that you can highlight any debris or holes that might hurt your vehicle. Having them attached to your car can solve a problem that other options can’t, and are able to change the way you drive.

There are tons of rock light options out there, and it can be challenging to choose the right ones for you. The market is often oversaturated with them, and they’re all different in price points and quality. It’s essential to determine just what you want when it comes to your vehicle.

Quick Picks: See Our Top 3 Favorite Rock Lights of 2022

1. The SUNPIE 8 Pod RGB LED Rock Lights

Control all colors and speeds through your phone.

2. The MICTUNING 8 Pod RGB Neon LED Light Kit

Shockproof aluminum casing and 15 adjustable colors.

3. SUNPIE 6-POD White Jeep Rock Light

Reduced glare for use in town, for less distraction to other drivers.

How to Choose Your Rock Lights

Choosing your rock lights has become way more accessible in the last few years. Because of so many designs and LED technology, it’s relatively simple to make a choice based on your utility and vehicle model. Mostly it comes down to installation and aesthetics.

  • Use
  • Control
  • Durability
  • Wiring
  • Brightness
  • Ease of Installation


When choosing, you need to consider the main reason you’re buying rock lights. If you’re choosing rock lights not just for navigation but also for visual accent, there are many different color-changing RGB options to choose from. If you want it for visual appeal, you’ll also want to decide if you want it underneath the car or somewhere else.

Monochromatic lights can be used if you want a consistent look, or just extra illumination while you’re driving. If the focus is for driving, then you’ll want to look for sturdy, durable lights that can withstand all weather.


The control method you use will also depend on what you’re using your lights for. For in-town use, a remote control is the most straightforward option, which allows you to choose colors and sync with the music. However, remote control options will tend to increase the cost of purchase. The other option is a single switch control that can turn lights on from inside your vehicle.


Although most rock lights are designed to work for thousands of hours if you choose ones that are of poor quality, they will never last as intended. Your lights can break or stop working due to impact or vibrations. Make sure that you’re choosing lights that have PC lenses that are shatterproof, or are made of strengthened glass.

You also want to choose a casing that won’t corrode over time. Aluminum is always the right choice or anything that’s properly coated to withstand rust. Ensuring that your mounting holds the casings securely in place will also help them stay useful over the long term.


Wiring is also a place where you don’t want to choose low quality. Make sure that the wires have a heavily insulated coating to give more resistance to nicks and scratches. Measure what you need to connect all of the rock lights under your vehicle. If you need to extend your wire, coil the cables together so that there won’t be anything hanging loose under the car.


Again, this factor depends on the reason you want rock lights. If you’re looking to drive around a city, you may want something dimmer not to distract other drivers. However, if the intention is only for off-roading, you’ll need to consider brightness and angle.

Most rock lights have a 500lm light source, but the direction it points will change how much of the ground it illuminates. If you choose something with a small focus, the light will only aim at the earth, not outwards, meaning that you’ll have to install more for enough light. A 120-degree angle is excellent to start with for the best illumination of surrounding areas.

Ease of Installation

For self-installation, there are drill mount options and magnetic options. It may take some time to drill mount your lights, but if you’re driving off-road, it’s the best option. Driving in severe conditions can rub off your lighting kit if they’re magnetically installed.

Magnets are only as strong as they’re rated for, so make sure you know the strength and number of magnets in a pack. The manual should help you set it up without affecting the electrical in your car. Whether magnetic or drill-set, not all rock lights are easy, and some will require installation by a professional. Make sure you’ve considered how to install before you purchase.

Top 7 Best Rock Lights

Number 1

The SUNPIE 8 Pod RGB LED Rock Lights

A range of colors that can be controlled from your phone.


  • Weatherproof glass bulb casing
  • Aluminum casing protects from damage
  • Well designed appearance, even when unlit
  • Multiple colors and synchronization options
  • Phone controlled
  • 120-degree output


  • May need wire extensions for larger vehicles

The SUNPIE 8 Pod RGB LED Rock Lights are durable and functional with some of the latest technology on the market. The lights are made of a weatherproof casing that coats the light, as well as an aluminum casing that will protect the glass from dangerous rocks and flying objects.

The unique design of these lights encases the light deep inside a housing, which protects your lighting, but doesn’t hamper the output. The casing has a well-designed finished with triangle edging that makes the lights look classy even when the lights are off. Even inside of the housing, the lights still output 120 degrees and at a full 500lm.

The lights can be controlled with an app from your phone, giving you some of the most customizable options available. You can synchronize with music, or run it in automatic or blinking mode. This set has excellent options while still being reasonably priced.

Number 2

The MICTUNING 8 Pod RGB Neon LED Light Kit

Offer total control over light intensity and rhythm.


  • Can connect multiple sets of lamps
  • Great control and options for lighting
  • Two sets of mounting pads for easy installation
  • Wiring is extra insulated
  • Lamps look well designed even when unlit


  • Not as bright as some other options

The MICTUNING 8 Pod RGB Neon LED Light Kit is great if you want complete control of the lighting under your vehicle. The rock lights have 15 color options, brightness, and full rhythm control. It has offload and interior lighting options. You can also link extra pods and control them all using the same app. Pods are a well designed blue color even when unlit.

The casing is aluminum and shockproof, which will help your lights last longer. It also has a heat dissipation system, so you don’t have to worry about overheating. The wiring is doubly insulated, which allows for more scratch and water resistance.

The lighting set comes with two different sets of mounting pads, which gives you extra options or installation. It allows you to install the lamps and the wiring with different pads. Once you’ve installed the lights, you can then attach the power source with the second set of mounting. The QR code then gets scanned for app control.

Number 3

SUNPIE 6-POD White Jeep Rock Light

An excellent option for busy roads.


  • Reduced glare for road compliance
  • Low profile sits closer to the body of your car
  • Warm color lighting
  • Power efficient and won’t overheat
  • One-year warranty
  • All installation accessories included


  • Single lighting option
  • Installation may take longer than other options

A common issue with rock lights is that they may pose a distraction for other drivers. The SUNPIE 6-POD White Jeep Rock Lights have solved this problem by creating a lighting set with reduced glare. They are DOT compliant, and you can use them without impeding other drivers on the road.

Even with reduced glare, these lights still give excellent illumination for off-roading. They use LED lights that are durable with great light projection given off by PC lenses. The lighting is a yellow glow that gives a warm and classy look. Each lamp is power efficient and compatible with all wiring systems.

The lamps are low profile, which allows them to sit closer to the chassis of your car. It gives them a higher water and corrosion resistance. The glass surface is non-scratch. The LEDs are also heat-safe and won’t overheat or damage your vehicle. The package also comes with all the accessories and manuals needed for installation.

Number 4

LEDMIRCY 12-Pack White CREE LED Rock Lights

Brightly lit to illuminate the darkest off-roading.


  • LED bulbs last longer than most
  • Lamps are bright with a wide range
  • Mounting brackets require less drilling
  • Power-efficient
  • 12 pods can all be installed independently


  • Single color option
  • Switch operated

The LEDMIRCY 12-Pack White CREE LED Rock Lights are some of the brightest on the market for all your off-roading needs. There are 12 lamps, giving you maximum lightings, and all pods have a wide-angle range to illuminate a full area. The LED technology is made for longevity and will last longer than many other models. They are also power and heat efficient.

Even though there are twelve pods, the installation of the set is simple. They each have stainless steel mounting brackets that are easy to install. The lenses are waterproof and lay flat against the housing, which helps create shatter resistance. The 12 lamps can be installed independently so that you can add as many or few as your vehicle needs.

Number 5

The LAMPHUS Stardust SDRL LED Rock Light

Rubber pads allow for mounting anywhere.


  • High-performance lights with a wide-angle range
  • Rubber pad design allows you to mount anywhere
  • Options for color, cool, warm, DRL and fog lighting
  • Shatterproof casing and glass
  • Installation accessories included


  • May need wire extensions for larger vehicles

The LAMPHUS Stardust SDRL LED Rock Light set offers the full range of color options. Each housing holds four LED lights, with an extensive-angle for vast illumination. Each housing has cold white and warm white beams, which give added support in finding rock edges. While each set comes with six installation pads, they’re bright enough that you may not need to use them all.

The installation design is specific to this brand as it comes with six curved and six flat rubber pads. These pads allow you to mount the lighting securely on any point of your vehicle. The pads have rugged aluminum housings and a shatterproof lens to protect them during all off-roading activities. It comes with all installation accessories and a well-informed setup manual for ease of installation.

Number 6


RGB LEDs that can be controlled from your phone.


  • 15 light color options and music synchronization
  • Bluetooth phone controlled
  • Power-efficient
  • High wattage
  • Completely waterproof housing
  • 1-year warranty


  • Bluetooth may have trouble connecting to older phone models

The OPPULITE RGB LED Rock Light Kit is a great simple lighting system that offers excellent illumination. Six pods can be controlled remotely, synchronizing with music, or showing a 25 color flashing pattern. There are 15 color options, while the lamps still offer excellent efficiency even with a high wattage output.

The lamps are housed in shatterproof aluminum, with hardened glass for long term resilience. The housing is also waterproof and can illuminate and stay stable even while underwater. The lamps have a 50000 hour lifespan, and a one-year warranty is included.

Number 7

LEDMIRCY 8-Pack White CREE LED Rock Lights

Drill installation makes them more stable for off-roading


  • Bright lights with a wide-angle
  • Vertical mount protects from corrosion
  • Waterproof
  • LEDs are power efficient
  • 12hr customer support


  • Single color option

The LEDMIRCY 8-Pack White CREE LED Rock Lights are a very bright set of lights, designed to keep you safe during off-roading. Each light has 250lm of illumination, while still having efficient battery usage. They work when completely submerged in water, and the vertical mounting system gives excellent protection from corrosion.

The drill installation makes these a more stable option for bumpy offloading. The kit comes with detailed installation instructions as well as 12hr customer support. The kit also has a 1-year warranty.

Benefits of Rock Lights

  • Safety
  • Fun
  • Versatility

We can all agree that rock lights level up the appearance of your vehicle. However, these accessories are more than just visual.


Off-road drivers know just how quickly terrains can change. When rocks appear out of nowhere, it can damage your vehicle or even leave you stranded in an unsafe position. By attaching rock lights, you can illuminate dark paths, which not only lets you see but allows you to be seen, making things safer for everybody.


Adding a personal feeling to your car is enjoyable. There are so many standard looking vehicles out there that putting something special on the road can enhance driving fun for everyone. When you add extra features like lighting changes and pulsing light to music, you are adding art to the streets around you.


Rock lights don’t only have to be for the undercarriage of your vehicle. You can also use them to light up other spaces that might need extra light. You can put them in the trunk of your car, golf carts, agricultural machinery, ATVs, boats, and more.

What You Need to Install Rock Lights

  • Screwdriver with appropriate head
  • Drill and bits
  • Wire crimpers
  • Pliers
  • A crescent wrench

The installation will vary per vehicle, but the basic idea is essentially the same. Make sure to read the manufacturer’s instructions before beginning any installation.

Before installing anything, make sure that you test whether the lights are working or not. Do this by attaching the red and black wires to the respective parts of the car battery. Turn on the battery and see if the lights turn on. Then disconnect the lights. Measure to make sure you have enough wiring to connect the pods.

Decide where you want your lights. They should be in places that won’t impede the light, where the mounting bracket will be secure. Right above the tire area, under your front bumper or other non-metallic surfaces, are good options.

Drill holes where you want the lights installed. Make sure not to drill into vital car parts. Screw the rock lights into the holes. Connect the wires to the lights and route the cables underneath the vehicle. Make sure you keep the wires away from all areas that have moving parts and attach them to the most durable bars under the car.

Bring the wires to the front and connect the positive and negative ends to the appropriate terminals. Turn on the vehicle and make sure they work. If everything works, you’re good to go! Enjoy the fun of having a newly lit up car.


Do you need an extra battery for rock lights?

No. Because of LED technology, most rock lights have a lifespan for around 50,000 hours. Additional batteries aren’t necessary unless something has been damaged and needs to be replaced. Just make sure to keep them clean, and they’ll last a long time.

Will rock lights work in water?

Good quality rock lights are designed for harsh conditions. If you’ve chosen the appropriate lights with aluminum casing and hardened glass, then they will stand up to any sort of snow, fog, or rain your car may encounter.

What are the benefits of having rock lights?

Having extra lighting under and around your car can help keep you safe when driving in off-road and challenging conditions. The style and appearance of them can also enhance the individuality of your car.

Can I use rock lights on my boat?

Using rock lights on the inside of your boat can be a fun way to add color and individuality. However, using them on the outside of your boat may not be the best idea. While rock lights are waterproof, that’s very different than being certified for marine use. They won’t hold up if they’re left submerged in water for long periods of time. Consequential corrosion can also harm aquatic life. Make sure you find marine-certified lights instead.

How much do quality rock lights cost?

Rock lights can vary significantly, but it’s worth it to purchase something that is quality and will last. The price will depend on color, brightness, wattage, and a variety of materials. Single color switch lights will generally cost you around $50. Remote controlled color changing options can cost anywhere from $70 to $300.

Are rock lights legal?

It’s an issue that differs depending on your region. If you are using your lights off off-roading purposes, then you are using it for your safety. However, if you’re using them while in town, it can be seen as a distraction for other drivers. It may not be permitted in some areas. As well, any flashing blue or red lights are prohibited, as these are reserved for emergency vehicles.


Choosing the right set of lights may seem like a big task. However, no matter the model and make of your vehicle, rock lights will improve your driving safety and the look of your transportation. With this guide, we’ve given you the best options on the market so that you can be confident in your purchase.

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