What Are The Best Night Driving Glasses? (2021 Reviews)

Best Night Driving Glasses

Driving at night can cause difficulty and eye strain due to harsh lights and attempting to make out shapes and forms in the dark.

Wearing night driving glasses makes it easier to see and reduces headaches and eye fatigue. A quality pair of night vision glasses will have yellow-tinted lenses with an anti-glare coating. Many night driving glasses also have polarization, which helps you see better.

In this buyer’s guide, we’re going to discuss the ten best night driving glasses. We’ll also look at some essential features you’ll want in a good pair of night vision glasses.

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Here is a quick list of the top 3 best night driving glasses before we get into our complete list. We provide an in-depth review of each of these options. Then keep reading to learn all the essential information you need to know before purchasing your night driving glasses.

Best Value
HD High Definition Night Driving Glasses- Anti Glare Polarized Night Vision Reduce Eye Strain Men...
Best Shatterproof Lens
BLUPOND Night Vision Safety Glasses - HD UV400 Yellow Lens for Safe Driving - Knight Visor (Black,...
HD High Definition Night Driving Glasses- Anti Glare Polarized Night Vision Reduce Eye Strain Men...
BLUPOND Night Vision Safety Glasses - HD UV400 Yellow Lens for Safe Driving - Knight Visor (Black,...
Best Value
HD High Definition Night Driving Glasses- Anti Glare Polarized Night Vision Reduce Eye Strain Men...
HD High Definition Night Driving Glasses- Anti Glare Polarized Night Vision Reduce Eye Strain Men...
Best Shatterproof Lens
BLUPOND Night Vision Safety Glasses - HD UV400 Yellow Lens for Safe Driving - Knight Visor (Black,...
BLUPOND Night Vision Safety Glasses - HD UV400 Yellow Lens for Safe Driving - Knight Visor (Black,...

Number 1

1. iLumen8 High-Def Night Glasses

Best Value

The iLumen8 High-Definition Glasses have everything you would want from a pair of night driving glasses, including pale amber yellow lenses with anti-glare polarization and an anti-fog coating that’s scratch-resistant.

These glasses are 100% polycarbonate material with a sporty frame design that works for a variety of activities, including driving a car, boat, dirt bike, snowmobile, or mountain bike.

The comfortable wrap-around arms with black rubber coating grip along the legs stay in place with an improved grip during intense activities. And they’re comfortable enough to wear for long stints without causing strain.

And the yellow tinted polycarbonate lenses have a special coating that offers 100% protection from UVA and UVB. Plus, the coating is scratch-resistant and anti-fog.

Wearing these glasses while driving will help reduce glares from common situations like wet pavement, headlights, streetlights, and street signs.

Number 2

2. Wearpro Polarized Night Driving Glasses

Best Retro Style

Looks Like This Product Is Currently Sold Out.

The Wearpro Polarized Night Driving Glasses’ stylish retro design makes these night driving glasses ideal for men and women.

The stylish round 2.04″ lens shape and thin PC metal arms with thick plastic tortoise pattern end pieces stay in place and rest comfortably on your nose and ears.

These glasses have yellow polarized composite lenses that offer UV protection. They are ideal for low or no light situations. And help reduce glare and halos from oncoming lights.

They help sharpen dull objects and reduce eye fatigue and strain from gray light scales from the rain, snow, clouds, fog, or nighttime.

In addition to anti-reflective and UV protective properties, the lenses also have a scratch-resistant coating, making them durable enough to withstand years of use.

And you’re protected by a money-back guarantee if you don’t like the performance of the Wearpro Polarized Round Night Driving Glasses.

Don’t forget to browse Wearpro’s extensive collection of polarized, UV-protectant sunglasses, available in multiple styles and lens shades.

Number 3

3. BluPond Night Driving Glasses

Best Shatterproof Lens

One of the best brands to go to for night driving glasses is BluPond. And it’s easy to see why as these BluPond Semi-Polarized Night Driving Glasses have all the features you’d need to see clearly and safely while driving at night.

These glasses have heavy-duty, yellow polycarbonate lenses with an anti-glare coating to reduce glare from lights, ease eye strain, and eliminate distortion.

The semi-polarization of the lenses blocks harmful blue rays, which keeps your eyes protected from oncoming cars and street lights.

Suppose you like a sporty look of rimless shades. In that case, you’re sure to appreciate these visor shades made of an Aluminum-Magnesium (Al-Mag) alloy metal frame and shatterproof, UV400 rated lenses and padded nosepiece for extra comfort.

When you buy these glasses, you also get an accessory kit, which includes:

  • EVA hard storage case
  • Keychain screwdriver
  • Glasses pouch
  • Microfiber cleaning cloth
  • Glasses clip

Number 4

4. Duco Night Vision Driving Glasses

Best Fit Over Glasses

Looks Like This Product Is Currently Sold Out.

The Duco Night Vision Driving Glasses are the perfect pair of glasses to wear over your existing prescription glasses so you can still see at night without dealing with glares or halos from lights.

The large TR90 polycarbonate frame has enough flexibility and durability to stretch over your regular glasses without breaking.

You can find the proper size to fit over small, medium, or large RX sized glasses. They include traditional styles but won’t accommodate irregular or angular shaped glasses.

These glasses have a side lens on each arm to provide a wider field of vision. The yellow tone of these polarized shatterproof lenses reduces glare, softens bright lights, and eases eye strain.

And they’re UV rated to protect your eyes from harsh, dangerous blue waves. You do need to use care when cleaning these glasses as the lenses can scratch easily.

Number 5

5. Optix 55 Night Driving Glasses

Best Lightweight Design

The Optix 55 Polarized Night Driving Glasses offers classic 90s square frame glasses similar to the popular RayBans design look.

These glasses have a stylish black polycarbonate frame with rubber accents on the nose and earpieces to keep the glasses in place and comfortable to wear for extended periods.

These wide frames’ unisex design makes these glasses easy to fit over the top of some styles of prescription style glasses.

Yellow tinted +0.74mm polarized lenses have an anti-glare Revo coating to reduce glare from headlights, streetlights, and even the blaring sun.

You can wear these tinted glasses during the day or at night, so you’re sure to get your money’s worth. And when not in use, keep them protected in a hard EVA zipper case.

Number 6

6. Soxick Night Driving Glasses

Best for Men and Women

The Soxick Night Driving Glasses are a sleek, stylish unisex pair of glasses ideal for driving at night. Aluminum magnesium arms are flexible enough to bend for a custom fit.

These glasses use diamond-clarity absorption film technology to give you better vision at night and during bad weather.

This method lets the polarized yellow lenses adjust the light to see better color saturation and more apparent objects.

An anti-reflective coating on the lens reduces light glares and prevents eye fatigue. And they’re rated UV400 to protect against UVA and UVB rays. It also makes it easier to see during fog, rain, and overcast weather conditions.

Number 7

7. CGID Ladies Night Vision Glasses

Best For Fashion

If you want to drive safely at night while still looking good, you’re sure to love the attractive appearance of the CGID Ladies Night Vision Glasses, available in Floral or Tortoise designs.

Two metal decorative chain ring circles with sparkling rhinestones attach the high quality polycarbonate arms to the wide frame of these elegantly styled glasses.

The yellow-tinted lenses reduce glare, ease eye strain, and enhance vision while driving at night. Double UV400 coatings protect your eyes from dangerous UVA and UVB rays.

A nine-layer filtration coating offers HD polarization that provides crystal-clear viewing. The polycarbonate lenses have high-temperature resistance and superior impact protection.

Number 8

8. Faguma Sports Night Driving Glasses

Best Multi-Purpose for Men

Looks Like This Product Is Currently Sold Out.

These sporty black night driving glasses by Faguma are sure to keep you safe and in style with a thin yellow pinstripe and a silver nameplate.

The textured rubber grip on the arms keeps these glasses in place. And you can bend the arms to custom fit your size. A silicone one-piece nose pad improves the comfort of wearing these glasses.

The yellow polarized lenses are UV400 protected to block glare, provide high definition visuals, and retain actual color without halos or eye strain.

A scratch-resistant coating keeps your lenses in good condition, and the polycarbonate frames are impact and scratch resistant and unbreakable.

Number 9

9. Fiore Aviator Night Driving Glasses

Best Aviator Style

We love these Aviator design Fiore Night Driving Glasses as a sleek, sporty option to help you drive better at night or in undesirable weather conditions.

Whether you like the look of sleek black plastic with or without side lenses, or a thin, metal classic aviator design, you’re sure to find the perfect style of Fiore night driving glasses for you.

However, the materials for these glasses aren’t as durable as others on our list, so you need to take care so you don’t end up damaging them.

All of these models have UV400 plastic lenses with full polarization and anti-glare coatings so you can drive at night without glare or halos from lights.

Silicone padding on the nose and temples make these glasses comfortable to wear. But these glasses cannot stretch to fit all head shapes. Attempting to do so may cause damage to the frame.

Number 10

10. Lumin Sol Lum-100 Night Driving Glasses

Best Reader Style

The Lumin Sol Lum-100 Night Vision Glasses are a classic reader style, unisex night vision glasses in a sturdy, lightweight frame.

The polycarbonate shatterproof, scratch-resistant lenses are a light pale yellow rather than the dark yellow of other driver glasses, allowing in the most light while deflecting glares and halos from lights.

The shade color also helps illuminate your view during fog, rain, snow, and overcast conditions. Anti-radiation technology reduces eye fatigue and tension headaches while blocking UVA and UVB rays.

These glasses will allow you to see real colors without the signature yellow hue from dark yellow lenses. An anti-glare coating reduces glares from headlights, streetlights, and wet roads.

Features of Night Driving Glasses

Now that we’ve looked at the ten best night driving glasses, let’s look at some essential features you’ll want to have in the night driving glasses you pick. Any glasses you choose should meet these essential criteria.

Knowing what features to look for can save you time and money when shopping for a new product. You’ll be able to narrow down your options based on what you want in a pair of glasses and eliminate the glasses with features you don’t want.

Lens Color

A quality pair of night driving glasses should have yellow-tinted lenses. Yellow helps soften bright light, so it doesn’t cause eye strain or headaches.

Yellow lenses also have the ability to reduce glare and sharpen the contrast of low lighted areas for easier visualization. It can also help you get the most accurate color visuals.

Another option for night driving glasses is clear lenses with an anti-glare coating. While these lenses won’t block any light, they will keep your lenses from creating a glare, which can distort your vision.

Other colored lenses are labeled for night driving, but most experts advise staying away from any color besides yellow for nighttime driving. Different colors do not offer the same glare resistance and improved visibility as yellow.


Most glasses have polarization, which reduces glare and provides a clearer view. You often find polarization in sunglasses and night driving glasses. Some regular prescription glasses can also have polarization. You may see glasses labeled as HD or high-definition in the product description.

When picking a pair of night driving glasses, you’ll want to pay close attention to the polarization degree. This degree can vary and describes the level of polarization of the lenses.

Polarization occurs by a piece of film layered over a lens. In cheaper quality polarized lenses, this film will adhere to one side of the lens. Over time, this film can damage, reducing the polarization capabilities.

If you want to get the most extended use out of your night vision glasses, look for lenses with the polarization film built into the lenses through melanin infused, injected polarized filters, or hard lens coating procedures. You also want a thicker film, which means more polarity.

Glare Resistant

One of the biggest problems people face when driving is the glare from oncoming headlights. A good pair of night driving glasses will have an anti-reflective (AR) coating.

Anti-reflective lenses allow more light to come through while reducing glare. The result is your eyes won’t feel strain or temporary disorientation from shining lights.

It also makes it easier to see what lays in the shadows as the bright lights won’t temporarily blind your eyes.

You also won’t have halos from headlights or street lights, which can impair vision at night. You’ll be able to have a clear image without streaks or color distortions.


You can find night vision glasses in a variety of shapes to meet your individual needs. You can get aviator-style glasses or ones with attractive colored patterns and designs. Some glasses have side windows on the arms to provide extra visibility for your peripherals.

These types of glasses can come in different materials too. The best glasses are polycarbonate, which is a durable material similar to but more robust than plastic. It’s also more flexible so that you can bend them into shape for a custom fit.

Metal alloy glasses are better than thin aluminum. Some of these glasses require careful handling, as you can easily stretch them or damage them.

There are even night vision glasses that you can fit over the top of your prescription glasses so you can still keep your vision without having to worry about eye strain and glares from the lights.

What design you pick is a personal preference. But you want to be sure the design provides a comfortable fit. Look for glasses that have silicone protection around the nose, temples, and behind the ears.

In Closing

Driving at night is easier and safer when you’re wearing night driving glasses, which have colored lenses with an anti-glare coating. Many of these glasses can work for other nighttime activities such as watching sporting events, riding ATVs, dirt bikes, or boating. You can even wear these types of glasses during the day to reduce bright sunlight.

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