What Are The Best Jeep Grab Handles? (2020 Reviews)

6 Best Jeep Grab Handles

If you’re the proud owner of a Jeep, you’re likely to have thought about purchasing and installing new grab handles for your ride. Whether you have had trouble getting in and out of your trip or had passengers who need an extra grip, grab handles can be a good idea for many reasons.

Jeep grab handles are an excellent addition to any Jeep as it adds a quality look and functionality you may not have previously had. Jeep owners are known to be adventurous, hitting trails, bumpy roads, and traveling along where others may be more cautious or hesitant.

Your passengers will thank you for having grab handles to help them feel more secure and have a place to hold onto on a bumpy ride. The handles will help them enjoy the ride and keep from sliding around the vehicle or becoming injured.

If you follow along with our guide, you’ll find some frequently asked questions about grab handles, a handy buyer’s guide to help ensure you know what to look for in a quality product, and of course, our product reviews and top picks. With tons of products on the market, it can be tough to weed out the high quality from the sub-par products. Happy Shopping!

Jeep Grab Handles Buyer’s Guide

Grab handles are one of the essential safety features when it comes to driving a Jeep. If the handles are not properly made or attached, you can sustain injury from merely getting into and out of the vehicle. They’re also useful for when you’re driving over challenging terrain and help keep your passengers safe. Let’s take a quick look at some of the features you may want to consider when purchasing grab handles.

Rust/Corrosion Resistance

Appearance should never be the only factor you consider when making a necessary purchase. If you want the handles to last you a long time and be able to sustain normal wear and tear, it’s vital that you consider the materials and how well they will hold up to rust and corrosion.

You not only want a product that will look good with your existing vehicle but one that’s made to last.


To find a sturdy handle that suits your needs, you’ll want to consider what materials the product uses. Ensuring a product is made of durable materials will help ensure you are able to attach them to your vehicle correctly.

Some people choose a stainless steel product that can be welded into place for added strength and security. Although a high-strength steel grab bar is ideal, you may not want or need more than a simple paracord handle. Consider your needs and intended usage when making your purchase.

A Good Fit

You would be surprised how many times you don’t consider the size and shape of the handle in conjunction with their actual vehicle. It’s honestly a mistake that can occur quickly. To help ensure that you won’t have to return your product and try something else, try to think about the product you’re buying and how it will fit in your model.

Make sure there will be adequate space to open and close the door, and that the handles sit inside the vehicle in a way that is comfortable and easy to use for you and potential passengers.

The 6 Best Jeep Grab Handles

Now that you have become familiar with some of the most common questions and you know what features you may want to be on the lookout for, we’ll jump right into our product reviews. Here are our top six favorite Jeep grab handles.

Number 1

Xprite Black Front & Rear Steel Grab Bar Kit

If you’re in the market for a grab bar kit that includes both front and rear and is rugged enough to last you a long time without corrosion, the Xprite kit is an excellent option.


  • This set is conveniently designed to provide extended-lasting security
  • The ¾ inch aluminum alloy construction pairs with the powder-coated finish to help maintain resistance to rust and corrosion
  • This set is designed to fit into the existing mounting joint that comes in the Jeep Wrangler JK, making installation quick and easy
  • Includes everything you need to install
  • Comes with front and rear grab bars to be a complete set for the vehicle


  • You may need additional tools not included with the product to complete the installation
  • If your product doesn’t include the instructions, you may need to watch an instructional tutorial online or print similar instructions online
  • You must ensure proper installation as your visor may not clear the bars if they do not get installed properly

This front and rear grab bar set comes complete with everything you need to install them yourself. These bars feature a design that mounts into the existing screw locations, which make the swap out simple.

Although you may require a ratchet set, this set is easy for most non-professional workers to install. They have an excellent grip, are rust and corrosion resistant, and look great when finished.

Number 2

Rugged Ridge 13505.30 Paracord Grab Handles

For those interested in a paracord option, this set from Rugged Ridge comes in various colors paired with black for a clean, colorful look and functionality.


  • Many color options to match the interior or exterior of your Jeep
  • The product comes with a limited 5-year warranty
  • Grab is wide and cushioned, allowing them to be grabbed easily for entry and exit into the vehicle
  • These handles are designed with three fastening straps to help ensure a custom and secure fit in your vehicle


  • Not as durable or long-lasting as some of the other options
  • Material is made of polyester rather than military-grade paracord
  • This material has some stretch to it and can have a less sturdy feel

These grab handles are made of double-wrapped paracord and come in an assortment of colors paired with black for a rugged feel that matches any Jeep. This set comes with three sturdy loop fasteners that will wrap over the roll bar for a robust and secure fit. The product states that co with a high-quality 550 Nylon parachute cord.

Number 3

Rough Country Black Steel Grab Handles

This full kit is useful for any Jeep owner looking for a heavy-duty grab bar kit with a rugged look to it.


  • All hardware needed for installation comes in the package
  • Thirobustid steel set is rust and corrosion-resistant
  • These grab bars come constructed with 3/4 -inch solid steel
  • Fits many makes and models including most Jeep Wranglers
  • No drilling is necessary for installation uses existing mounting holes


  • There are no other colors options aside from solid black
  • You will need to pay attention during installation as some users have mentioned installation is complicated due to the angle of screws
  • Straightforward, no-frills design

This kit includes everything you need to install the grab handles into your Jeep. The solid steel handles easily mount into the existing mounting holes in most Jeeps without much trouble at all. The grips feature a durable rubber that’s comfortable to grab.

The grab bar placement makes it easy to grab at the entry and exit of the vehicle. This set comes with a limited lifetime warranty replacement, which makes them a great option.

Number 4

Autosaver88 Front and Rear Grab Handles

This full set from Autosaver is a great kit that comes with everything you will need for installation with a robust and sturdy finish.


  • This set features a non-slip handle that’s easy to grasp by driver and passengers
  • The kit includes a detailed instructional manual so you can skip costly installation fees
  • The handles have pre-drilled holes, so there is no extra work during installation
  • Grips come with a powder coating to make them rust-resistant
  • Autosaver88 products come with a lifetime warranty on manufacturing defects


  • The simple, no-frills design
  • Comes in solid black, no color choices
  • Product is made of aluminum, not steel

For those of you looking for a simple set up with no frills that helps you get in and out of your Jeep, this set will do the trick. The handles are made of ¾ -inch aluminum alloy with ergonomic construction. They also feature dual layer rubber grips. After proper installation, the handles are highly secure.

Number 5

JeCar Front Aluminum Grab Handles

This kit includes front grab handles only, made of aluminum alloy, and powder-coated to help resist rust and corrosion.


  • This company offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee and comes with a lifetime warranty
  • These handles are made of high-strength aluminum alloy
  • Installation is a breeze with everything you need to be included
  • Powder-coated finish allows your handles to last with resistance to rust and corrosion
  • The ergonomic and non-slip grip design is easy to grab and comfortable to hold onto


  • The lightweight of the handles may feel less sturdy than some of the heavier metal products you’ve tried
  • The bolts the product comes with are not the highest quality; some would opt to use heavier duty bolts during installation
  • Must pay attention during installation as some bolts may fall into the product, making them hard to retrieve

This front grab handle kit is simple and to the point. They’re made of solid aluminum alloy, which provides a sturdy, secure fit into most Jeeps. The company offers a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee. The installation process is simple as the bars will install directly into the existing mounting holes.

Number 6

AnTom Jeep Wrangler Roll Bar Grab Handles

AnTom’s four-pack of grab handles are solid and sturdy after proper installation, easy to install and get the job done.


  • Comes with all four grab handles to install in both front and rear of the vehicle
  • These grab handles are made to fit the majority of Jeep models
  • These handles are great for use in various weather conditions, adding a layer of protection and safety to your travels
  • These handles are constructed with high-strength, non-slip nylon the provide maximum stability
  • You will not need any tools to complete the installation process


  • Lightweight and movable feel can feel less sturdy to those used to a metal grab bar
  • Some consumers report inconsistency of quality between handles received in the same pack
  • This budget-friendly pack may not last as long as some of the others on this list

If you want to skip the confusing installation process or don’t want to purchase or use tools you have on hand, this four-pack of grab handles is a great choice. You will not need any tools for the installation as they’re ready to go with Velcro hook and loop straps. The high-strength nylon provides enough reliable support to help you enjoy a secure ride.

Jeep Grab Handles FAQ

Jeep grab handles tend to be relatively straight-forward, but here are some of the most commonly asked questions about these products.

What’s the purpose of installing grab handles?

Grab handles add some functionality to your vehicle, aside from looking cool or adding a rugged feel. Both drivers and passengers can use grab handles to help get in and out of the Jeep, especially if you’re short and have a hard time getting in unassisted.

While going off-road, over bumps, or rough terrain, the vehicle can be uncomfortable to ride, causing riders to slide around, move, or bump their heads. With something to hold onto, passengers can feel more secure, not slide around so much, and avoid injuries.

Are grab handles easy to install, or will I need professional help?

Depending on your skill level, your level of comfort in making modifications to your vehicle without assistance, and the product itself, they may be easier than you think to install.

Most products will come with detailed instructions, while others you may need to find directions or tutorials available online. If you bring the product to a trusted auto professional, it’s likely a simple swap out that won’t cost you much. It’s typically cheaper to hand multiples installed rather than singles so that you may consider that.

What’s the general price range of grab handles?

The price range to purchase grab handles varies considerably. If you’re purchasing cloth handles, you may find them in the lower price range for as little as $20 up to $100. As you look at metal and sturdier options, you may find some simple pieces for $40 up to the low $100 range.

As you look at more rugged metal options and those that come with padding, you may find your price range go from just under $100 up to the $200 range. If you shop around and wait for deals, you’re likely to be able to find a product that suits your needs for a relatively budget-friendly price.

What materials are best for grab handles?

You can find these handles made from a range of materials like textile fabrics, metal, plastic, and paracord. The differences between the materials provide different functionality and tend to be more of a variation of preference.

If you need a handle to hold onto while climbing into a jeep, a metal grab bar is a good option. Some of the cloth and plastic options appear dated and cheap, others look great. If you’re interested in cloth grab handles, there is nothing wrong with them if they suit your taste and needs.

Some folks want a more rugged look and go for bulkier metal grab handles and bars. Some of the plastic options may not hold out over rough terrain or in the long run. It’s up to personal style preference when it comes to materials as all materials can be good or bad quality, you just need to research the right product for you and your intended use.

Final Verdict

Finding the right grab handles for your Jeep doesn’t have to be overwhelming or confusing, you need only to know exactly features interest you. By flipping through our guide, checking out the frequently asked questions, and looking over the key features, you should be able to get a good idea of what kind of product will work for you and your vehicle.

We intended to make this guide a bit exhausted, leaving no stone unturned so that you could skip the work and find all of the information you needed in one place. We hope that you can make a great choice when it comes to purchasing the perfect Jeep grab handles.

Remember that your safety is essential, not just for offroading, but for getting in and out of your Jeep daily. For that reason, our top favorite pick was the Rough Country Black Steel Grab Handles. This set is made from solid steel, rust and corrosion resistant, and is simple to install.

Although this set is our top pick, we know that you’ll be able to use this guide to find the right set to suit all your needs. Don’t forget to flip through the buyer’s guide for tips on choosing the right features.

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