What Are The Best Flip-Out Head Units? (2022 Reviews)

Best Flip Out Head Units

If you want to update your car, so it works better with your phone you may be asking what are the best flip-out head units available. Our list has several options that come packed with useful features and prices to suit any budget.

Features to Look For in The Best Flip Out Head Unit

When shopping around for the best flip out head unit, it’s easy to get caught up in some features and factors that aren’t important. All of these factors below are the most important ones you want to consider before pulling out your wallet.


There are many different components of compatibility to consider with your unit. First, you want to make sure it will look right in the cabin of your car. If you’re driving a compact sedan, you won’t want to have this gigantic unit obstructing your vision and looking clunky in the middle of your car.

In addition to the appearance factor, some units will work with your backup camera, dash cams, and other devices. Make sure you choose carefully and get the most bang for your buck by having your research done ahead of time.

Bluetooth Capabilities

Most units will work with Bluetooth, but don’t let that fool you. If you decide to go too cheap or purchase your unit from a non-reputable seller, you never know what you’ll get. Make sure your unit has Bluetooth capabilities so you can enjoy music streaming from your phone and answer phone calls hands-free.

Federal law continues to worsen the consequences of driving with your phone in your hand. Hence, it’s essential to have hands-free capabilities whenever possible.

Screen Size

We don’t think we need to explain why you want to keep this factor in mind. It seems like we keep increasing the screen size on everything for a couple of reasons.

First, most people want to have a large screen in their car so they can brag about how large the screen is. Besides vanity related reasons, you should also have a large screen so you can see it better. The larger the screen, the less time you’ll need to spend looking at it to accomplish what you’re trying to do.


If you don’t have the money to buy something you can’t buy it so you’ll want to keep a budget in mind as well. Most head units run between $100-300, so try to get the most for your money. Always purchase from a reputable company because you’ll likely get an extended warranty and a higher quality product.

GPS Navigation

In addition to Bluetooth compatibility, it doesn’t hurt to have GPS on your unit as well. We see more cars coming equipped with things like Android Auto built into the display, so it’s becoming more of a standard feature.

It might cost a bit more to get GPS, but it’s a useful feature that will keep your eyes off your phone and on the road.

Picture Quality

While this might not be a necessary feature if you are spending a decent amount of money on something you expect to have the best quality. The picture quality will depend a lot on the brand of the unit you choose. Still, the quality of your installation also plays a significant role here.

Make sure you’re following the instructions closely if you install it yourself. If you have a professional install it, make sure they have experience doing this type of project.

Quick Picks: Compare The Best Flip Out Head Units of 2022

Best Overall
Pioneer AVH-3300NEX 7" Flip Out DVD Receiver with CarPlay, Android Auto and Bluetooth
Best Cheap Option
Pioneer AVHX4800BS 2-DIN Receiver with 7" Motorized Display/Built-In Bluetooth/Siri Eyes...
Best Value for the Money
CAMECHO Android Car Stereo 1Din Radio with Quad-Core 7 Inch Capacitive Retractable & Flip Out Touch...
Pioneer AVH-3300NEX 7" Flip Out DVD Receiver with CarPlay, Android Auto and Bluetooth
Pioneer AVHX4800BS 2-DIN Receiver with 7" Motorized Display/Built-In Bluetooth/Siri Eyes...
CAMECHO Android Car Stereo 1Din Radio with Quad-Core 7 Inch Capacitive Retractable & Flip Out Touch...
Best Overall
Pioneer AVH-3300NEX 7" Flip Out DVD Receiver with CarPlay, Android Auto and Bluetooth
Pioneer AVH-3300NEX 7" Flip Out DVD Receiver with CarPlay, Android Auto and Bluetooth
Best Cheap Option
Pioneer AVHX4800BS 2-DIN Receiver with 7" Motorized Display/Built-In Bluetooth/Siri Eyes...
Pioneer AVHX4800BS 2-DIN Receiver with 7" Motorized Display/Built-In Bluetooth/Siri Eyes...
Best Value for the Money
CAMECHO Android Car Stereo 1Din Radio with Quad-Core 7 Inch Capacitive Retractable & Flip Out Touch...
CAMECHO Android Car Stereo 1Din Radio with Quad-Core 7 Inch Capacitive Retractable & Flip Out Touch...

Number 1

Pioneer AVH-3300NEX

The Pioneer AVH unit features a sleek black faceplate and a seven-inch screen for enhanced visibility.


  • Seven-inch screen
  • DVD and CD receiver with an internal amp
  • Bluetooth capabilities


  • Expensive

The flip-out unit by Pioneer comes with a remote and a seven-inch screen so you can clearly see maps and other details. This device has a discreet front panel that is mostly black with silver and blue detailing.

This device has a display that flips out when you want to see it, but it can also fold away when not in use. When the screen is folded down, you’ll still have access to some of the functions using the faceplate buttons.

If you are curious, what are the best flip out head units, this device has excellent customer reviews, and it’s a durable and reliable piece of technology that can upgrade your vehicle. The VGA touch screen makes selecting different menu options easy, and this device is compatible with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay.

Number 2

Pioneer AVHX4800BS

The Pioneer AVHX head unit has Bluetooth and an internal amp in addition to compatibility with the SiriusXM tuner.


  • Bluetooth capable and can support two phones
  • SiriusXM Tuner compatible
  • Built-in control for some Apple Carplay devices


  • Expensive

This flip-out device from Pioneer comes packed with features such as Mixtrax that automatically mixes your music library with a range of different DJ effects and smartphone capabilities for both Android and Apple. You can also use this device with your SiriusXM tuner, and you can use the voice recognition provided by your smartphone.

This device is also compatible with navigation add ons, and you can directly control some Apple devices such as the iPod or iPhone. The seven-inch touch screen makes it easy to see the menu options, and you can also take advantage of other services you already use such as Spotify or Pandora.

Number 3

Camecho Car Stereo

When it comes to flip-out head units, the Camecho car stereo offers sleek styling and a large screen for a lower price.


  • A seven-inch touchscreen
  • Sleek front faceplate
  • Built-in WiFi and GPS navigation


  • Not all functions work with the iPhone

The Camecho car stereo is a bargain option that comes with many vital features you’ll want in your next unit. This device can mirror your Android phone using your phone’s hotspot so you can play music or videos wherever you are, and the device also has built-in WiFi and GPS.

This unit has a 7.1-inch touchscreen that supports multitouch and is compatible with backup cameras from other brands. This device supports hands-free calls, and it can import your contacts and connect to other Bluetooth enabled devices.

Number 4

Jensen VX4014

This flip-out unit from Jensen features a sizeable seven-inch screen and a multimedia receiver to support all of your devices.


  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Compatible with SiriusXM
  • This unit comes with a remote


  • Limited functionality when the screen isn’t flipped out
  • The remote could be simpler

The Jensen flip-out head unit is compatible with Siri and Google Assistant, and the monitor angle can adjust to any angle of your choosing. This device comes with a small and somewhat complicated remote that has a lot of buttons and abbreviations.

You can use this device with CarPlay SiriusXM, Pandora, and other devices that are USB compatible. This device also supports hands-free calling, navigations and media streaming. The seven-inch screen is large enough to see the menu options quickly, and you can mirror the screen on your phone for added functionality.

Number 5

St !Giantman Single Din Android 9.0 Car Navigation

The Single Din flip-out head unit comes with navigation, a remote control, and many other features that make it a bargain option.


  • Built-in GPS navigation
  • Compatible with backup cameras and dash cameras
  • 178-degree viewing angle for the screen


  • The faceplate is not very stylish

This flip-out unit has a viewing angle of 178 degrees and a screen with a more significant amount of contrast so you can see it better in daylight. This device is also compatible with Android devices, and iPhone and the Google Play store come installed and ready to use.

If you choose, you can install other apps on this device that are compatible with your phone, and the mirroring feature allows you to display media from your phone on the larger screen. This device is compatible with both backup cameras and dash cameras and can connect to WiFi networks and hotspots.

Number 6

Ein Car 7 inch Retractable Touch Screen Car Stereo

The Ein Car flip-out head unit features a stylish faceplate and several features like GPS and Bluetooth connectivity.


  • 1080p video support
  • Seven-inch touchscreen
  • Multiple language options
  • Front USB port


  • The screen does not stay open after you shut off the car

This flip-out unit by Ein Car comes packed with features like multiple language options, remote, Bluetooth connectivity, navigation, a USB port on the front, voice recognition, and the ability to play music or the radio while using navigation.

The seven-inch screen has a resolution of 800×480, and the DVD player is region free which means you can play DVDs released in any country. The AM/FM radio has several presets, and an 8GB SD card comes with this unit to store information for navigation.

Number 7

BOSS Audio Systems BV9979B

This flip-out unit by Boss Car Audio Systems features Bluetooth and hands-free capabilities and a multicolor screen.


  • Hands-free calling
  • Accent colors can be changed
  • Compatible with smartphones and MP3 players


  • Does not include the wiring harness for your specific vehicle

The Boss flip-out head unit has a detachable panel and wireless remote and is compatible with most smartphones. This device can also pair with backup cameras, dash cameras, and other devices that are compatible with the auxiliary input.

This device has customizable backlighting, and you can add up to three amps or other signal processors for different channels.

Number 8

Single Din Android 9.1 Car Navigation by St !Giantman

The Single Din flip out head unit is similar to another product on our list but features updated amenities and capabilities, including quick booting.


  • Mirror link function built-in
  • Works for both IOS and Android devices
  • WiFi capable and Bluetooth compatible


  • Does not support 5Ghz WiFi

The primary difference between this Single Din flip out head unit and the other one on our list is that this one does not have the DVD feature. Other than that, the two products are very similar and have the same screen resolution of 1024×600.

This device has 16GB of internal flash memory, and the package comes with an external microphone. This device is compatible with Android 9.0, so it works for newer phones, and it can connect to two phones at once.

Number 9

BOSS Audio Systems BV9976B

This flip-out unit by Boss is comparable to another unit by the same brand but features additional outputs and slightly different housing sizes.


  • Hands-free calling and a built-in microphone
  • Accepts physical CDs or DVDs
  • Bluetooth capable


  • The user interface is cumbersome
  • No mirroring features

The Boss Audio Systems flip out head unit is an exceptionally inexpensive option that comes with a three-year warranty and the ability to customize the color of the backlighting. This device is Bluetooth capable and features a port for AV input.

This device is also compatible with backup cameras and dash cameras and features a built-in equalizer and remote control.

Number 10

Pyle Single Din Head Unit

This Single Din Head unit features a large screen and easy to read menus, and a remote that is more user-friendly than other brands.


  • 320-Watt Stereo, AM/FM radio, and CD and DVD input
  • Bluetooth capable and compatible with iPhone and Android devices
  • Multiple ports on the front to connect other devices


  • Usable life span varies
  • No mirroring features

The Pyle Single Din flip out head unit features a large seven-inch touch screen that has a multi-color LCD. This device also comes with hands-free amenities and is compatible with exterior cameras.

The remote on this device is easier to use than some of the others included with head units, and this head unit also has wireless car audio streaming, but no mirroring capabilities.

Final Thoughts

So, what are the best flip out head units? Our top pick is the Pioneer AVH 3300 NEX for its durability and excellent performance. The seven-inch screen is generous, but high quality and the Bluetooth capabilities ensure that you’ll be able to take calls hands-free and for music streaming or other car audio.

This device is also relatively easy to install and comes with an internal amp. Another vital feature is that this device is compatible with both Android Auto and Apple CarPlay so you can easily connect your smartphone and stream media in seconds.

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