What Are The Best Electric Skateboards? – 2022

Electric Skateboard Reviews

Whether you’re a child or an adult, electric skateboards are more than fun novelties. Electric skateboards are veritable methods of transportation, especially if you live in a city.

However, unless you already own an electric skateboard, you probably don’t know which electric skateboards are the worth the price, and which will leave you lagging.

In a nutshell, electric skateboards are much more complicated than non-electric skateboards, so you can’t jump into a purchase without doing your research first.

In this article, we’ll discuss a handful of our top picks for the best electric skateboards so that you’ll know what to look for and what skateboard might fit your needs.

Quick Picks: Compare The Top Electric Skateboards in 2022

Our #1 Pick
Aceshin Electric Skateboard 350W Motorized Compact E-Skateboard with Wireless Remote Control...
Runner Up
Current Mini Skateboard 5-6 Miles Max Range | 13 MPH Top Speed | 350W Hub Motor | Recommended Max...
Also Consider
Electric Skateboard Longboard with Remote Control | 400w | UL2272 Certified/Motorized Powered Bard...
Aceshin Electric Skateboard 350W Motorized Compact E-Skateboard with Wireless Remote Control...
Current Mini Skateboard 5-6 Miles Max Range | 13 MPH Top Speed | 350W Hub Motor | Recommended Max...
Electric Skateboard Longboard with Remote Control | 400w | UL2272 Certified/Motorized Powered Bard...
Our #1 Pick
Aceshin Electric Skateboard 350W Motorized Compact E-Skateboard with Wireless Remote Control...
Aceshin Electric Skateboard 350W Motorized Compact E-Skateboard with Wireless Remote Control...
Runner Up
Current Mini Skateboard 5-6 Miles Max Range | 13 MPH Top Speed | 350W Hub Motor | Recommended Max...
Current Mini Skateboard 5-6 Miles Max Range | 13 MPH Top Speed | 350W Hub Motor | Recommended Max...
Also Consider
Electric Skateboard Longboard with Remote Control | 400w | UL2272 Certified/Motorized Powered Bard...
Electric Skateboard Longboard with Remote Control | 400w | UL2272 Certified/Motorized Powered Bard...

Our Roundup Of The 8 Best Electric Skateboards

Before we get into the specific factors which you might want for your skateboarding needs, in this section, we’ll review our favorite electric skateboards on the market to give you a few ideas about what they share in common.

Number 1

Aceshin Electric Skateboard

The classic skateboard look and feel with a souped-up engine.


  • Timeless skateboard aesthetic
  • Lightweight
  • Feels like a standard skateboard
  • Durable
  • 12 MPH top speed


  • Maple wood gets dented on the underside easily
  • Short maximum range
  • Cruise control isn’t handy

The Aceshin Electric Skateboard has everything that you would expect from an electric skateboard, but it also has a gorgeous classic skateboard aesthetic, which will make hardcore skaters swoon.

The Aceshin has respectable specs, including a 12 MPH top speed, seven miles of range per battery charge, two kick tails, and a 2.4G frequency handheld control unit. The skateboard is waterproof and relatively lightweight as a result of its small battery and slim form factor.

While the aesthetic might indicate otherwise, you shouldn’t be doing any skateboard tricks with this electric skateboard. Similarly, driving off-road or on broken roadways quickly causes damage to the board’s wheels as well as its delicate maple underside.

The only downside with the Aceshin is that its cruise control feature isn’t very useful. Most riders will prefer to manually control the electric engine to make sure that they have the best pace on the road or sidewalk.

Number 2

Current Mini Electric Skateboard Cruiser

This board packs a high-performance engine in a compact package.


  • Great acceleration
  • 350W motor for hill-climbing
  • Intuitive control surface
  • Three-speed modes
  • Built-in reverse functionality


  • Mediocre aesthetics
  • The plastic casing on the underside gets chipped easily
  • Small maximum range

The Current Mini is a smaller than average electric skateboard, which has an oversized 350W motor. This means that the Current Mini accelerates faster than other boards. It’s also more effective at producing torque to climb hills and navigate rough terrain.

If you love aesthetics that are distinctly mid-2000s and vaguely futuristic, the Current Mini might be up your alley. For everyone else, it’s an acceptable if understated look that will not draw much attention either way.

The Current Mini’s remote is very intuitive to use on account of its clearly labeled control surfaces and indicator lights. You won’t need to read the manual before taking off on a ride.

The small battery on the Current Mini means that you won’t be able to cruise very far on a single charge. You should expect that the battery will only carry you for five miles on one charge, and hilly terrain may make its range even shorter.

Number 3

Electric Skateboard Longboard with Remote Control by AZBO

A sleek look and lightning speed.


  • A high maximum speed of 19 MPH
  • Elegantly simple design
  • Charges to full within two hours
  • One-year warranty included
  • Includes customization and maintenance tools


  • Confusing remote control
  • Pivoting wheels may not be appreciated by more casual skaters
  • Heavy for its battery life and engine power

The AZBO electric skateboard is a great choice for skaters who love to go fast. Thanks to its oversized electric engine, the AZBO electric skateboard can reach stunning speeds of up to 19 MPH, meaning that it will be faster than some bicycles.

Impressively, the AZBO board is very sturdy. Because of its mixed polymer and maple wood form factor, the AZBO won’t chip or dent when you ride it on rough roads or sidewalks. The castor-style wheels are also highly effective at maintaining speed on flat surfaces.

The AZBO is not a skateboard that you can use directly out of the box, however. You will need to understand the unique way that the board handles speed control, and you may need to practice before becoming adept with the remote control.

Similarly, you should take care to brake sooner than you might otherwise when you use the AZBO. The board’s high speeds and heavyweight requires a more careful rider than with other boards that don’t have the same momentum.

Number 4

Hadean Carbon All Terrain

Want a Hadean skateboard amped up to another level? The Hadean Carbon All Terrain shows the evolution of this classic brand.

What Are The Best Electric Skateboards? - 2022


  • 37% more battery capacity than other models
  • Made from carbon fiber, a lightweight but extremely durable material
  • Air vent system for maximum heat dissipation
  • Smart lighting for enhanced road safety


  • Charging may be loud

As the world’s very first chassis skateboard deck, this model is made from carbon fiber and touts being the best choice for steep city roads. The carbon fiber design keeps this board lightweight yet extremely durable while the advanced cooling system offers heat dissipation for maximum performance.

The board recharges in under four hours, includes smart lights with a brake system, and has customizable features through a downloadable app.

You can ride this powerhouse on wheels on short grass, dirt, gravel, roads, and footpaths (in addition to sidewalks and streets, of course). It goes up to 24.8 miles per hour and can hold 265 pounds. The built-in controller allows you to receive real-time ride data and meet your skill level as you progress.

Right now, it only comes in an all-black color palette, but with the 2-week warranty, you can’t go wrong!

Number 5

AZBO Off Road Electric Skateboard

A heavy-duty board for dedicated off-roading.


  • Great shock suspenders
  • High-traction and high-pivot wheels
  • Very sturdy ride
  • 25 MPH maximum on-road speed
  • Charges to full in three hours


  • Small battery
  • Poor aesthetics
  • Foot straps difficult to secure fully

When you want to ride your electric skateboard in wooded trails and on grass lawns, you’ll need a specialized electric skateboard for the task. AZBO’s Off-Road Electric Skateboard is the premier option for off-road electric skateboards, and it has a handful of features that are nearly unmatched elsewhere.

In particular, the AZBO skateboard has massive self-inflating wheels, which are paired to shock-absorbing coils. This means that when you ride over a pothole, you won’t be flung off of the board so long as you are properly secured within its foot straps.

Likewise, the AZBO’s stunning 25 MPH maximum speed requires significantly more care to drive safely than other electric skateboards. The board’s weight shouldn’t be underestimated, and for less responsible teens, it might be too much for them to handle.

For people who see themselves riding around national parks on their electric skateboards, however, the AZBO is one of the few choices which will suit their needs.

Number 6

Hiboy Electric Skateboard with Wireless Remote E-Skateboard for Adults and Youths

A lightweight and durable choice that’s perfect for a first electric skateboard.


  • Easy to carry
  • 6.2-mile range
  • Four different braking modes
  • Nimble
  • Handles gently


  • Requires strong calf muscles to balance safely on the small board surface
  • No external lights for use in darker conditions
  • Poor torque for hill-climbing

This Hiboy Electric Skateboard is small, light, easy to use, and very agile. With four different options for braking and cruising, the board is also one of the best choices for a first-time skater.

The 12 MPH top speed of the Hiboy isn’t much faster than a run, meaning that it will be hard to do much harm if an inexperienced skater loses control of the board. Likewise, the acceptable range of the board means that a young rider is unlikely to get trapped far from home.

The control surface of the Hiboy responds intuitively to the user’s input, meaning that the chances of the board getting out of the rider’s control are very low. This is especially important because the Hiboy lacks a tail flange that riders can use to rapidly change directions at low speed.

The downsides of the Hiboy include a small engine that can’t climb hills effectively and a small board surface, which makes balancing a constant task. Young riders will learn good principles about balancing on top of the board, but older riders may feel their calves burning quickly.

Number 7

RazorX Longboard Electric Skateboard

Razor mints another classic board that’s strong all-around and fun for everyone.


  • An attractive new spin on a classic skate aesthetic
  • Very simple controls
  • Highly stable rider platform despite the great pivoting capability
  • High-traction and high-comfort rider platform
  • Capable of driving for up to 40 minutes on flat terrain


  • Max rider weight of 220 lbs may disqualify some potential riders
  • Low max speed of 10 MPH
  • The very subtle tail flange has minimal leverage for rapid turning

Razor’s legendary brand of scooters and electric skateboard has delivered another excellent product with the RazorX Longboard Electric Skateboard. This is the iconic electric skateboard, featuring the aesthetics of traditional skateboards with the power of an electric engine.

The RazorX has a very high-quality rider platform that has plenty of traction as well as an abundance of sturdiness. Older riders will love the more relaxing ride, whereas younger riders won’t have any problems finding their balance on the board.

The controls of the RazorX are simpler than other electric skateboards, and everyone will find them to be intuitive. The only significant issue with the RazorX is that its maximum speed is only 10 MPH, meaning that it is better for leisurely skating than it is for zooming.

What Are The Best Electric Skateboards? - 2022

Gyroor Electric Skateboard

Long-range capacity with extreme power and high-speed fun, at a reasonable price.


  • Plenty of power
  • Tough 9-ply maple deck
  • USB charger for remote included
  • Simple and intuitive controls


  • Speed may be intimidating for beginners
  • Controller connection needs attention
  • Not waterproof
  • Fairly heavy

All electric skateboards have a motor, but the 17.5 pound Gyroor has two 550W, high-speed motors that power it in any of three speeds. The 216Wh/6000mAH battery brings capacity that often costs much more, giving you a range of up to twenty-three miles on a single charge in ideal conditions.

To be clear, if you’re ripping at the board’s 23 MPH top-speed, you’re not going to get that sort of range, but it’s easy to adjust the simple, visual LCD controls on the fly. So, after a burst of speed, dial it back to standard or economy mode for increased efficiency and a longer cruise.

Things To Look For In An Electric Skateboard

Now that you’ve heard about a handful of our candidates for the best electric skateboards, it’s time to learn more about the features which differentiate great electric skateboards from average electric skateboards.

When you’re shopping for an electric skateboard, you should keep the following things in mind:

  • Engine power
  • Battery capacity
  • Agility
  • Ergonomics
  • Durability
  • Aesthetics

In this section, we’ll go into each of these features in a bit more detail so that you’ll understand how your intended usage of your board should guide your decision-making process.

Engine power

All-electric skateboards utilize electric engines that are either strapped to the bottom of the board or contained within the body of the board itself.

Electric engines have power that scales directly with their size, meaning that larger electric motors use more electricity to produce higher speeds than smaller electric engines. Because larger engines use more electricity, they also tend to have larger batteries to draw power from.

In the context of an electric skateboard, this means that engine power is directly related to the weight of the board as well as the board’s ability to climb hills. A heavier board is less agile, so there is a tradeoff between a fast board and a board that is more nimble.

In rare instances, electric skateboards can go faster than 50 MPH. You shouldn’t expect your electric skateboard to go this fast, however. Of course, it wouldn’t necessarily be safe, either.

For the most part, electric skateboards have speeds in the 10 MPH to 20 MPH range, with the vast majority falling around 14 MPH at their maximum engine output.

The power of the engine is also critical because it determines the power of the breaks on the board. The electric skateboards with the largest engines also have the bulkiest brakes, further diminishing their agility as well as their deceleration speed.

Most riders will feel that an electric skateboard is fast if the engine provides the board with good acceleration. Accelerating slowly is also associated with having less fun, even if it might be more efficient.

Knowing this, some manufacturers have produced electric skateboard motors that can briefly go beyond their standard-rated capacity to provide the user with a burst of speed. Then, the engine scales down its output to a sustainable level for cruising.

Battery capacity

The battery capacity of your electric skateboard determines how long you can ride it. Batteries with larger capacity have more juice to cope with periods of higher engine output, like when climbing hills.

In contrast, smaller batteries are more lightweight and can reach their maximum charge more rapidly, given the same source of electricity. Electric skateboards intended for stunting and high agility typically have smaller batteries.

Longboards and off-road electric skateboards tend to have significantly larger and heavier batteries, however. Remember, the heavier the battery, the more powerful the engine must be to reach the same speed while on a ride.

This means that electric skateboards are heavily incentivized to either have small batteries and small engines, or large batteries and large engines. Options in the middle exist, but they tend to be inefficient because they can’t provide the speed or the stamina of the other choices.

The battery capacity of electric skateboards has increased linearly over time, but very slowly. You should probably expect the maximum battery capacity of electric skateboards on the market to increase over the course of ten years, but not over the course of five years.


The agility of an electric skateboard is determined by the skateboard’s dimensions as well as features like the wheel pivots and the flanges of the board’s tail.

Smaller boards have higher agility than larger boards because the user can change directions more readily, especially if the rider understands how to turn promptly by recruiting the leverage from the tail flange.

Larger boards, on the other hand, sacrifice agility for raw momentum as a result of their larger engines.

Agility is more important for riders in urban areas than riders in suburban areas. Keep your expectations in check, however. Small and agile boards are not necessarily boards that are capable of performing the same stunts as a non-electric skateboard might.


The ergonomics of an electric skateboard are comprised of the grip on its platform, the smoothness of its ride, and the ease of use of its control surface.

Most electric skateboards offer smoother rides than non-electric skateboards. Cruiser-style electric skateboards typically offer the best ergonomics because they provide the rider with a stable platform, a high-grip surface, and a modicum of shock absorbance.

On the other hand, agility-oriented electric skateboards sacrifice on shock absorbance to keep their weight down.

Likewise, agility-oriented electric skateboards usually have smaller platforms for riders to stand on, meaning that they need to recruit more muscles to stay balanced as they ride.

The ease of controlling the skateboard is also a factor in ergonomics. Most electric skateboard remote controls are good enough to use the skateboard effectively, but some respond more promptly to the user’s input than others.

Similarly, an overly-responsive control surface can make the skateboard jerky and difficult to ride on comfortably.


The durability of your electric skateboard is a critical consideration if you plan on using it as a workhorse vehicle. Many electric skateboards skimp on the quality of the material on their platforms, as users expect platforms to become scuffed and dented regardless of their board.

Remember that wood-based boards are not necessarily more or less durable than boards made from composite plastics or metals. Furthermore, be aware that the more durable an electric skateboard is, the heavier that it will be in most cases.


Skateboards are often reflections of their user’s personality, and electric skateboards are no exception. The aesthetics of your electric skateboard are important if you plan on riding it in public.

However, keep in mind that your electric skateboard will not present itself to everyone else in the same way as a non-electric skateboard might. For one, many electric skateboards have lights and other attention-grabbing features.

Electric skateboards also tend to have flashier topsides than bottom sides because the bottom side of the skateboard is never exposed to the public in the context of performing a trick as it might be with a traditional skateboard.

It’s okay to let your personal style guide your choice of electric skateboard beyond other features, which may seem to be more relevant to the board’s performance. At the end of the day, as long as you enjoy riding your board, there’s no wrong aesthetic choice.

Who Should Use Electric Skateboards?

In short, anyone who wants to use an electric skateboard should use one. However, there are a few different demographics that use electric skateboards more than others.

Teens are a large demographic for electric skateboards, as they enjoy the freedom that the boards provide. On the other hand, teens rarely use their electric skateboards outside of a leisure context, meaning that they may prefer less efficient but flashy boards.

In other word, teens love heavy boards which accelerate quickly and reach a high maximum speed. If they live in the suburbs, they don’t even need to worry about colliding with anyone, meaning that agility may not be very important for them to have a good time.

Many people use their electric skateboards to commute to work in dense urban areas. For the commuter demographic, electric skateboards offer a fun alternative to riding a bike or taking a long walk to work.

People who commute via their electric skateboard are the single most demanding demographic when it comes to the features necessary for their skateboard to be a good fit for them.

Commuters need a skateboard with enough range to get to work and back, potentially on one charge. Likewise, electric skateboard commuters need to navigate streets where there may be other boarders, pedestrians, bicycles, and cars, meaning that they need at least some agility.

If you think that you’re a commuter, you should probably opt for a longboard with low maximum speed and good agility and ergonomic features. You won’t miss the speed because you’ll be accelerating and decelerating a lot of the time anyway.

The third demographic for electric skateboards is hardcore skaters. These people are the most likely to have more than one electric skateboard, meaning that they may have one electric skateboard for casual cruising, one for off-roading, and one for doing tricks.

Hardcore skaters prefer specialist boards that fit their intended purposes exactly rather than generalist boards. They’re also the least likely to care about board aesthetics.

If this sounds like it describes you, be sure to pick a skateboard that you’re fully confident in, as poor fits won’t be easy to cope with.

Are Electric Skateboards Safe?

Yes, when they are used properly, electric skateboards are safe. Using your electric skateboard properly means wearing a helmet, obeying traffic laws, and keeping your full attention on the road.

It also means maintaining speed and trajectory which can be changed quickly if you notice that there is an obstruction in your path.

If your electric skateboard has foot straps, the only safe way to use the skateboard is to secure the foot straps to your feet, even if they make you feel dorky.

For electric skateboards without foot straps, it is important to wear shoes that grip the top of the board’s platform as firmly as possible.

If electric skateboards are used improperly, they are not safe. Many people ride their electric skateboards too quickly in populated areas, putting themselves and others at risk for a collision.

This is especially risky when using an electric skateboard that has a high maximum speed, as they are typically the least able to avoid collisions.

Likewise, many people do not wear a helmet when they ride their electric skateboard. Given that most electric skateboards do not have foot straps or any other way of securing the rider to the board, not wearing a helmet puts you at risk for a head injury.

Knee pads and elbow pads are typically not necessary for the safe operation of an electric motorcycle, but if you want to minimize your risk of experiencing any injury whatsoever, you may want to put them on before you take a ride.

In terms of the electric engine and the battery, electric skateboards are very safe and reliable. Electric skateboard engines and batteries are unlikely to cause fires or break in a way that endangers the rider or anyone else.

Skating Off

Now that you know everything there is to know about electric skateboards, it’s time to prepare yourself to pick an electric skateboard to call your own.

When you make your decision, remember to keep your needs in mind so that you will get a skateboard which you’ll be satisfied with.

Try to avoid gimmicky electric skateboards, and be sure to test out the board before throwing away the receipt to make sure that it is a comfortable ride for you.

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