How to Lock an Electric Scooter

How To Lock Your Electric Scooter

If you want your electric scooter to be fully protected from theft, you must learn how to lock it properly. Although it might be a process at first, you cannot put a price on peace of mind. In this article, we provide the different types of locks and methods of locking a scooter, as well as some helpful tips you can use to keep it safe.

Different Methods of Locking a Scooter

When it comes to locking your scooter, it is a very straightforward process. Although there is no extra training or tutorials required, you must follow the informative instructions of the lock that you choose. Some product options require a combination, which you will need to memorize. Others get operated by a simple key. To be safe, you might want to get a spare if you lose the first one.

Below are the most common, useful types of electric scooter locks.

Grip Locks

Grip Locks are smaller, compact locks that safely fasten around the handlebars of the scooter. These types of locks are usually about the size of a key fob, and they lock in so that they stabilize both the handlebars and the brakes. That way, someone cannot steal your bike by just riding.

Grip Locks easily attach to your electric scooter, are cost-efficient, and they keep the bike stationary. They are activated by a key, which opens the small griplock into two parts. You safely fasten it around both the handlebars and brake, then turn the key to lock it, so it stays in place.

There are a few drawbacks to a grip lock, however. Thieves can still pick up the scooter and carry it away in his or her car or truck. Therefore, if you have a smaller, portable scooter, this lock might not be the best option for you.

Disc Lock

Like the grip lock option, the disc lock serves its purpose by making sure that the electric scooter cannot get rolled away. This lock option is fixed to the brakes of the scooter so that it looks at the wheel and cannot get moved away. You, as the owner, can decide whether you want to attach the disc lock to either the front or the rear disc brake, but it is most useful to attach it to the back.

Although the electric scooter could still be picked up and taken away, the disc lock contains a waterproof and robust design structure. The exterior is manufactured with alloy steel, which deters thieves from cutting through. If you want to add another level of defense to your electric scooter, you could couple a disc lock with a chain lock.

The best way to implement it is to fix the lock near the fork leg, towards the direction in which you will ride away. That way, you will not gain speed when the wheel is turning if it hits the leg.

Cable Lock

If you have a portable scooter that folds easily, you might want a lock like a cable lock. This type of lock can wrap into different compact sizes. You use the cable lock by placing your electric scooter next to an immovable object, then tightly wrapping the lock around both the scooter and the fixture.

The cable lock is designed with a dense, durable material, which makes it tough to cut through. Combined with the ample thickness, this lock is versatile in that it comes in different sizes and lengths to attach to any object. Depending on the type of cable lock you buy, it will either come with a key or a combination.

U-Lock or D-Lock

U-Locks or D-Locks get their name because of their letter-shaped shackle. These types of locks are the sturdiest on the list, and they can be fit through the wheel, fork legs, and occasionally the swingarm. This lock can be used reliably with any immovable objects, and it provides an alternative to chain locks that cannot get penetrated.

It is essential to get a U-Lock with the appropriate size. The ideal size is usually between 4.25 and 4.5 inches in internal diameter. To properly implement this type of lock, you should securely attach your electric scooter to a bike rack or other immovable location. Some forms of U-Locks come with a disc, cable, or chain lock to add to the security.

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Electric Scooter Helpful Tips

Apart from the different methods and types of lock, here are a few critical tips that can help preserve the safety and longevity of your electric scooter.

Keep it Locked Whenever You are Not Around

Regardless of how long you will be away from your bike, you should always lock it when you are not around. The chances are low that someone will steal it, but you should always err on the side of caution. Ensure that no thieves can get to it at day or night when you are not around.

Utilize a Cover for Your Electric Scooter

Another level of defense to protect your scooter is to add a cover to it. When you cover your scooter, it sends a message to thieves and makes it less attractive to steal. Usually, these criminals like to see what the scooter looks like before they take it. The cover will create extra work for the thief, and your scooter will be preserved in the process.

Double Lock Your Scooter if You Can

A lot of scooter riders play around with different types of locks before they focus on one. Many of the lock choices described above can be used in combination. If you can afford it, using multiple locks adds extra levels of defense. Here are a few optimal lock combinations that you can implement:

  • U-Locks combined with disc locks
  • U-Locks combined with cable locks
  • U-Locks combined with chain locks
  • Griplocks combined with U-Locks.

All in All

As you can see, there are many options that you can pursue to lock your electric scooter properly. The critical thing to remember is to focus on a solution that matches your type of scooter. If you have a lighter bike that can easily be carried off, you should pursue heavy-duty locks that attach to immovable objects. For larger scooters, you can get away with grip or disc locks.

If you can invest, you should also take all the necessary actions to add multiple barriers. This protection can be through various locks, covers, or any other deterrents. This scooter is your best friend, and you should treat it as such to preserve its longevity.


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