What Are The Best 6 x 9 Inch Car Speakers? (2018 Edition)

Best 6x9 Car SpeakersWhen choosing a pair of high quality, upgraded car speakers that won’t break the bank, finding the perfect fit can be a difficult task. One has to factor in sound quality, installation speed, costs, durability and maintenance.

In this review, we will cover three of the best possible options, in regards to purchasing a high quality 6 x 9 car speaker system.

# 1 – Kicker 6 x 9 Speakers (DS 693)

Whether you’re using a factory head unit or an external amp, you’ll get ample power from these nifty 6 x 9-inchers and you’re buying into a brand you can rely on. Making good on the company slogan Living Loud, you can really dial the volume up and still enjoy a crispness even at the upper ranges. The standout selling point of these speakers is the way they handle bass.


  • Top-tier bass response
  • Real power at a pocket-friendly price
  • Built for plenty of action


  • Some complaints about blown speakers under normal use

Kicker has a hard-won reputation for producing highly capable speakers at a reasonable price point and these 6 x 9-inchers are no exception.

Despite all the technology crammed inside, the speakers are relatively shallow mount so will work well in compact vehicles.

The bass is where these drivers really come into their own. That said, you won’t be disappointed either with the accuracy and clarity of mid and high frequencies.

With power handling of 60 RMS, you can enjoy your favorite tracks pumping without noticing a drop in sound quality.

# 2 – JBL 6 x 9” Coaxial Speakers (GTO939)

The striking design of these JBL make them the ideal choice for any audiophile who wants his system to look great as well as sounding the business. With adjustable tweeters and a rock-solid low-end, these 6 x 9” speakers might come in a small package but they pack an incredible sound. If you’re looking to buy into a brand you can trust, JBL is a safe bet.


  • Outstanding sensitivity at 94 decibels
  • Nice mixture of volume and balance
  • Large surface area of cone enhances bass


  • Not cheap

The JBLs have an RMS power rating of 100 watts with peak power 300 watts so even if you ratchet up the volume, these dinky speakers take everything neatly in their stride.

Soft dome tweeters with a substantial voice coil make sure the heat stays away as the high-range frequencies sing out.

Bulky cones are carbon-injected and result in a throbbing bass you wouldn’t expect from such a compact unit.

Crossover functionality directs high and low frequencies optimally guaranteeing you the very best sound all day long. Low impedance allows you to extract the very most from the wattage available.

# 3 – Polk Audio 6 x 9” Speakers (DB691)

These futuristic 6 x 9 speakers from the industry titan Polk Audio are a fantastic way to improve the aesthetics of your car audio as well as ramping up the power on tap. Suitable for use in a boat or car, these rugged little speakers will keep going all day even under heavy load.


  • Marine-certified so slot some into your boat fuss-free
  • 100 watts RMS power for plenty of grunt
  • All components are built to take some serious punishment on the water or road


  • Underwhelming bass, especially with a factory head unit

Have you got a boat you like to take out at the weekend? If so, these marine-rated speakers from Polk Audio work just as well in the rigors of marine environments as they do tucked into your car.

RMS power handling is 125 watts so you can turn up the volume and you’ll be rewarded with a sound that’s not only loud but rich and deep into the bargain.

The composite dome tweeters and Mica woofer cones come together to ensure a clear sound across all frequencies.

Rubber surrounds serve to prolong lifespan even if you use these speakers under heavy and hostile conditions out on the water.

The only real niggles are the slightly limp bass and the fact that a stock amp doesn’t really do justice to the drivers.

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