What Are The Best 6 x 8 Inch Car Speakers? (2018 Edition)

Best 6x8 Car SpeakersChoosing a pair of alternative speakers for your vehicle can be a challenging decision. With so many choices, it is often difficult to balance the variables of quality and budget constraints.

One thing is for certain, you are tired of the sub quality factory speakers that you have been given, and you’re ready to upgrade your sound experience for the long term. If that seems like your situation, read through the following reviews of the best 6 x 8 speakers on the market today. They will give you the confidence that you made a wise purchasing decision.

If you spend a significant amount of your time driving, you’ll want the best 6×8 speaker in your audio system to ensure your driving moments are always enjoyable. This model is becoming incredibly popular among car owners because of the durable casing and high sound performance.

1. Pioneer 6 x 8 Inch 4-Way 350 Watt Car Stereo

The Pioneer stereo speakers are a great set if you are looking for crystal clear sounds at a reasonable rate. The pioneer is a robust, compact model that is compatible with most car amplifiers. It is a system that truly packs a punch, and gives you the biggest bang for your buck when working under a budget constraint.

With a maximum power capacity rating of 350W, these 4-way speakers comprise of acoustically-sound, multi-layered material. The cone is made from lightweight elastic polymer, to give a realistic surround sound, that will make you double check that you’re not sitting in a live concert. You’ll find yourself satisfied when using these speakers, knowing that you made a decision that is sure to deliver countless hours of entertainment for long periods of time.


  • Crisp, Clear Sound- you will find yourself listening to the music and forgetting that you’re driving your car in the first place. The quality of the sound is truly that mesmerizing! If you are tired of hearing the background electronics and scratchy noises that come with factory grade stereo systems, these are the units for you. The system benefits from an advanced wattage handling capacity, which allow it to output high quality frequencies, without minimizing the quality.
  • Easy to Install- installation is possible on your own, if you possess simple electrician skills. Otherwise, you can easily have them installed by a local mechanic.
  • Compatible with Most Amplifiers- you will find that the Pioneer is capable of connecting with most systems on the market today. We recommend that you do your homework before purchasing, but in general, there isn’t a problem for customers to connect their amplifiers.


  • Potential Rattling- the interior quality of the speakers lacks highly flexible materials, which can lead to rattling in your speakers. This is the cost benefit trade off when working with “affordable” products, rather than higher quality ones. Because of this lack in highly flexible materials, customers have complained about a deterioration of sound quality through over usage.
  • Speakers go slightly deeper- they may hit your windows at the bottom, depending on your measurements. This is a limitation that you might have issues adjusting to without the proper measurements.

The TS-A6886R Pioneer has power handling capacity, a frequency response of 28Hz to 39kHz 91db sensitivity, and 9700Hz crossover frequency. With this kind of setup, your music receives an incredibly powerful upgrade. You get a cone design with multilayer Mica Matric that allows for optimum responsiveness, rigidity and sound reproduction. Thus, the speaker gives your music the utmost clarity, with that extra punch that is usually hidden by low-quality or worn out speakers. These speakers come with two dome tweets and an extra midrange driver. The tweeters allow you to enjoy the excitement brought on by music that has high-frequency details. The additional driver makes sure that you get the best from the powerful drums, bass line and distinct guitar riffs of your cherished tunes.

The Pioneer features a lightweight, slightly elastic, polymer surround that allows for flawless cone movements and sound reproduction. Partly, this explains why the speaker is able to provide a refreshing sonic upgrade, especially when an outboard amplifier is added into the system. The speaker’s power handling and responsiveness is exceptional. The materials are used to improve durability and sound performance, for better audios of any type of music, including dubstep, hip-hop and alternative rock.

Frequently Asked Questions

How loud can the speakers go?

The system is capable of handling a four-channel amplifier at 680 max audio power, without having any issues. The sound is crisp and clear, but don’t expect a lot of bass. However, they do produce a fair share for their price.

How is the bass?

A little better than your factory speakers. These speakers will shine, keeping your tones for mids and highs very crisp. You won’t find your lyrics distorted, either.

How many speakers fit in a box, is each speaker 30W or 60W?

There are two speakers in the box. The speakers come as 60 watts RMS.

With the Pioneer, you have the privilege of listening to outstanding sound. The audio is powerful and true, thanks to the reliable craftsmanship that delivers accurate sound across the range of human hearing. The design of the Pioneer coaxial speaker safeguards the incredible sound system in your vehicle. The product features Geek Squad Installation, handles up to 350W max power, 28 Hz- 39 kHz frequency response, multilayer mica matric woofer cones, 4 ohms impedance, and a 2-3/8” mounting depth.

Simply put, the Pioneer has you covered with anything and everything that you could possibly need when upgrading your interior sound system. Get rid of the factory grade speakers that are preventing you from jamming out to your favorite tunes on your long road trips. If you want to make your music clearer and louder, using a lightweight and highly durable car speaker, Pioneer TS-A6886R is the product for you!

2. Cerwin Vega V468

Sometimes, pretty good is just not good enough. Sometimes, you need excellent, high quality products, designed to maximize your lifestyle and your overall experience. The average American spends over four hours a day listening to music, and at least two hours behind the wheel. Why spend all that time listening to sup bar speakers, when you can be working with some of the very best alternative speakers on the market today? If you are tired of listening to the factory branded speakers that tend to go dull after over usage, then this review is for you.

Cerwin Vega is a pioneering company. Their legacy stretches back more than sixty years of full innovation expertise and commitment to customer satisfaction. Cerwin-Vega has grown to be the world’s largest audio component manufacturer, and the V465C is one of Cerwin Vega’s best component speakers. These speakers are designed from the ground up with quality in mind. They can handle up to 140 watts of power on a continuous basis, and are rated for a sensitivity rating of 86 dB, which is quite impressive. A speaker’s sensitivity, in its simplest form, is defined as its ability to effectively convert power into sound. So, the higher the sensitivity rating, the less power required. With that said, and despite their high sensitivity rating, it’s highly recommended that you pair the V465C speakers with an external amplifier for optimal sound quality.

Vega V468 is an excellent component speaker set, affording you all the parts you need to create excellent sound inside your vehicle. Cerwin-Vega makes sure that quality is part of the benefits they offer, noticeable in how the company always finds a way to leverage the best materials. The system displays a steel, vented frame to provide durability and strength. A Mica injected cone is present, which allows the speaker to handle the power and sound of vibrations caused when driving. The cone has a rubber diameter to absorb some of the shock caused by driving, and the system also includes a mesh grill that ensures all parts are well protected.


  • Red Ring Creates Image quality- enjoy the aesthetically pleasing red ring surrounding the speaker.
  • Affordable power- appreciate the immense power delivered by the system. The product comes with a peak power of 140 watts and a frequency response of 97 Hz – 22kHz.


  • Narrow Frequency Range- while most speakers in its category can reach as low as 35 Hz, the V465c speakers are stuck at 55Hz. This might prove to be a major setback, particularly for people who often listen to bass heavy music, unless a subwoofer has already been mounted in the vehicle to handle the lows.
  • Lack Low Frequencies- some customers have complained about the lack of low frequencies in the system, claiming that they are not well supported.

The Cerwin Vega V465C speakers come with 1” titanium dome tweeters, allows for inspiring high-frequency definition. They feature curvilinear mica fiber composite cones that are supported by heavy, red rubber surrounds. The curvilinear cone design allows for superior Mid-Bass and Off-Axis performance. So, whether you mount these speakers in your car’s door or in the rear deck, you’ll be able to enjoy the clear vocals and chunky guitar riffs. Also, you’ll finally be able to listen to musical details that have always been a part of your favorite songs, but have remained hidden behind your worn-out, factory installed speakers.

The Cerwin Vega’s come with well-known coaxial speakers, common for most automobiles. These speakers combine their sound in one chassis to save on money and space, and permit for an easy installation. In their very simplest form, they consist of a woofer for the low frequencies reproduction and a tweeter mounted onto the woofer to produce the highs. Some coaxial speakers also include a “super-tweeter” to handle the highest frequencies. Component speakers, on the other hand, use a different approach. Their drivers are separated from each other, all of which come designed to work in conjunction with one another. This recues the frequency interference and improves sound clarity. Choosing between component and coaxial speakers is, essentially, a matter of personal preference.

Frequently Asked Questions

If the pioneer head unit that puts out 140 watts RMS max under powering?

The key is to use a Kenwwod media unit, and it pushes about the same quality. We recommend replacing fronts with Rockford’s and rears with the Pioneer, as it will serve as a great replacement every time. Running them as a head unit alone will be better than you expect.

Does the red rim stick out more than most speakers?

These speakers are very deep, so we recommend measuring your depth when you take your factory units out, during the installation process. The rim doesn’t protrude further than any other quality speaker, but tends to be a little deeper than your factory brand.

Do they sound good?

Without adding an amplifier, you will see that the quality will be significant, compared to your factory branded speaker system. The Cerwins are constructed better and have high-grade materials.

3. Kenwood 6 x 8 3-Way Speaker (KFC-C6895PS)

Kenwood is a name you can trust in the audio space and these 3-way 6 x 8” speakers have a multi-drive design to ensure your music sings at all frequencies. Installation is a cinch and you’ll get a range of holes making these speakers adaptable to most systems. You’ll get ample oomph at both ends of the spectrum and they come in at a very reasonable price.


  • Clean mids and highs
  • Super-simple installation
  • Come with multiple holes for maximum versatility


  • Tweeters seem dominated by drivers
  • Wiring terminals prone to bending

From the noise-canceling black basket through to the cones and tweeter, everything in this multiple-driver speaker is impeccably designed. You’ll get a winning combination of build quality and performance in a compact unit.

This model is frequently rated as the best in Kenwood’s enduring KFC series. You’ll get rich, clear sound quality without needing to dig too deep.

These speakers handle lows, mids and highs with equal panache so whatever style of music you prefer, you’ll hear the full sound spectrum with exceptional clarity.

The rubber surround increases the durability of the Kenwood while the paper cone has an uprated radial rib to enhance bass.

4. Rockford Fosgate Punch 6 x 8 Full-Range 3-Way Speakers (P1683)

The flex-fit basket makes for a snug installation and all the slots you need are provided. If you enjoy listening to your music loud, you can crank these Punch all the way up without any dip in sound quality.


  • Superb RMS power handling for crushingly loud tunes
  • ICC makes installation a cakewalk
  • Extreme crispness unexpected at this price point


  • Bass could be improved

You know with Rockford Fosgate that you’ll get a great deal of bang for your buck. These neat little 6 x 8-inchers let you turn the volume to 11 without noticing any meaningful distortion. 120 watts per channel RMS is impressive for speakers of this stature.

It’s not just raw volume you’ll get with these speakers though. Mids and highs are immaculately crisp. Our only real gripe is that they struggle to handle really deep lows.

Innovative technology is harnessed to make the cone perform better thanks to an increased surface. Both efficiency and output get a leg-up.

The installation process is simplified thanks to Rockford Fosgate’s adapter plate system with snap-away tabs. You’ll be up and running in no time with a serious improvement on your car’s stock system.

5. Alpine SPR68 2-Way 6 x 8 Speakers

If you’re looking for a combination of power and control, the SPR68 from Alpine give you all the volume you need without any tiresome distortion. If you love your bass-heavy music, these speakers offer more low-end pull than most competing 6 x 8-inchers. Priced affordably and built to endure, upgrade your stock system stylishly and with ease.


  • Capable power handling
  • Exceptional brand heritage
  • Rigid build quality and premium components


  • Reasonably expensive although still great value

Alpine are heavy-hitters in the audio field and these nifty little 6 x 8” speakers bring all their technological expertise fully to the fore.

With 100 watts per channel of RMS power, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the volume. Sheer noise is nothing alone, though, and this set of speakers are perfectly controlled and balance so you can experience thudding lows thanks to the hybrid fiber woofers and crisp, clear highs delivered by the silk tweeters.

Fitting in both 5 x7 and 6 x 8 openings, the Alpine makes a versatile addition to any car audio system.

Although these are not the cheapest speakers, they make a wise investment if you’re looking for more power and precision than a stock system will serve up.

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