Backup Camera Showdown: AUTO-VOX vs. LeeKooLuu

Which Backup Camera Is Better - Auto Vox vs LeeKooLuu

Backup cameras provide a trusted pair of eyes to help you navigate parking lots and avoid accidents. They reduce blind spots and help improve overall safety. Because they play such an important role when you’re behind the wheel, you want a camera system you can count on in all situations.

Two of the most popular backup cameras are the AUTO-VOX M1 and the LeeKooLuu Backup Camera and Monitor Kit. They’re both well-established brands packed with features. However, while they have a lot in common, they also contain important difference potential customers should know about.

Not sure which camera is best? Check out our Backup Camera Showdown for a complete, impartial look at the pros and cons of these two popular models:

Quick Comparison: AUTO-VOX vs. LeeKooLuu Backup Cameras

Contender #1
AUTO-VOX M1 4.3’’ TFT LCD Monitor Backup Camera Kit, Easy One-Wire Installation, IP 68...
Contender #2
Backup Camera with Monitor Kit HD 1080P Wired Rear View Camera for Cars,Trucks,Pickup,SUV...
AUTO-VOX M1 4.3’’ TFT LCD Monitor Backup Camera Kit, Easy One-Wire Installation, IP 68...
Backup Camera with Monitor Kit HD 1080P Wired Rear View Camera for Cars,Trucks,Pickup,SUV...
Contender #1
AUTO-VOX M1 4.3’’ TFT LCD Monitor Backup Camera Kit, Easy One-Wire Installation, IP 68...
AUTO-VOX M1 4.3’’ TFT LCD Monitor Backup Camera Kit, Easy One-Wire Installation, IP 68...
Contender #2
Backup Camera with Monitor Kit HD 1080P Wired Rear View Camera for Cars,Trucks,Pickup,SUV...
Backup Camera with Monitor Kit HD 1080P Wired Rear View Camera for Cars,Trucks,Pickup,SUV...

What to Look for in a Backup Camera

Although backups cameras use sophisticated, advanced technology, they’re usually simple and straightforward for the driver to operate.

When comparing backup cameras, here are the main features you’ll want to consider:

  • Installation ease
  • Durability
  • Night vision
  • Monitor size and resolution
  • Ease of operation

Installation Ease

A camera is no good if you can’t connect it to your vehicle. Backup systems have a reputation for being difficult and complicated to install. While that’s true for some models, both the LeeKooLuu and AUTO-VOX offer relatively simple DIY installation. Here’s a closer look:

The AUTO-VOX features one-wire installation. You connect the red wire to the reverse light at the rear of your car. You also need to ground the black wire by connecting it to any metal part on your vehicle – meaning installation technically involves two wires.

However, connecting the red wire in the rear of the car is quick and simple. It’s far less involved than wiring the camera into the auto’s electrical system.

Once the system is powered up, you’ll need to run a video cable from the back to the front of the car. Usually, it goes under the upholstery from the trunk, under the seats, and then up somewhere by the center console. Connect the video cable to the wire attached to the monitor.

LeeKooLuu’s backup camera is also easy to install. It has two connection options. You can connect the system to your reverse lights, so the camera turns on whenever you put the vehicle into reverse. You can also connect the system directly your cigarette lighter, ignition switch, or 12-volt fuse box.

The LeeKooLuu system gives you more installation options, but it’s also more complicated. Choose the AUTO-VOX if you want the simplest, easiest installation process.


Both camera systems hold up well in rough, wet conditions.

The Auto Vox has a waterproof rating of IP 68. It’s sealed against dust and debris. Plus, it’s safe to submerge in 1.5 meters of water for up to 30 minutes. (Of course, if your rear bumper is underwater for 30 minutes, your car’s probably in lots of trouble, but it’s still a highly waterproof camera.)

The LeeKooLuu has a waterproof rating of IP 69. What’s the difference between the two ratings? The LeeKooLuu can withstand close, high-pressure spray downs. It’s a safer option if you prefer washing your car at professional car wash places. Otherwise, it’s just as waterproof as the Auto Vox.

Although both systems protect against fog, rain, and mist, the LeeKooLuu is the most water-resistant option. It’s a better choice for humid environments and car washes.

Night Vision

A backup camera is useless if it doesn’t help you see at night. Both cameras include night vision capabilities which are effective and easy to access.

The LeeKooLuu uses infrared night vision. It provides a clear view, even in near pitch-black conditions.

The AUTO-VOX has Super Night Vision. It’s a low-illumination camera which creates a bright picture, even in low-light conditions. However, it does require more light in the environment than what the LeeKooLuu needs to operate.

Choose the LeeKooLuu camera system if you frequently drive in areas without any artificial light. They’re the best choice for off-roading and rural travel.

Monitor Size and Resolution

The monitor is one of the most important components in the system. After all, it displays the real-time video behind your car. It should be large, clear, and easy to see.

The monitors for the AUTO-VOX and LeeKooLuu systems have tons of similarities. They’re both 4.3-inch LCD monitors with solid, durable construction.

The AUTO-VOX monitor snaps into a bracket. The bracket has a silicone-based adhesive backing. It mounts onto practically any flat surface such as your dashboard or center console.

The LeeKooLuu system uses adhesive foam and a pedestal. Like the AUTO-VOX, it also mounts easily to any flat surface inside your car. The system also includes a windshield mount.
Both monitors are removable. The adhesive leaves behind no marks or impressions. You can safely attach, remove, and re-attach the monitors frequently.

The LeeKooLuu monitor allows two video inputs. The second input is an automatic reverse camera, while the first can display real-time video or another video source. Although it’s a useful feature, it’s not enough to hand LeeKooLuu the victory in this category. Both monitors are similar enough that you should base your purchasing decision on other factors.

Ease of Operation

Using both camera systems is simple and straightforward.

The LeeKooLuu system uses Smart Switch technology. You can quickly flip between the rearview and front-facing cameras. It automatically switches to the rearview when your car is in reverse gear.

Additionally, the system has backup guidelines to help you navigate tight spaces. You can adjust the guidelines to fit your vehicle’s specific height and width.

The AUTO-VOX Reverse Assist System provides similar guidance. It’s designed to help you avoid obstacles, especially low ones when parking. It has a three-colored warning grid which sits on top of the real-time video feed.

Both parking systems are helpful. However, we give the edge to the AUTO-VOX. Its grid overlay is easy to read while driving. It provides the most assistance.

Note that the ability to input your vehicle’s specific height and width into the LeeKooLuu system is a unique feature we love about that unit.

Final Verdict

Both of these models are popular for a reason. They’re well-made, easy to install, and packed with useful features. If you’re looking for a general-purpose backup camera which won’t cause problems, you won’t regret either purchase.

Ultimately, after considering all the features individually, our top choice is the AUTO-VOX M1. It has a few advantages:

  • It’s easier to install
  • It has superior parking assistance technology

You’ll notice the LeeKooLuu has superior night vision and better waterproofing. Both of those features are rather specialized. You’ll want the LeeKooLuu if you:

  • Frequently go four-wheeling
  • Park in tight, cramped locations daily

Otherwise, the AUTO-VOX camera is the best general-purpose solution. The main reason we like it more is that it’s easy to install. Installation is often the most confusing part of using a backup camera. With the AUTO-VOX, you only need to connect two wires. Even if you’ve never installed a camera before, getting the AUTO-VOX set up should only take half an hour.

Once installed, it’ll work without hassle for the life of your car. It requires no particular maintenance or special care. Plus, it’s a good choice for all weather and driving conditions.

If you’re interested in learning more, check out the Best Backup Camera Systems for 2019.

If your car doesn’t include factory-installed backup cameras, adding a third-party model is often easy and affordable. The right camera will watch your back and help keep you safe behind the wheel.

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