What Is The Best Wax For Black Cars? – 2020 Guide

Best Wax For Black Cars - Guide

For owners of darker-colored cars, the question of what is the best black car wax may be a tough one to solve depending on your preferences. Our list of the best wax, sealants, and protectants for black and dark-colored cars has a number of options in all price ranges.

Most of these waxes are tinted, so they are less likely to show up when applied to your vehicle, and a number of them also use synthetic polymers for a higher level of gloss and a longer-lasting appearance than carnauba wax alone.

Why Waxing is Essential For Your Black Car

There are few things better than looking at your car after a nice wash and wax. That said, there are many things you can do to improve the quality of your waxing. Using the best wax for your black car is the best way to ensure you get the highest level job, leaving you with the best results.

First, waxing your black car shows that you care about your vehicle, and you’re willing to go the extra mile to protect your investment. Let’s face it, cars are expensive, and waxing is also an expensive thing to do frequently.

Waxing your black car preserves the shine and paint by adding a protective layer to the exterior of the vehicle. By doing this on a regular basis, you are doing so much more than making the car look great; you’re protecting the body from dirt, dust, and debris from the road.

When talking specifically about a black car, regular waxing also helps protect the black car paint from fading, which can happen over time, especially if you live in a place that experiences a lot of sun for extended periods of time.

How Often Should You Wax Your Car?

Not every wax belongs on your car as frequently as some others. Some wax depends on the climate you live in as well. It’s essential to read the labels and instructions on all the waxes we recommend to ensure you get the most out of it.

For example, premium waxes are labeled as premium because they are more expensive, and they don’t require as much time in between waxing. Remember, even if your car doesn’t look like it was waxed recently, it doesn’t mean that the wax still isn’t doing its job.

During the summer, when there isn’t a lot of rain, you might be able to go three or four months without waxing. If you wax your black car at the beginning of spring and then drive it through three weeks of downpour rain, you might end up having to wax it again.

As we said, the best thing you can do for yourself and your vehicle is read the instructions and understand all the small details before proceeding to wax it.

What Type of Wax Works Best?

There are two primary types of waxes, and they each have their own application methods. In addition to the way you apply them, they also differ in how frequently you need to reapply as well as how good they protect your black car.

Carnauba Wax

This type is the best natural wax because it produces a great shine and offers long-term protection to your vehicle. If you correctly apply Carnauba wax to your car, it should last as long as three months or even longer depending on the brand you choose.

These types of waxes usually come in the form of a paste wax, so they require a special applicator as well. It’s a general rule of thumb that paste wax requires a nice deep clean before applying them. If you try to wax your car when it has even a small amount of dirt or debris, you run the risk of scratching and damaging the black paint on your vehicle.

To recap, Carnauba wax provides you with the best quality wax, but the application method is tricky and temperamental. Make sure to follow the instructions closely.

Synthetic Wax

This type of wax comes in a variety of different forms. The most common way you’ll see synthetic wax is in the form of a spray.

While this might seem light the easy way out when it comes to waxing, you won’t get the best results with spray wax. The reason for this is because the wax doesn’t fully penetrate the first layer of paint on your vehicle.

You might have a nice shine on your black paint, but you’re not getting the level of UV and debris protection you would get from a paste wax.

That said, liquid wax is much easier to apply than paste wax because it doesn’t dry nearly as fast, and you can use almost anything you want to put it on your car. You can spray it directly onto the vehicle and then rub it around with a microfiber cloth.

It’s up to you which option you choose, but it’s essential to understand how the two options differ from each other.

Do You Need Special Wax For Black Cars?

As you’ve seen in the products we recommend, there are plenty of products on the market for black vehicles. We think of it like this. If you have black hair, you likely use a different shampoo and conditioner compared to someone who has blonde hair.

You do this because you’re trying to protect the color in your hair. The same rules apply to your car’s paint. You’ll want to use a specific black wax because it will have ingredients to protect dark color better.

Compare The Best Wax for Black Cars in 2020

Best Overall
Black Wax Paste 7oz
Best Cheap Option
CAR GUYS Liquid Wax - The Ultimate Car Wax Shine with Polymer Paint Sealant Protection! - 8 Oz Kit
Best Value for the Money
Meguiar's G18220 Ultimate Liquid Wax, 20 oz
Black Wax Paste 7oz
CAR GUYS Liquid Wax - The Ultimate Car Wax Shine with Polymer Paint Sealant Protection! - 8 Oz Kit
Meguiar's G18220 Ultimate Liquid Wax, 20 oz
Best Overall
Black Wax Paste 7oz
Black Wax Paste 7oz
Best Cheap Option
CAR GUYS Liquid Wax - The Ultimate Car Wax Shine with Polymer Paint Sealant Protection! - 8 Oz Kit
CAR GUYS Liquid Wax - The Ultimate Car Wax Shine with Polymer Paint Sealant Protection! - 8 Oz Kit
Best Value for the Money
Meguiar's G18220 Ultimate Liquid Wax, 20 oz
Meguiar's G18220 Ultimate Liquid Wax, 20 oz
Number 1

Meguiar’s Black Wax

This wax is specially formulated for black paint and provides a clear glossy coating with no swirl marks.



  • You may need to purchase additional application pads for future waxing

Meguiar’s Black Wax is a dark-colored wax that is ideal for use on black and dark-colored cars. The beautiful thing about this wax is that you can easily apply it by hand and still get an excellent result, but it’s compatible with powered devices such as polishers and buffers.

This wax uses synthetic polymers that offer a durable level of protection, and the clear coat formula doesn’t leave behind swirl marks from applying this wax, even when buffed by hand. This wax is also reasonably priced, and one container will last for several applications, which makes it a great value.

Number 2

Car Guys Liquid Wax

The liquid wax by Car Guys only needs one or two applications per year and protects with an easy application process.


  • Each package contains enough wax for several applications
  • Useful on Rims, paint, glass, and metal
  • Super easy application even when done by hand


  • Does not cover blemishes or reduce the appearance of scratches

The Car Guys liquid wax kit comes with an 8-ounce squeeze bottle of wax, an applicator pad, and a cloth, so you have everything that you need to work on your vehicle. This formulation of wax acts mostly like a sealant and doesn’t do much to cover up blemishes on your car.

This wax goes on smoothly and uses nano polymers to seal your car exceptionally well. You’ll only need to apply this product one or two times per year to keep up the protective coating, and you don’t need to use any power tools to get a good shine.

Number 3

Meguiar’s G18220 Ultimate Liquid Wax

The Meguiar’s Ultimate Liquid Wax features a synthetic polymer for enhanced durability and a safe, mirror-like shine.


  • Safe for all clear coats and glossy paints
  • Creates a deep mirror-like shine and a very hydrophobic layer
  • Does not stain unpainted trim pieces


  • Leaves a white residue if too much product is applied

The Ultimate Liquid Wax by Meguiar’s is one part of several products that make up a whole treatment regimen for your car. You can choose to use only this product to seal your vehicle if you wish, and the synthetic polymers create a hydrophobic layer with minimal buffing required.

This premium wax creates a highly glossy finish and is suitable for all colors of paint, but it’s especially useful for black cars due to the wet look it achieves without swirl marks. When used sparingly you can also avoid the white residue familiar with other products.

Number 4

Shine Armor Car Wax with Carnauba Wax

The Shine Armor black car wax blends Brazilian Carnauba wax and synthetic compounds to create a highly hydrophobic layer without leaving behind a residue.


  • Quick and easy to use
  • Creates a high level of shine without buffing
  • Shields your car from the elements and particles


  • Can cause damage to unpainted surfaces

The blended car wax from Shine Armor features a mix of Brazilian Carnauba wax and synthetic ingredients that provide a deep mirror-like shine and protect your vehicle from moisture and fine particles.

This wax is easy to apply, and you can spray it on and wipe it off in fifteen minutes. This product also provides UV protection and is safe for all of the surfaces of your car without leaving behind streaks or residue.

Number 5

Shine Armor Fortify Quick Coat

The Shine Armor Fortify Quick Coat is a three in one product that washes, protects, and shines.


  • Cuts through grime, grease, and other debris
  • Doesn’t leave behind streaks, scratches, swirls, or smears
  • Safe for use on all car surfaces, as well as boats, RVs, motorbikes, and more


  • Not the most affordable option

This quick coat product by Shine Armor helps to save you time by washing away mild debris, coating your car to protect it from the elements and UV rays, and creating a gleaming top coat. This product also doesn’t leave behind residue like some products that contain high amounts of carnauba wax, and it’s easy to apply by hand.

This wax is safe for all surfaces and features a ceramic coating blend with other surfactants, which makes it an excellent sealer with a beautiful gloss finish.

Number 6

Chemical Guys Black Light Hybrid Radiant Finish Color Enhancer

The Chemical Guys Hybrid Color enhancer acts like wax and protectant while also providing a deep glossy shine for black cars.


  • Creates a smooth and wet looking finish
  • Durable and anti-static protective coating
  • Fully synthetic for the highest level of glossiness


  • Not the most affordable option

The Chemical Guys Black Light Finish Color Enhancer acts as both wax and an overall finish protectant and sealer which makes it an ideal product for black cars. If you want the wettest, most mirror-like finish possible, but still want to protect the finish of your vehicle thoroughly, this product provides the best option.

This product is a fully synthetic formulation with nanotechnology that creates a very slick and high gloss finish that is easy to apply by hand or with the use of a machine.

Number 7

Turtle Wax T-374KTR Color Magic Car Polish

The Turtle Wax Color Magic is specially formulated for black cars and can hide micro scratches and swirl marks in the clear coat.


  • Inexpensive
  • Hides tiny scratches and other imperfections
  • Long-lasting protective coating that is ideal for restoring finishes


  • For best results, you’ll want to use a power buffer

The Turtle Wax Color Magic Car polish is an excellent option for black cars as it restores their finish to a mirror-like glossiness that gets lost with age. This wax can also cover the appearance of swirl marks and blemishes in the topmost layer which makes the car look brand new.

This polish needs time to dry after the initial application, and then you’ll want to buff it until it shines. This magic car polish is easy to apply by hand, but you can get a better result when you buff it using a powered tool.

Number 8

Turtle Wax 53221 ICE Black Car Polish

The Ice Black Car Polish by Turtle Wax is a colored hybrid wax formulated to enhance your cars’ finish and provide extended protection.


  • Kit includes a microfiber towel for easy application by hand
  • Features synthetic polymers that bond to the finish of your car for a durable finish
  • Removes swirl marks and other mild imperfections


  • May cause streaking if not used sparingly

The Ice Black Car Polish by Turtle wax is an excellent option if you want to create a protective layer to the finish of your car, but want the process to be as easy as possible. There’s no waiting period with this car wax, and you can spray it and buff it by hand immediately.

This product features a synthetic polymer formula for a long-lasting glossy finish, and the black pigment it contains can also help to restore your finish and cover up scratches and other imperfections.

Number 9

Ruswi Car Wax Hydrophobic Spray by Nuojie

The Ruswi car wax is a spray-on wax that seals the finish of your car and provides a durable protective coating using carnauba wax.

Looks Like This Product Is Currently Sold Out.


  • A short set time before buffing
  • Creates a crystal-clear mirror shine
  • Acts as a waterless wash


  • Requires a microfiber cloth for application to get the best shine

The Rushwi car wax is another three in one product that acts as a waterless wash, protective coating, and provides a mirror-like finish. This car wax only needs to be applied once or twice a year and features a blend of carnauba wax and other synthetic ingredients.

This wax sprays on smoothly, and the head features a locking mechanism to prevent unintentional spraying when not in use. This best wax is ready to be buffed fifteen minutes after application, and this product doesn’t irritate your skin like many other formulas of wax.

Number 10

Carfidant Black Car Scratch Remover

The Carfidant Black Car Scratch Remover is specific to black cars and has all of the valuable properties of conventional wax and more.


  • Restores black paint and clear coats to their original gloss
  • Easy to apply using a powered orbital buffer or polisher
  • Professional grade ingredients, but easy to use


  • Not the most affordable option

The Carfidant Black Car Scratch Remover has all of the features of conventional car wax but works more effectively to remove scratches, swirl marks, and other imperfections. This product uses professional quality ingredients, so you get an excellent result, but it’s easy enough to use with a handheld buffer.

This product is safe to use on all black paint finishes, and can also remove marks from oxidation, staining, water spots, and other contaminants. The kit comes with a buffer pad and is free from unnecessary scents or dyes.

A Final Thought

So, what is the best wax for black cars? There is a range of products available, but our top pick is Meguiar’s Black Wax. Meguiar’s Black wax is easy to apply, relatively inexpensive and has earned a reputation for excellent performance.

Their black wax formulated explicitly for black cars comes with an applicator pad and is easy enough to apply without the use of powered tools. This wax can be applied quickly and easily, so you get a highly glossy mirror-like finish that will last months instead of weeks like other brands.

So, if you’re wondering what is the best wax for black cars, you’ll want to start with this professional quality wax that doesn’t leave behind swirl marks or residue when properly applied. You’ll want to use this wax sparingly for the best result, but it’s a great value regardless of the size of your vehicle.

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