The Top 50 Car Blogs Worth Following

If you’re a car fanatic, you’re probably interested in finding as many great car blogs as you can so that you can keep up with the latest trends in the automotive world.

In this article, we’ll break down the top 50 car blogs that deserve your attention. By the time you’re done reading, you’ll know exactly which blogs will be your car-based entertainment for years to come.

It’s important to remember that these blogs aren’t arranged by how great they are — you’re as likely to find one of the most-read car blogs further down the list as you are to find underappreciated dark horse blogs in the top 10.

The Top 50 Car Blogs Worth Following

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Lauren “The Car Coach” Fix runs a blog that covers everything from car reviews to repair tips and the latest news in the automotive industry. Whether you’re looking for information about the latest green vehicle standards or tips on how to weatherize your car, Lauren is there for you.

Most of the material on Lauren’s site is easy to digest. You won’t be spending more than five or ten minutes reading each post, which makes the entire site very bingeable.

The site is updated on a daily basis, and you’ll find a ton of breaking news for the automotive industry featured on the front page. The top sections include car smarts, automotive lifestyle, car reviews, and breaking news.

You’ll also have a hub to access other auto blog and mainstream media coverage of car issues. The only thing that isn’t on Lauren Fix’s blog is a deep focus on specific manufacturers or issues.

Likewise, there isn’t much material on vintage cars, prototype cars, or deep information on engine specifications. There also aren’t any direct links from the blog to places where you can purchase cars or go to car events unless those events are the biggest in the industry.

2. Petrolicious

Petrolicious is among the most interesting blogs on the automotive blogosphere on account of its deep dive into a handful of different car topics. With Petrolicious, you’ll be able to read about racing cars, historical examples of car breakthroughs and car events, new car reviews, and innovative car modifications.

There’s something on Petrolicious for everyone. Every article has a handful of different pictures which helps to build a tight and entertaining narrative. It’s easy to lose hours browsing through Petrolicious’ inventory of articles.

If you’re more interested in seeing cars in motion, Petrolicious also has a handful of videos which you can watch to see the latest — or the most notable vintage cars — in real time.

Petrolicious is updated numerous times per day, but if you want access to the archives, you’ll need to purchase a membership, which isn’t too expensive.

3. Silodrome

Silodrome’s “Gasoline Culture” blog reads more like a magazine for vehicles than a traditional blog. With Silodrome, you’ll see car topics ranging from:

  • Cars
  • Motorcycles
  • Driving clothing
  • Industrial vehicles
  • Helmets
  • Racing cars
  • Car films
  • Car art
  • Innovative vehicle advertising campaigns

The best part of Silodrome is that it will help you to discover new topics within automobiles which you might not have heard of before. The blog’s minimalistic design won’t be distracting you when you’re reading about the cars that you crave.

There’s a great mix of vintage vehicle content, upcoming news on new prototypes, green vehicle content, and breakthroughs in the industry. News takes a backseat to analysis of interesting retrospectives.

While there isn’t an abundance of car maintenance tips on the Silodrome, there are a few articles that closely follow engine technology. Most of those articles follow unique engines from sports cars rather than everyday engines, which may leave some people looking for more.

4. Oilpressure

Of all the blogs on this list, Oilpressure is the one which most closely follows a traditional blog format. On Oilpressure, you’ll find:

  • Longform blogs
  • Discussions of racing cars
  • Discussions of other automotive blogs
  • Discussions of rumors in the automotive industry

The strength of Oilpressure is that it’s willing to include content that might take a bit more motivation to work through. This means that you can expect to find the deepest level of industry analysis as well as some unique stories that can’t be found elsewhere.

The flip side is that the Oilpressure blog is light on pictures and multimedia. You probably should be picky about which articles you read to avoid getting bored.

The good news is that the unique stories on Oilpressure will be intensely interesting if you already have a basic level of understanding about the topic.

Oilpressure is also very interactive. You’ll get a chance to comment on every post, and there’s a high chance that the authors of the blog will post a response. In fact, Oilpressure might have the most active community of all the blogs.

So, the more you invest, the more the blog will give back.

5. Stance Is Everything

Stance Is Everything is a diverse recap of interesting incidents and stories within the consumer automobile industry. You’ll find tips on weather preparation, tips on driving, historical accounts of vehicle engineering, event coverage, and a lot of analysis about retro cars and former vehicle events.

Stance Is Everything also has an extensive editorial section, where you can find the editors’ opinions posted weekly.

Some of the strong points of Stance is Everything include:

  • Themed days
  • Deep editorials
  • Beautiful layout
  • Extensive event coverage
  • Great source for discovery of car topics

There are a few weak points, however, including:

  • Minimal green vehicle coverage
  • Minimal foreign car coverage
  • Minimal technical specifications analysis

6. VW Vortex

When you’re a VW fanatic, the VW Vortex is the best possible blog for you to follow. On the VW Vortex, you’ll find forums, VW news, aftermarket news, motorsports, events, photos, videos, and feature-length articles on everything Volkswagen.

There’s more than VW content on the Vortex, however. Other European car manufacturers are covered from time to time, especially about racing and luxury models.

For the most part, the vintage vehicle content on the Vortex is great for learning about older VW models, but not other manufacturers.

The blog is distinctly European about the cars that it focuses on, however. You probably won’t find too much coverage of SUVs or sedans but compacts and hatchbacks are in vogue.

7. AudiBoost

AudiBoost’s blog covers everything Audi, ranging from the latest performance details, tuning, motorsports, and hot modifications.

The elements of the AudiBoost blog are bite-sized, so you won’t need to worry about losing hours. You’ll get a lot of discussion of technical specifications of new cars on the market, which makes for great material for the technically minded car lovers.

There isn’t much material on non-Audi vehicles or on vintage Audis, however. This blog is focused on the Audi cars of today and tomorrow, but not much beyond that.

If you’re interested in discussing the articles on the site a bit more, you can always head on over to the forums section, which is well-frequented by a loyal fanbase.

As a nice touch, you can also read a few reviews of accessories like transmissions tuners and valve spring kits.

8. Oil Can Henry’s

Oil Can Henry’s is a great blog, and it has a few major sections which are worth discussing.


The service section of the Oil Can Henry’s blog is the biggest single section, and it’s probably what draws most readers. In this section, you can explore everything that the authors of the blog suggest regarding car maintenance and which providers will get it right.


This section is where the authors of Oil Can Henry’s review accessories like seat cleaners and even wiper fluid. Most of the accessories are disposables, but there are a few reviews of hardware too. The reviews aren’t as in-depth as you’d get elsewhere, however.

Travel Tips

While it might seem a bit out of place, this section is where Oil Can Henry’s authors provide tips on how to drive or travel safely and quickly under different circumstances. The seasonal articles like how to drive safely around the holidays are especially useful for most drivers.

9. AutoUpkeep

AutoUpkeep is a great blog for drivers who like to stay abreast of trends in the auto service industry. For people who like to perform their basic car maintenance duties at home, there are an endless number of great tips and tricks.

You’ll get insight on how to tell when components need to be fixed or replaced, routine care regimens, and potential upgrade opportunities that will make your car easier to service.

Overall, AutoUpkeep doesn’t try to wow you with flashy multimedia or stories that go very far beyond how-to articles. So, if you’re looking for compelling content about cars themselves, you will need to look elsewhere.

But, if you’re hardcore about performing maintenance in your garage, AutoUpkeep is worth a daily read so that you can build a library of knowledge that will help when it’s time to make repairs.

10. AutoMotorBlog

AutoMotorBlog is a unique blog on account of its wide coverage. On AutoMotorBlog, you’ll find:

  • Interesting automotive news stories
  • Tips for the car buying and selling process
  • Tips for modding or maintaining your car
  • Feature-length car discussions
  • Car lifestyle articles

Basically, if you can’t get enough car-related news content this site belongs in your bookmarks. There’s also plenty of motorcycle content to be found here.

AutoMotorBlog’s only drawback is that its layout, as most articles seem to be sorted in a random order. Otherwise, it’s a great cornerstone for your car blog reading.

11. AutoSavant

AutoSavant is a blog which is updated on an irregular basis with some of the most digestible analysis on the newest developments in the automotive industry.

On the AutoSavant blog, you’ll find typical blog content like news, reviews, editorials, and feature-length articles. But you could find content of this quality and style nearly anywhere else.

The one thing you may not be able to find elsewhere is in-house long-term testing on specific cars and components. At AutoSavant, the team runs tests on a subset of popular vehicles and their key components. Then, they publish the results on the blog.

This means that with AutoSavant, you’ll find intel on vehicles that you can’t find anywhere else because nobody else has performed the same test. Because the tests often replicate the tests the manufacturers would run, AutoSavant is a great source when you’re car shopping.

You’ll know exactly which cars and which parts aren’t as effective as the manufacturers claim if you read the blog consistently.

12. FossilCars

FossilCars is a great vintage car blog that’s one of the most in-depth in the blogosphere. With FossilCars, you’ll get a high-level look at the best cars of yesteryear daily. Somehow, the content at FossilCars never gets repetitive.

Every article is a five-minute read, and you’ll get an average of three beautiful photographs of the vintage car in each article. For vintage car fanatics, this blog is an excellent resource.

For everyone else, there are still a lot of great finds. Most of the articles are focused around one or a small group of vintage cars, and the content stays close to the cars themselves rather than the stories which surround them.

There are also a handful of analyses comparing vintage cars with their modern correlates. So, if you’d like to read about how the Dodge Challenger has changed from its 1970-era iteration, FossilCars is a great source.

13. The Safe Driver

The Safe Driver is an interesting blog focused around automobile safety, and it has a lot of content that you wouldn’t find elsewhere, including:

  • Why you should hire a DWI lawyer preventatively
  • Things to look out for at shady used car dealerships
  • Safety tips for first-time buyers
  • How to deal with safety issues in your new car

The Safe Driver is probably a better blog for new drivers than for experienced drivers, but there’s something for everyone. The only thing to remember is that the blog is not really about cars, but rather driving and the automotive lifestyle.

If you’re looking for a place to look at flashy sports cars or race cars, this isn’t the right blog.

14. Celebrity Cars Blog

Celebrities drive nice cars, but sometimes they do regrettable things when they’re in their cars—and that’s what you’ll find on the Celebrity Cars blog.

Don’t expect much beyond tabloid-level gossip and analysis using the topic of celebrity cars as a jumping-off point. You’ll learn about which celebrities drive which vehicles and get a few nice shots of them in action.

It’s no secret that pedestrian cars are not popular among celebrities, but you may see the occasional vintage car or two. Likewise, you may also hear about car events and conventions incidentally if a celebrity was implicated somehow.

15. CorvetteBlogger

A lot of people have a corvette inclination, which is why the CorvetteBlogger site exists. On CorvetteBlogger, you know exactly what you’re getting: information about corvettes, buying corvettes, new corvettes, racing corvettes, and pictures of corvettes.

It’s all Corvettes all the time, and new Corvettes are heavily favored over older models as far as the amount of attention they receive. There are a few interesting sections, however. In particular, the corvette accidents section has a lot of stories regarding damage, wounds, and repair costs.

So, if you’re a corvette fanatic, this is the right blog for you to spend a lot of time on. Most car enthusiasts will get bored after reading a few articles, however.

16. Carmudi

Carmudi is a large and complex car blog with a handful of different sections which don’t have much overlap.

The Car Market Sections

If you’re in the market for a European or Asian vehicle, Carmudi’s new car and used car sections will give you the opportunity to read reviews of new cars. You can also see which models are for sale in your area and set up a purchase.

The Racing Section

Carmudi’s racing section describes recent races, news within the car racing industry, and primers for upcoming events and races. If you’re into racing, this will be the section that you spend most of your time on.

The News Section

The news section of Carmudi is very general and covers everything in the automotive industry on a daily basis. Major developments are given more coverage than minor announcements, and sometimes the blogroll misses some important things.

So, while Carmudi is a great source for car news, you probably shouldn’t use it as your only source of car news.

17. Luxuo

Luxuo’s luxury automobile section is a veritable car blog in and of itself. With Luxuo, you’ll get a picture-rich breakdown of all the latest and all of the vintage luxury cars. You’re all but guaranteed to spend your time drooling over each article.

If you’re in the market for a restored vintage car of a particular build, there’s a good chance that Luxuo has an article about it. So, you shouldn’t be afraid to browse on and off depending on what you’re looking for.

There’s a good mix of modern luxury cars, sports cars, and vintage cars. The only down side of Luxuo is that it isn’t updated very frequently.

18. Popular Science

Popular Science’s technology blog isn’t a car blog per se, but the vast majority of the time there are at least a handful of highly detailed automotive articles included during one of the blog’s daily updates.

The content of the blog articles on cars varies considerably, but technology is a major focus. This means that modern cars, green cars, and prototype cars will get special attention.

There isn’t much discussion of technical specifications beyond that which is considered as a new breakthrough, however. So, if you’re looking for reviews of cars, luxury cars, or information on events, you should look elsewhere.

But, on the other hand, if you’re looking for cool feature-length articles about innovative vehicles and how they were made, Popular Science will probably have at least one interesting tidbit for you each day.


When you’re buying a car, you don’t want to buy a lemon. That’s where Car Complaints comes into the picture.

With Car Complaints, you’ll get updates on:

  • Car recalls
  • Horror stories with new cars
  • Rants on car problems
  • New laws regarding problems with new or used cars
  • Complaints documented via photograph
  • Trends in car defects
  • Worst vehicles by number of complaints
  • Best vehicles by number of complaints

Because of its content, Car complaints has no restrictions on the type of car or the type of complaint that is registered. You can even file complaints yourself. It’s a humorous blog, so expect yourself to be chuckling as you read.

Remember the topic of the site, though. You aren’t going to find glowing reviews or positive discussions—it’s a place to rant, laugh, and learn about which cars you should avoid when you’re shopping.

20. Old Cars Weekly

Old Cars Weekly is an excellent source for a comprehensive account of all old car events. Everything ranging from a small old car meetup to a major vintage car convention will be covered on the blog, and it updates multiple times per day with new events and coverage of old events.

You’ll also see analysis relating to older cars, other old car blogs, restoration tips, and notable old cars up for sale.

The price guide and classified sections are especially strong. If you’re looking for a source to find your next car to collect, this blog is the best place to look.

The one thing to be wary of with this blog is that there are frequently forays into recent political issues. So, if you’d rather avoid all the politics involved, you might want to look elsewhere, but frankly it shouldn’t be too bothersome.

21. BMWCoop

BMWCoop calls themselves the #1 BMW Portal, and they boast the content to back it up.

Unlike some of the blogs listed here with a very wide topical coverage, at BMWCoop they keep the content mostly focused on, you guessed it, BMWs. There are also, however, articles about Minis, Motorcycles, plus general topics like car insurance and car maintenance tips that are applicable to anyone.

That being said, there is a lot here. Whatever model BMW you drive, you will find loads of model-specific including the latest news, reviews, and tips.

One category I love on BMWCoop is the Spy Photos. I spent about an hour clicking through the latest photos, many leaked, of new concept BMWs and test models that you won’t find on the road in your town. A couple readers have also sent in pics on their custom tuned bimmers and they are incredibly cool.

22. Renner Auto

Renner Auto is the go-to blog for information about replicas, restorations, and custom-made cars. There’s a lot of content that you can’t find anywhere else in the world at Renner Auto, so if you’re into vintage vehicle replicas and oddities, it’s a great place to read around.

The interesting thing about Renner Auto is that the discussion never gets stale. Right when you might think there is nothing else to say about a given legendary vehicle, Renner pops in with a new perspective or a new analysis of one of the car’s technical specifications.

This means that Renner Auto is great if you only have a passing interest in vintage cars. It’s a place where you can reliably build your background knowledge about replicas and restorations so that you’ll be knowledgeable elsewhere too.

23. Car Body Design

Car Body Design is a tightly focused blog for people who are interested in designing car bodies or understanding how car bodies are designed. On the Car Body Design blog, you can learn about everything ranging from software tutorials for car body design to images of nice new designs.

The emphasis is on the body, but topics like interiors sometimes get coverage. The blog updates at least once or twice per month, which means that there’s more information than you would ever need to know when it comes to the process of designing car bodies.

If you aren’t a design fanatic, you should still take a look. There are a lot of interesting perspectives on body design which will help you to understand larger trends in the industry.

For most readers, however, the information on body design software won’t be very useful. So, be selective about what you read on the site to make sure that you don’t get lost down an uninteresting path.

24. Left Lane News

Left Lane News is an auto blog that covers all the bases you’d want in one beautiful package. Everything from events to new developments will have an article in the blogroll, and most of the material is slanted towards newer vehicles and developments in the car industry.

If you like electric cars, there are a few more featured on Left Lane News than you might find on comparable sites. There’s also news about new investments, new companies, and major shake ups in the pipeline.

It can sometimes be hard to separate the signal from the noise with Left Lane News, however. Reading reports on the industry’s new announcements can sometimes leave you wondering how relevant individual trends or announcements are.

Furthermore, if you want a deep and quantitative or technical analysis of any topic surrounding cars, you may want to look elsewhere. Left Lane News is more for high-level analyses and fresh topics than it is for delving into the details that some people find very appealing.

25. Auto Week

What list of the top car blogs would be complete without Auto Week? The auto industry’s weekly newsletter has been a long-standing fixture in the popular consciousness of auto lovers, and with good reason.

Auto Week has coverage on:

  • Vehicle recalls
  • F1 racing
  • Green cars
  • Driving schools
  • New vehicle research
  • Major auto shows
  • Vintage cars
  • Car reviews

Every issue of Auto Week is professional, and well-presented with an abundance of multimedia to keep you interested. There’s no fluff, and many of the articles are exclusives with interviews and information that you simply can’t find elsewhere.

Be aware that Auto Week is one of the most-followed blogs in the industry, however. This means that it tends to be a bit less critical of cars and manufacturers than others, in part because it is funded by them.

26. Piston Heads

Piston Heads is a no-nonsense car blog that has a wide swath of material contained in several sections.


The news section of Piston Heads is exactly what it sounds like: auto industry news. The coverage tends to be high-level rather than in-depth.

Buying And Selling

Interestingly, you can buy and sell vehicles of recent vintage on Piston Heads. You can sort by the make, model, and price — and get access to over 100,000 listings. The listings might not be relevant to your area, but if you’re ready to travel you’ll find the right thing for you.


The most major car events are covered in Piston Heads’ events section. There aren’t too many niche events here, so it can be an easy way of seeing the entire environment at once.


When you’re looking for a local mechanic or retrofit, Piston Heads can hook you up with the right person in most areas.


The Piston Heads forums are a great place to catch up on discussions. The topics are as broad as the blog itself, so you can be sure to find something that is up your alley. The forums tend to be the most active on weekdays.

27. Speedhunters

Speedhunters is a style-centric blog that’s heavy on artistic photography and articles about the latest trends in the industry.

Style is the operative word here: this isn’t the blog for in-depth analysis, but it might give you some ideas for your next event to attend or your next collectible car to purchase.

The articles on Speedhunters is international in nature, so you’ll get plenty of chances to gawk at the newest foreign cars. The emphasis is on vehicles and rides which are sleek and fast.

Sports cars aren’t the only cars featured, however. Any car which looks good on photograph will be shown.

The narrative structure of stories on Speedhunters is very light, so make sure that your eyes are ready to peep cars before opening the site.

28. Car Talk

Car Talk is the legendary brand that brought deep vehicle discussions to the radio. Car Talk’s blog lives up to the radio show, and it covers topics that are equally diverse.

Depth is favored as frequently as breadth with Car Talk’s blog offerings. You won’t find anywhere to buy or sell cars, but you’ll get an expert’s opinion on topics ranging from car sounds to problematic parts and dealerships.

The perspective of the authors of Car Talk is very evidently that of an expert with decades of experience, but everything is presented in a simple and understandable way.

The only drawback of the Car Talk blog is that it isn’t very heavy with multimedia. You can read big swaths of text without encountering any eye-watering pictures of the latest vehicles.

Otherwise, Car Talk is the ideal car blog for an auto enthusiast. It’s frequently hilarious, and the makers of the blog often build articles out of questions sent in by readers. Remember, Car Talk is all about participation, so don’t be afraid to chime in.

29. Hemmings

Hemmings is an excellent source of information about car parts, car models, service in your area, and the publications of other authorities in the automotive industry.

Everything from American classics to foreign prototypes will make an appearance on Hemmings, but the blog content is entirely focused on what is available for sale.

So, if there’s a particularly interesting car for sale or on exhibition, there’s a good chance that Hemmings will have an article about it to explain why it’s worth your attention. But, for more mainstream vehicles that aren’t as special, you might not find so much as a review.

This means that Hemmings’ content is mostly about the market itself rather than any individual car.

Car auctions are also chronicled on Hemmings, which is great if you’re interested in picking up some interesting cars that you couldn’t find elsewhere. If you aren’t interested in buying new cars, there aren’t always going to be topical articles for you on Hemmings.

30. CarScoops

Car Scoops is a diverse blog that tailors its coverage towards high-end cars, typically from the European manufacturers.

On Car Scoops, you’ll find a few of your favorite car brands covered in deep detail, including:

  • Mercedes
  • Lamborghini
  • Hennessey
  • Alfa Romeo
  • Volkswagen
  • Porsche
  • Rivian
  • BMW
  • Ferrari

A few Asian brands like Hyundai, Honda, and Toyota make the occasional appearances on Car Scoops, as well as the odd American brand like Dodge. But, overall, Car Scoops is the place for insider information from European car manufacturers.

You’ll find reviews, first looks at new cars, and driving videos. There are also a few accident analyses of new cars, which can be helpful if you’re looking to make a purchase.

Major car shows are covered in an article or two ahead of time, which means that it can be a helpful guide too. Smaller car shows don’t get much coverage, nor do new cars produced by non-European manufacturers.

There’s also minimal coverage of electric vehicles outside of major models. So, if you are big into green cars, this probably isn’t the right blog for you.

31. Jalopnik

Jalopnik is a famous and constantly updated car blog that should be in the regular rotation for any automotive enthusiast. On Jalopnik, you’ll learn about everything from industry news, how to find a good car to buy, and stories from inside the industry.

If you’ve ever wondered which cars are the ugliest, which cars are the prettiest, which car dealers are the sleaziest, and which manufacturers are using the latest technology, Jalopnik has something for you.

There isn’t any single focus when it comes to Jalopnik’s coverage. This means that there’s something for every car enthusiast, but if you want more detail about a specific topic you may need to go elsewhere to find it.

On the other hand, there is such a unique array of content on Jalopnik that there is a very high chance that you will find an article that is up your alley. Between the historical accounts of the auto industry and vehicles, there are many rocks to uncover with Jalopnik.

32. Automobile Magazine

Automobile Magazine is one of the most-followed blogs in the automotive industry because of its reasonable and wide-reaching coverage of automobiles and the auto industry. The focus of Automobile Magazine is on the cars of the present and the near future, but there are frequent retrospectives that have wide popular appeal.

Electric vehicles are the focus of the moment, and they will likely take up a large proportion of the blog’s content as they become more common. There is no particular manufacturer focus with this blog, nor is there favoritism towards a specific build of car.

No matter whether you’re into corvettes or pickups, Automobile Magazine probably covers a topic which you will find interesting.

Sections on the blog include:

  • News
  • Reviews
  • Classic car retrospectives
  • Feature-length articles
  • Auto shows
  • Videos

The articles on Automobile Magazine tend to be less technical and detail rich than other blogs. This means that if you’re a casual auto hobbyist, it’s easier to get into.

But, if you’re a fanatic and you want to learn more about engine details, you may need to wait for a while before the blog features them.

33. AutoBlog

AutoBlog is an automotive blog that is updated multiple times per day with reviews, forward-looking perspectives on upcoming cars, notable sales news, and notable market news. You’ll also get a few tips regarding driving and hot accessories.

The staff at AutoBlog tend to discuss pricing and the brass tacks of vehicle manufacturing and purchasing in greater detail than other blogs. This means that you can get high-quality information without being explicitly propositioned to make a sale.
Press Releases

One interesting thing which you can find on Auto Blog is a collection of industry press releases. Whenever an industrial power makes a press release, it’ll be covered immediately and in sufficient detail.

But these press releases are handed to you without much scrutiny. So, it’s a good way to know what the manufacturers are working on, but it isn’t the best way to read between the lines if there is something specific you want to learn more about.

34. Drive Me Online

Drive Me Online is a review-focused blog that will give you more than enough eye candy in the form of new luxury cars to keep you busy for a while.

Luxury cars aren’t the only topic covered on Drive Me Online, however. You can also find information about innovative new accessories for luxury cars, like refueling-while-driving technology.

The photos on the blog are largely taken at industry events, exhibitions, and conventions. So, if you visit one of these conventions, it might not be worth checking out Drive Me Online’s coverage of it. But, for events you miss, it is a great resource.

Likewise, the reviews on the blog aren’t exceptional, but they are representative of the public opinion on a given vehicle. This means that it’s a great way to get an overview of what other authorities in the car industry are talking about.

The blog is updated a few times per month, so you should check it out on the 15th and the 30th rather than daily.

35. Foxy Lady Drivers Club

The Foxy Lady Drivers Club is a uniquely-targeted blog geared towards women who love to drive and who want a woman’s perspective on driving and cars.

The blog features a few sections, such as:

  • Car insurance
  • Car reviews
  • Top cars for women
  • Driving clubs for women

Interestingly, the blog appears to be the largest of its type catering to women. The section regarding driving clubs for women is extremely comprehensive, so if there’s a major car club for women drivers in your area, you’ll be able to get in touch with them.

If you want to get into motor sports as a woman, there is also a great section detailing the exploits of the best women in the field.

Finally, the Foxy Lady Drivers Club also has a regularly updated tips section for female drivers. These tips aren’t exactly any different for female drivers than for male drivers, but they will be helpful for any new or experienced drivers.

36. Motoring-Malaysia

If you aren’t Malaysian, you’ll still find a lot to explore in Motoring Malaysia. The blog is an eclectic account of vehicles from all over the world, with a focus on mid-market vehicles that look good and perform effectively.

The Malaysian perspective on the blog will be especially enlightening to motorists from the US, who may not be exposed to non-European motorists if they are exposed to the views of foreign motorists whatsoever.

The most notable section of the blog is the test driving and vehicle testing section. In this section, you’ll hear about Malaysian experiences of driving and component testing. The analysis in the section is very in-depth, and it’s hard to find a correlate elsewhere.

If you have an interest in driving fashion, there’s also a fashion section for men’s driving clothing. But, most of it is Malaysian, so it may not be the portion of the blog that is the most relevant to you.

37. ConceptCarz

ConceptCarz is a blog that covers the process of moving cars from the blueprint stage through the manufacturing of prototypes. On the blog, you’ll find a few different sections which each cover the planning and design process.


Designing supercars is an interesting process, which is why it’s the biggest portion of ConceptCarz. This section is updated the most frequently, on a weekly basis.

The section is manufacturer-agnostic, so you can often find supercars designed by less well-known groups here for an additional treat.

Car Wallpapers

Car wallpapers typically feature cars that are mid-manufacturing or mid-design. The section isn’t updated very frequently, however.


The design of cars intended for motor sports is a major focus of ConceptCarz. If you’re into racing, this is the place to learn about how motor sport vehicles are designed, which features are important, and what the latest trends are in motor sport vehicle design.

38. Motor Morph

Motor Morph is the place to go to ogle racing cars, whether they’re stock cars, F1 cars, or NASCAR cars.

The pictures on the blog are the best part. Each story has a beautiful collection of images which are the site’s major attraction. Racing cars of all stripes are featured, even when the racing cars are only at the concept stage.

There aren’t too many retrospectives at Motor Morph, but sometimes there is coverage of older cars which are being used to race. In general, Motor Morph is light on the background context, preferring to let the images speak for themselves.

This makes Motor Morph a great place for light reading. If you want more in-depth racing coverage, news, event coverage, or road tests, you may want to look elsewhere. But, for the lightweight fare that the blog offers, it’s hard to beat.

Unfortunately, the site isn’t updated very frequently any more, but there are still a lot of relevant articles in the archive.

39. Be Car Chic

If you’re looking for reviews of the best car models that you’re likely to find on the used car market, Be Car Chic is the right blog for you.

The blog focuses on recent-year models which you’re likely to find on the used car market at a massive discount, which makes it a great blog to read when you’re ready to trade in your car for a newer model.

Expensive parts like tires are also discussed in detail so that you will know if it is viable for you to purchase them used or not. This blog caters to people who don’t know very much about cars, so if you are an expert it might not be the right pick for you.

But, if you only dabble in automobiles, it’s a great blog that won’t confuse you with technical details unless it is relevant. Likewise, the material is recent rather than backward-looking. So, you will always be able to find recent content that is relevant to you, unlike with other blogs.

40. Motoring Exposure

What the Motoring Exposure blog lacks in structure, it makes up for in comprehensive content. Especially if you’re interested in aftermarket tuners, Motoring Exposure has an abundance of content which you may enjoy reading.

You’ll get a handful of interesting content with this blog, including:

  • News
  • Viral car videos
  • European car design

The content tends to be light on establishing context, so it’s the best for people who are already car enthusiasts who know the background content already and who don’t need to have it reiterated in the article.

The blog is updated on a daily basis, so there’s always fresh content to read. Much of it is targeted at upmarket cars, but luxury cars are not explicitly a focus, so there might be something for most car enthusiasts.

The multimedia on Motoring Exposure is a bit light, so it’s best for people who want to read and take a deeper dive.

41. The Supercar Blog

The Supercar Blog is exactly what the name suggests: a blogroll filled with the latest information and pictures of new and former supercars.

New and current-era supercars are given the most attention, whereas vintage supercars tend to get very little coverage. There’s also minimal coverage of upmarket cars and luxury cars which aren’t technically supercars.

Upcoming supercars are a major focus as well, so it’s easy to stay abreast of the most compelling new options.

Most of the supercars featured on the blog are European, but there are a few notable Asian and American contenders. The video content on the blog is a strongpoint, but you may find that you’re wishing for more commentary than what is provided.

So, if you think that you would prefer a more guided experience to supercars, this might not be the right blog for you — it’s raw gushing about the best features, not a walkthrough.

42. All About Automotive

All About Automotive is a great resource for people who are interested in:

  • Finding car services
  • Evaluating car services
  • Evaluating warranties
  • Reading customer testimonials for a given brand
  • Finding coupons for the newest cars
  • Understanding how to maintain your car’s support systems

The blog is targeted to a mass audience, but if you have a car, you can learn a thing or two. This blog is meant to help you become a well-rounded car owner who is capable of making discriminating choices when it comes to purchasing and buying services.

There’s not much gushing over the newest and most attractive cars. In fact, the blog stays grounded in its analysis and is very even-handed. You won’t find anything that is too far beyond the pale of being reasonable.

The one downside of All About Automotive is that it is only updated a few times per month. So, it could be a part of your reading stable, but it probably can’t be the only thing that you’re reading to be informed about the industry.

43. Best Selling Car Blog

The Best Selling Car Blog is a roster of the latest and hottest sellers on the car market. You’ll find cars from all over the world sorted by whichever has been covered the most recently.

The blog is updated multiple times per day, and it’s an easy way of getting acquainted with the hottest lineup from every manufacturer. You will not read any stories about lemons on this blog — unless, that is, they happen to be best sellers.

You should take the things you read here with a grain of salt to be safe.

Likewise, the cars on this blog are popular without exception. This isn’t the blog to go to if you want to read more about vintage cars or cars that are exceptional in quality but under-appreciated.

There is a limited amount of coverage of manufacturers’ new lineups. Over all, this car blog is great for when you are shopping for a new car, but otherwise you may not have a reason to follow it very closely.

44. MPG-O-Matic

MPG-O-Matic is the best source for auto reviews that focus on cars which have great gas mileage. With this blog, you’ll learn:

  • Which new cars have great gas mileage
  • Which new cars have poor gas mileage
  • New gas efficiency technology
  • Which electric vehicles and hybrids are worthwhile
  • How to calculate gas mileage correctly

On this blog, you’ll find lists of the best gas mileage and the cars that win awards for their efficiency.

If you aren’t interested in gas mileage, there isn’t much on this blog which will interest you, however. Every single article has its primary focus on gas mileage and the associated vehicles or technology.

Most of the cars featured are mid-market, but car aesthetics and comfort are not what should bring you to the blog.

The real downside of the blog is that the community is not very active. While there is a small community of loyal commentators, most articles only get a few comments, and there’s no response from the authors of the blog most of the time.

45. Nori Yaro

Nori Yayo is all about Japanese vehicles, all the time. If you’re a fanatic for Japanese style, design, and manufacturers, there’s no better blog.

The authors of the blog are Japanese, and they love to give their cultural perspective and share their love of cars with the readership.

There’s an even distribution of discussions ranging from vintage Japanese cars to the newest developments.

You’ll also get a great view of renovations, replicas, and crashes of Japanese vehicles. Racing vehicles are also a major focus for the blog.

The Japanese racing scene gets a fair amount of coverage, but it isn’t the main focus of the blog. Most of the articles are picture-heavy, which means that you don’t need to get worried about getting bogged down in details.

If you want to find more information about car shows in Japan, Nori Yayo is also a great place to check. The blog is updated infrequently, however, so you may find that having a more up-to-date source for events in Japan is desirable.

46. The Smoking Tire

The Smoking Tire is a bimonthly blog which covers the car industry in the US from the perspective of insiders.

You’ll read about interviews, new developments, major events, new vehicles, and interesting historical tidbits about vintage cars. Discussion of the major manufacturers is all but guaranteed with this blog.

If you like an audio companion to your reading, check out the blog’s podcast, which runs at about 90 minutes. The podcast is a bit more lighthearted than the written content, but it covers mostly the same material.

Over all, the blog has a good mix of material and a consistent perspective which you will grow to love. The one area where you may find room for improvement is with the blog’s presentation, which leaves something to be desired.

If you can get over the format and design of the blog, you’ll be sure to get an endless supply of great material presented with an expert’s attentiveness to detail.

47. The Weekly Driver

The Weekly Driver is an auto news blog which focuses on how to save money when you’re purchasing or upgrading your car. Buying accessories is also covered, as are appropriate driving techniques.

Most of the articles are written in a no-nonsense fashion that is easy to read and light on editorialization. But, sometimes the selection of topics can be a bit more editorialized than they may seem.

Popular events — including the activities of notable automobile manufacturers’ CEOs — get covered immediately. So, sometimes it can be a bit hard to see where the real trends lie in comparison to the hype.

The blog isn’t tightly constrained to the topics that it covers, however. If there’s something notable in any car-related topic, it’ll make an appearance from time to time.

The only issue with this blog is that there are frequently guest bloggers brought on to cover current events. The quality of these guest bloggers varies tremendously, which means that you may not be able to read the type of content in the tone you expect with great consistency.

The good news is that if there’s an important development within the automobile industry or a closely related field, you’ll hear about it from reading the Weekly Driver.

48. Quattro World

QuattroWorld is a diverse blog with a handful of different sections, all of which closely cover the Audi manufacturer.

Audi News

When Audi announces a new initiative, researches a new technology, or has any notable internal company announcements, Quattro World details it extensively. This makes Quattro World one of the best Audi-following blogs in the blogosphere.

Audi Reviews

When you need to read reviews in a favorable tone, Quattro World has you covered. Every new Audi vehicle is covered in depth, and differences between all the different trims are described with more detail than you need to make a judgment.

Audi Events

Whenever there’s an Audi event or an Audi appearance at a conference or car show, it’ll be covered by Quattro World. Especially for smaller events, you’ll get the heads-up that you need to attend — and a great retrospective.

49. Autobahn Collision Blog

Is it possible to have an entire blog based around compelling accounts of collisions, collision repair, and collision avoidance? That’s exactly what you’ll find on the Autobahn Collision blog. Don’t let the name confuse you: The Autobahn isn’t the focus of the blog, it’s the crashes that occur on it.

Learning about auto body repair is the main appeal of the blog. The blog isn’t updated very frequently, but the information contained in each post is difficult to find elsewhere and it’s presented in an easy-to-understand format.

If you’re looking for a specific kind of collision repair service, there’s a lot you can learn from this blog regarding what to look for in a prospective provider.

The main drawback of this blog is that there aren’t any articles outside the scope of collisions. So, most of the blog is not very pretty — it’s gory, especially for people who enjoy seeing a beautiful car in good condition.

The blog is light on pictures, which ultimately detracts from the lessons much of the time.

50. The Detroit Bureau

The Detroit Bureau is a US-centric blog covering the laws and situation of the auto industry. If there is a new development in the US regarding vehicle laws, vehicle manufacturing, or investment in the auto industry, you’ll hear about it here.

The blog is updated at least once per week, but its pace depends on the number of new events worth covering. On a busy week, you should expect to see more updates.

Of all the blogs on this list, the Detroit Bureau is the first one that you should check if you live in the US and are enthusiastic about cars. The coverage of the events will always be fresh, which means that current events are the blog’s main fare.

The blog also covers things that are like automobiles and motorcycles. So, if you have diverse interests, you can potentially find something to entertain you on the site.

Unfortunately, most of the material on the site is political in nature because it covers laws. This means that it may turn away some people. But there is minimal editorialization with all of the coverage.

Electric vehicles are also covered in increasing frequency on the blog, which means that there is probably something for people who favor renewably-fueled cars. Remember, the content updates regularly, so you should check back frequently.

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